24 June, 2009


I google-imaged my name and the following came up [of course I ignored the hundred billion pictures of Priyanka Chopra that came up. Ugg, why do I have to share my name with HER of all people (nothing personal, i just like my individuality as much as the next person)]

Does it have anything to do with my personality?? I don't think so. I got another one too...

I think this, I can live with.

The best picture I got was this....

All those who have read or seen 'Angels and Demons' will know what it is. For those who haven't, It's an ambigram said to have been created by a secret society of learned men (who later turn evil, but that's another story) called 'The Illuminati'.

It's cool:)

P.S: Those who have read my previous post know that I am utterly jobless at the moment and hence the 'googling my name' retardation.
P.P.S: On a completely different topic, there is a show called 'Apki Antara' on ZeeTv about an autistic child...its really really good ( a far cry from bright-lip-sticked, garishly-nail-painted, married three times with the blessings of a 237 year old 'Baa' kind of women who keep plotting ways to take over the family wealth). Do watch it.


Whatchu thinkin'?