25 August, 2009

'Forever'- Purely fictional.

'Happily ever after' exists??

Like I am being taught, I ask, 'Gimme proof!!'

My pink glasses through which I saw the world has shattered. I can see all the shades of grey that I never saw (or probably refused to see earlier).

But I am happy.

I am at peace.

Home stretch, baby!!!!


  1. That was very, very cryptic. Is it meant to be so, or will you elaborate? :)

  2. It wasn meant to be cryptic:D....jus random thts at a particularly thoughtful point of time....

    Just went thru a bad breakup...
    That shud explain it.

  3. I'm sorry - both for prying and for what happened. :(

  4. @ Sumit, ah, doesn't matter, don't be:)

    @ SanjaiGandhi, thank you:)

  5. :[
    Tell me about it!
    Also, previous comments were by me, ma was checking mail, I didn't see the comment as : wala part only. Pliss to excuse :|


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