04 May, 2010


Ever heard of a HEP teacher? I have.

Aparna Nair. Or Appu as she'd rather be called.

Best thing that ever happened to ASCOM. Outspoken, strong, passionate and fun.

Hates to be called Ma'm. LOLs.

The first teacher ever to say 'All the best to you both'... Damn, she's cool.

The fire with which she speaks about things close to her heart. Gives me goosebumps in her lectures. I don't think she even realised I was listening. She's one person, apart from my mother, who i badly wanna be like. To emulate. For me, she's the ultimate journalist. A face n a passion I can relate to, I can try to be like.

I so very badly wanted to prove myself to her. Starting trouble. Ridiculous considering the kinda person she is but stil. She was close to other people n I just couldn't open my mouth around her. Then she left. And I lost out on a world of wisdom n fun.

Amrita's given her lots of pain. Pain, she doesn't deserve. Frustrating, annoying, insulting, brainless people. I will not tell her 'i wish u wer here' just to satisfy my need for a mentor.

Wish you all the happiness in the world. All the success.

God bless.


  1. seriously....she is an awesome person...

  2. amrita is not so bad... ;).....

  3. To each his own i guess....

    But de post is not abt merits/demerits of Amrita...

  4. really really true da..she was awesome n the bestest....

  5. GOSH..!!! u said it rite.there wld nvr b one lyk her

  6. GOSH..!!! u said it rite.there wld nvr b one lyk her


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