03 June, 2010


MA, zindagi do pal ki, intezaar kab tak hum karenge bhala. Move on. You deserve some happiness. Live for yourself for once. At least start now. (p.s: glad ur making progress)

NANDU, you are a wonderful person (and I’m not just saying this). So stop hiding behind the word ‘introvert’.

AMMU, you are the coolest Gran I’ve ever seen. Please stop being afraid of needles and take care of yourself more.

GAYA, do what your heart says and don’t give shit about what other people think. U are the one who’s gonna have to live with your choices, not anybody else.

PUNCH, you have a LOT to learn in life and the world is a much bigger place. Be open to it.

INDUECHI, chill, relax, live a bit. It’s ok to be bad and wild sometimes.

MAMMA, stop avoiding fights and take things head on. Fight for your right; nobody else can or will.

PHOOD, prioritize. Don’t take things/people at face value.

STICKY, hold onto that innocence of yours. It’ll take you a long way.

SELF, control your temper & tongue and stop eating chocolates like a factory.


  1. Don't give a baboon's backside about what others think, its my opinion and ideas that i'm worried about. I guess that's enuff to worry abt for this lifetime.

    Note to Dinky: Be as nonsensical as ever. I'll never forget "I'm in love with Evan" :-D

  2. =D Since when?

    P.S: Please try to. Seriously try to. I don't want to remember what a fool of an ass I was=P
    P.P.S: I thought this comment got lost which is why I hadn't addressed it till now.


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