01 January, 2011

Apna Sapna Money? o_O


Money makes men confident that anything can be bought at the right price.
Money makes them confident that they can get away with it.

Money buys us happiness.
Money buys us love.
Money buys us status in the society.
Money brings out the worst in men.
Money pushes men to their limits.
Money makes them want to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t.

Money makes people violent.
Money wins wars.
Money expels peace.

Money buys my sister her favorite cookies.
Money buys my brother his Ben 10 set and his Beyblade stadium.
Money buys Grandma her A1 chips.

Money dispels darkness.
Money dispels sadness.
Money dispels helplessness.

Money speaks.

Money speaks through the guy who is in-charge of the water tank, who’ll make sure that our tank is always full.
Money speaks through the security guard who’ll provide extra security to our home.
Money speaks through the Panchayat officer who will ‘maaf’ your house tax accounting it to a technical glitch.
Money speaks through the repair man who ‘repairs’ the otherwise doomed machine.

Money makes women lose their integrity.
Money makes women jealous about things that they otherwise wouldn’t have even known about.
Money makes women vulnerable.

Money makes women dissatisfied.

Money induces creativity.
Money induces desperation.
Money induces hard work.
Money induces ‘love’.

Money gives you an air.
Money gives you dreams.
Money makes you cry.
Money makes you sigh.
Money makes you glad.
Money makes you appreciate how hard it is to make it.

Money ensures a future for your children.
Money ensures that they never go through anything that you did.
Money ensures your ability to fulfill their dreams.

Money makes you wish the proverbial ‘money tree’ is true.

Economies collapse. Loans foreclose. Banks become insolvent. Nations plunge into depression. Fathers struggle to make ends meet.

Economies boom. Globalization happens. Banks call you about loans. Bonuses galore. Nations record all time high’s.  Children get pampered.

Money makes the world go round.

My question is, how did cavemen manage?

p.s:  Happy New Year=)

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