29 May, 2011

15 Day Challenge!

Ah, I have been introduced into the world of blog challenges, though (much to my chagrin) late. What I hope to achieve is that I’ll dust off my lazy butt, rise to the occasion without hiding behind the convenient excuse of writers’ block and prevent abusing my pore 
ole’ blog anymore. The challenge’s from Tumblr, tweaked it a little though.

And I take this opportunity to thank my faithful followers who have put up with my Pathetically Irregular posting and still remained with me. Erm, too Oscar-ish?? (Reminds me of a sugary update I read recently on academic success which had me choking with laughter at the drama).

Well, I wouldn’t put it any other way, I AM grateful.

As Barney Stintson would say,
*drum roll*
Challenge accepted!

Wish me luck!
Here goes…


  1. whats this whole challenge thing about?

    is it LEGENDARY ?

  2. whoa, whoa...i think i knw what that sugary update is! :D

  3. ;D Might be. Might not also....


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