17 June, 2011

15 Day Challenge: Day 10

A Place That Gives Me Wanderlust
Picking one place would be blasphemous for me: like any true Arian, I want to spend my life and a fortune in travelling everywhere from the sun-kissed beaches of Florida, the tiny pizzerias near Sorronto to our own Janpat, Delhi, Chowpatty in aamchi Mumbai, the ice-floats of Reykjavik, the dark jungles of Central Africa and the fierce deserts of Queensland and New South Wales. Sigh, if only it were that simple.

The bug bit me when I was doing a travel assignment: I had to prepare an itinerary for a person travelling around the world, touching every country and visiting at least fives tourist places in each one. As you can imagine, it was a HUGE amount of work, but the best part was that I enjoyed every, single, tiny bit of it. I have never had more fun collecting pictures, making route maps, deciding on the spots and the rest of the whole deal. I fell in love with the world and wanderlust had my heart in its steely grip. 

That was also when I promised myself I would somehow, someday go visit at least a third of those places in my lifetime. 

Anyway, one place that gives me an urge to damn the rest of the world to the Devil and just take off is South Africa. Grandpa, Discovery and NatGeo have done their duties very well indeed: the images of the powerful black panther, slinking just beyond eyereach, the colorfully eerie tribal dances, the tongue-click that is part of African names and the strange accents, all haunt my dreams. So much to do, so much to see. Night safaris with the lions' eyes gleaming in the headlights, gazelle running, or rather flying, past, the deserts of scorching days and icy nights, the people engulfed by poverty, death and disease yet a part of a culture so intricately woven into their lives that they come second only to my own, the scores of rapids that take you right into the heart of mysterious Africa.... I can go on. 

Not even the most enlightened man on Earth can dare say that he has understood Africa in it's entirety. 

The craving was only stoked into a raging fire by Williard Price's Hal and Roger Hunt series, Joy Adams' Born Free and Living Free, innumerable magazines, documentaries, the FIFA '10 and Shakira (Waka, waka).

And for SA, wanderlust is an understatement.   

10 down, 5 to go:)


  1. Count me in...its my dream spot toooo!

  2. !!We should totally plan a road trip....or something.

  3. I have SO many places to cover on my list! So many within India itself.. forget about abroad!

  4. @ TheGirlAtFirstAvenue, the world seems so huge when we think 'travel' na? Do put up a post sometime:)

  5. I love travelling too .. so i guess we all shud plan it =P And the world is hugeeee.... but not like we cant cover it all =D

  6. wait, i'm telling you that you missed out 15 Day Challenge: Day 9. come on, catch it!

  7. @ Akemi, welcome! And nope, I don't think I have:) It's 14 and 15 that I missed out on...

  8. wait, i'm telling you that you missed out 15 Day Challenge: Day 9. come on, catch it!

  9. Count me in...its my dream spot toooo!


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