10 June, 2011

15 Day Challenge: Day 7

Write a letter to my ex

Ah, talk about raking up the closet full of skeletons.

Dear V,

I have always maintained that you were never a bad guy, just not the right one for me. When you realize that (trust me, you will), you will know that I did both of us a favor. All of us are stupid fools when we are fifteen, I agree. The more time I spend away, the more I realize what big oafs we were.  But you must learn to value what you have, when you have it. Also, if you had only not let those frands of yours interfere, we could have at least parted with a vestige of respect for what we had. I feel we owed each other that much. And another thing, please grow up. 

I hope, someday, we can put everything else but the good memories behind. Either way I'm happy now, I have found my niche in the world and am at peace with who I am. I really hope, for your own mental sanity, that you find it soon too. Maybe this next time, we both will do it right. 


7 down, 8 to go:)

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