03 June, 2011

It's ironic, this thing called life.

The day I list out my phone as a thing that I can't live without, it gets so screwed up that I'm still wondering if I'll have to R.I.P it.
The moment I decide to blog regularly, I end up with a mountain of *extremely* unavoidable work.
The day I want to wish my dear abused blog a very happy birthday, Ma has to decide that I have to go shopping for long-overdue shyt.

I know they are excuses but this time, this one time, they are very valid.
Pinky swear.

But then,
I will complete the challenge.

For now, I have to be satisfied with a brand new layout and title (more on that story later).

So now, I'll leave you with a string of letters

P.S: Does this answer your question Ashwin?? :P
P.P.S: Do let me know how the new template is working out. I put in a lotta work into it with a little help from Carolynn.


  1. Noooooooo!
    June 1, June 2 - No posts :P
    So the challenge ends here, doesnt it! We (read I) need a proper (as in PROPER) post.

  2. Challenge doesn't end until I complete it - the longer I take the more lame it'll be that's all :D

    Proper post coming right up..

  3. And the current layout is taking some time to load.
    Try tweaking it, if possible

  4. On it :\ Though I have no clue what to do :P Thanks though...


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