16 September, 2011

Moments (Part II)

Have you met my extended family?

Shaina - The Angel
She walks around with the most apologetic face, a very fussy eater and the founder of the Sheaba-Haters Club.

Sheaba - The Actual Dog
The only one which exhibits dog-like attributes, guards the house and is a perfect working Mom. Loves coconut.

Sharuk - The Spoilt Brat
The self-proclaimed King of the brood, has a lazier butt than me and doesn't like eating anything but Pedigree. But fluffy as hell.

Shania and Sasha - Our Babies
They are Katrina and Irene rolled into one. Firm believers in destroying annihilating everything they can get their pearly whites on. Beautiful, fun and awesomely puppy-ish. They don't like their mother (Sheaba) much  and their father (Sharuk) doesn't like THEM much (because they cramp his style). Love coconut, grass and chocolate;) And love my sister more than me.

So whaddya think?
Ain't they the cutest things ever?
And they don't smell either:P

P.S: I had NOTHING, not even remotely, to do with their names.


  1. Ooooh i loooove dogs! I miss mine...thr names are HASH AND SPARK...ok they arent mine, but still! I had one when i was a kid and he was like my guard, he died. Jimmy was his name.

    Sooo cute they are!

  2. ROFL @ PS :D I was going to ask you precisely about the nomenclature system XD

  3. Nawwww they's adorable :3 I have two cats myself.

  4. :-)

    Just remembering my own 'Snowy' after getting to see your lovely 'extended family'. They are the real gifts from God, aren't they ? :-)

    Give my loads of love to them. :-)

  5. chooooooooooooo cayoooot. XD

    you have been awarded too: http://aasiyahrising.blogspot.com/2011/09/one-year-after-and-blog-award.html

  6. How many dogs do you have???
    They are SO CUTE! Awww... I just want to cuddle them and squeeze them and never let them go!!:D :D
    We had a dog called Mickey.. died a couple of years back :(

  7. And dint you say you were going to put up a new header sometime soon?

  8. OMG!!! How do you have so many at home...My mother won't let me have even one and she drove out the last one I rescued from the road :-(...This is envy re-defined.

  9. Aw gorgeous! Gotta love them all...and don't worry, they won't blame you for their names! Do you own them all? Lucky you!

  10. You have these many dogs at home?? *eyes pop out*
    No wonder your roommie calls you a dog! ;)
    I'm scared of dogs...though i find them cute .:)

  11. Ai-ya-yai,you has the so many doggy's, luckie's you's. Chweet name's are also they having.

    Everytime I the ask the mummy for the doggy, she tell bringing you up is the more difficult than bringing up the doggy. So you no get the doggy.

  12. i have two gold fishes called max and mini and one turtle called Spartacus. :D

  13. Haha... Your extended family is awesome. There is something about 'Shh' for which it gets in every name..
    Me, had one. I guess when I settle down, I'll get a lot of them. I want to own an Akita someday.


  14. Sharuk is SO CUTE! and so are the rest of them :D

  15. @ Red, Hash i such a different name! I like.
    Awww:( I'm sorry.

    @ Sushmit, :P I TOLD you I have nothing to do with it, I love them and all that.. but I really wish they weren't a stream of shhhs :)

    @ Mark, I love cats too:( Mine died a year ago and we haven't gotten another one yet:| I miss warm, fluffy, purring cats.

    @ Shobhit, Snowy after Tintin's snowy?:) Cute.
    Yes, they are. Truly:)
    Will do!

    @ Jidhu Jose, actually only two are puppies, the rest are dogs. Thanks though.

    @ Aasiyah, thanks girl!:)

    @ Chandana, five actually:P A couple of them are very cuddlable, drop in some time:)

    :( Everybody has suffered pet deaths na, so sorry for your loss..

    And yes, the header is under construction again:) Will be up soon.

    @ The DRAGON in the skin of a goat, my advantage is that we are, as a whole, a family who cares more about animals than human beings:P No worries..... Come over sometime and you can have play-dates:)

    @ Psych Babbler™,yep, all mine <3:)

    @ Kavitha, hee hee:P
    Aww, don't be scared, they are really lovable if handled right:)

    @ Atrocious Scribblings, :D I the thanks the yous:P
    Mummy might the be the right sometimes you knows? ;P After all she has to be the one who runs around making everything from food to handkerchiefs and ties happen:D

    @ HijiBijBij, TURTLES!! I have recently started fancying them:) Do put up pictures sometime:)
    And Spartacus is such a cool name\m/

    @ aJ, according to my grandma, dogs respond well to the 'shh' sound which is why they all have similar names-_-

    Akita:) Nice. Any breed in particular? And any particular reason why?

    @ PurpleMist, I know, right! He's a hunk:D:P

  16. hehe... grandmothers always have those secrets which we'll never understand.
    Akita is a breed itself na. The american one probably, japanese is too rare to find. It's an extremely faithful and possessive dog so hard to pet. I want to see if I can.


  17. AWWW!!! I sooooo wanna have a pet after seeing ur 'extended' family!!!... :|
    For now, i jus take care of the street ones.. but definetly when i have a house of my own, i'll make sure i get atleast one.. :D :D
    Sharuk is sooooo adorable!! :D :D and so are the rest of them! :D :D

  18. Beautiful (Is that the right word?)

    They're cute, really, really cute.

  19. Lovely family!! I have always craved for a dog, but my mom is just not into the idea. And I have decided the first thing I am going to buy with my first salary is a dog :D :P

  20. Awwww,they're sooo totally adorable!
    Totally love your chocolicious blog!
    I'm following you, follow me back? :)

  21. Zabardasssst.
    What a cute-settled-happy family? Never Shaina had affair with Sheeba? Or did she hate Sheeba cause she had an affair with Shruk?
    I mean what's the point of having Sheeba hating club. I LOVE IT. <3

    And i love the dog nomenclature. Matlab AWESOME hai.

  22. "Snowy after Tintin's snowy?:)"

    Yes ! It was inevitable me being a Tintin-maniac. :P

    But believe me, my Snowy was almost a clone of Tintin's Snowy (in character). :D

  23. @ aJ, whoops, my bad.
    And if I'm not mistaken, that's the Hachiko breed na?:)

    @ Viya, thanks:)

    @ BA, :) thank you...

    @ Deepthi,:D good luck with that!

    @ All She Wrote, thanks:)

    @ KN., Shaina and Sheaba are both girls, why would they have an affair?-_- Sheaba did have an affair with Sharuk but Shaina hates her coz she's another girl, jealousy issues you see:P

    @ Shobhit, awww, PICTURES!!:)

    @ Hazel, thank you:)

  24. I loveee doggies!!
    I dont know why but i like Shaeba. She has got the looks of a nice, homely, sophisticated dog. :)
    please check out mine too!! Here is the link of my older post about them

  25. They're adorable and so is your garden/backyard! I miss the greenery of my own lawn back home. It's so plush and fragrant around this time of the year sigh...
    Cannot stop awwing...they're damn cute, would like to see/read about all the ulta pulta things they do!

  26. @ Karishma, she is:) will do!

    @ Richi, :) thank you, glad you like it. Will put up one some time...


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