04 December, 2011

Marveling The Miracle Called Humanity #1

I was coming back home for the holidays by the very same public transport I was harping about earlier. I didn't get the window seat, there was this girl who looked slightly older than me resting her skinny behind on it... She didn't ask me where I'm going, what I'm doing.. so she seemed ok.

Lo and behold, she struck up a conversation about the lecher standing near the next seat who was looking down the lady's blouse; as we bonded over our mutual frenemy, men, her phone rang.
(I have issues with the song, which I will force you to read about next time, when the furore has died out and you have just begun forgetting it:P)
I should have prayed to become temporarily deaf then.

She looked quizzically at the screen and then picked the call up.
This is the one-sided conversation I eavesdropped heard.

Who's this?
I don't know... Oh ok, ok.
From where?
Yes, yes.
Yes, Krishnammal ya, studying economics (that's the name of a college here, yes)
No, final year. 
Oh yeah? Nice.
Yes, it's Vijaya The Adorable on Orkut (#?!), the picture is Anushka Shetty.
Ah in Singam no? Yes, that pink saree one no? That only I have as picture da.
Oh ok k. You attend college fests and all ah?
No, no. Line is disturbance. I ask if you participating in college fests ah?
Fine. So whats up?
Not that da. Tell properly... don't say fan and all now.
Really? Don't simply put kadalai (kadalai = flirting #tamilgyan)
*giggles again*
Ok seri seri, my voice is sweet wonly, don't get angry.
No, in bus. 
Goes through PT colony no...
Ya, ya. Third house.
Pink. Brown windows and all.
No, not my choice, I like wonly white and black.
*giggles yet again* 
*mock anger*
My life is very colorful ya. You don't have to make it more and all.
Okay, okay.
Seri da. Bye. We will talk some other time da. 
Take care ya.

The she turned to me and said casually, 
"Wrong number tholla thanga mudiyale..." (Wrong numbers are very irritating)

Is it me who's been rude all this time or do any of you give out most of your personal details to wrong numbers?

P.S: Most of the originality in the Blogger world jumped out of the window, landed on the pavement forty feet below, twitched twice and died a very painful death *sigh*


  1. hahahahhahahaa. hilarious, wonly !! :DP

  2. weird experience converted into a cool, relaxing post, post... good 1

  3. Are you sure that was a wrong number? Eeen my bf didn't know that much about me when we started dating! :P And then those gals complain when they are stalked! :D

  4. is it fiction??.....its creative and arty.

  5. I can honestly say that I've never had that kind of conversation with a wrong number.

  6. I wouldn't have blamed you if you had strung her neck right there and were posting this from Central Prison on account of manslaughter.

    Heights, that's all I can come up with.

    Since you're headed homeward for the holidays, can we expect more regular posting from you?

  7. She talked that long to a WRONG NUMBER? That's insane!

  8. Haha. Giving out all details.

    Girls like these doom our image.

  9. You know May be she was giving out wrong details . We used to give wrong name, phone number address etc panjaras who talk to us in the trains and have a nice laugh over it afterwards. And I didn't understand the P.S(!)

  10. ROFL! Are you kidding me? She really gave all that info to a wrong number?! People are nuts! I wish I could have such amusing experiences to share PeeVee!

  11. Hahaha Good God. The 'irritating wrong number' comment was obviously only for your benefit =P

  12. :D :D Crazzzy girl! Maybe she was just bored and decided to have fun with wrong numbers :P I never talk to wrong numbers.. Once they know its a girl on other side they start talking nonsense and sometimes keep calling!

    You seem to have taken the p.S issue seriously.. :)

  13. aiyoooooooooooooooooo
    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ppl are
    i tell uuuu

    simblyyyyy maaaaaaaaaaad

    i wud have probably stared my eyeballs out at her throughout the convo..with a slightly hanging jaw..
    which wud have dropped underground hearing the last line..
    *shakes head*
    kya hoga is deshh ka..
    world is going to end soon..
    *shakes head even more*

    OK i have lost it

    waiting for kolaveri post u
    :D ^_^

    cheers !!

  14. @ Twisha, it ees:P

    @ Adi, thanks.

    @ Rachana, who knows:P I taook her word for it when she said it's a wrong number:P

    @ A guilty conscience, erm, no it's not. It's an actual experience.

    @ Mark, me neither:P And hopefully, never will if all my marbles are still intact.

    @ AS, :P more like first degree murder, I always like doing planned things;D
    Superlatives don't seem enough for such sample pieces na...
    YES! I'll try and bore you everyday:P

    @ Hazel, I know, right?! Crazy people-_-

    @ Nia Charms, true. When the guy calls someone else and they don't talk to him like this, he'll be like all women are cheats and then come out with another kolaveri song or something:|

    @ Sunitha, I can only hope that they were wrong details... for all she knows, he might be a psycho stalker or an ax murderer:P
    Yeah, I have done that a couple of times to random guys who text to find if it's a girl:D SO much fun:D
    P.S was about all the originality and creativity in Blogger going extinct.

    @ PB, she did. Best part (or worst) she didn't seem to think there was anything amiss-_-
    You are a adolescent/child psychologist? I'm sure you have more than your share of experiences:) Just that you can't share them na..

    @ Maryam, :P now there's a thought...

    @ Em, hopefully it was something like that and not her trying to flirt with a random guy:D
    Nothing I can do about it na:|

  15. Ah some girls are so crazy! Wrong number will soon turn out into a stalker, I tell you!

  16. Typical case of girl being born without brains. :P

    Sorry :P But couldn't resist. :P

  17. Man! seems like she truts everyone blindly :D
    So much infor to a wrong number :P

  18. Wrong number!? LIke u said it could'v been a murderer or a psycho even! Well believe me when I say during the time I lived(read: survived) in Cbe, I have met quire a number of gals who gave our personal info just to gain popularity!! Yup....

  19. Great, so much details for a wrong number.
    Feeling unlucky twice: first, never get connected to such wrong numbers and second, couldn't find anyone so willing to give that much details.
    :P :P

  20. @ meoww, Drama Queen:D Yeah, I almost did do that, drop my jaw, that is, then I realized I didn't want to have any convo with her.

    @ Zarine Mohideen, she seems like she doesn't mind a stalker:P

    @ Srinidhi, :P nope, you're right on target I s'pose:D

    @ Red, trusts? More like seeks attention like crazy:P

    @ Madouthere, why? Why not? Why me? *vivek dialogue* :P

    @ Brajmohan, try dialing random numbers several times a day, several days... who knows, maybe you'll get lucky:P

  21. ermm, she gave all that on a wrong number ??? wow, hmmm.... talk about double standards here, one moment she was all against that lecher and d v next moment .. she goes ga-ga over sum douche bag ... sigh .. some girls i tell ya!!!!

  22. haha you should have got her number :D I know a few guys who will give anything to talk to women like this :D :D....

    You live in coimbatore :O My grandmas place is in pallakad. Come visit sometime. :)

  23. that wrong number was a punch... :) :) :)

    On a serious note when i was in chennai..i have seen 2 of my very close friends get into serious trouble because of this kind of nonsense.. people really need to grow up..

  24. OMG!!!

    I don't think you are the only one to be rude, count me too...I hate especially when the one at the other end who has called orders 'who is this?'

    waiting to read about your issues with the kolaveri song :)

  25. Seri seri would mean? Calm down? Remember something like that from Two states, vaguely :S
    And I've talked to a wrong number for fifteen minutes and told him bout tourist places around my city :')
    Quite a girl in the story man .. hahahaha

  26. ROFLMAO seriously! What's with such desperate attention seekers?!?

    Please you don't start the Kolaveri stuff too. I'm tired of reading, watching and anything about it. No wait, I'm sure you'll add a Peevee zing to it, so go ahead :)

  27. Oh god! And then she said that wrong numbers are very irritating. hahahaha...!!

  28. @ Menachery, exactly. What the diff between a despo and her?!

    @ Abhishek, konjam too much won't it become?:P

    Oooh, nice, if that was an actual invite let me know when you come down next:P

    @ Sunitha, I tried:P
    Grow up and be careful of what extent they go to flirt.

    @ Beyond Horizon, I KNOW!!! They call and ask US what who WE are? What balls man... seriously.

    One long list coming up:P

    @ Cяystal, 'seri' is something like 'theekh hai' in Hindi or 'Ok' on English.
    Oh my, my, do tell us what all that was about:D

    @ Soumya, hello miss. sexyinadresswali:)
    They should like getalife na.
    :P I'll try to...

    @ Mirage,that was wonly the creme de la creme :P

  29. lol.. but maybe what she was saying need not necessarily be the truth and she was just pulling a fast one. 'Benefit of doubt'. :)But anyways a nice take on 'humanity'.. so many interesting people and incidents.. keeps things interesting on this planet... :)

  30. hahaha...i thought this was going to become a hot conversation that you'd get a first hand experience with-but can't say i am disappointed...wrong number expect nahi kiya tha:-)

    short and so sweet this was!
    what happened about the originality crisis?

  31. O god that woman is crazy.. How could she give out all such details...goodness and wrong number?? :P .. Lol poor u :P

  32. Woo hoo!! And, that's why we girls get blamed as dumb creations of the lord!!

    I am tempted to share an incident.. I met some guy on a bus journey who asked God knows what all details,, parents family education blah blah.. I weaved a little story and gave him some random information. It was fun till he asked for the phone number when I bluntly replied. NO. Who the hell are you to bug me since then? He blamed me for make harsh judgments about him and showed me a pic of his fiance.. in an attempt to convince.. he was engage. Wow, "All the more reason you shouldn't be asking numbers of girls." He stood up said sorry and walked off :P

    Good fun!

  33. @ Dee, maybe she was:P We'll never know:D Thanks:)

    @ Suruchi, :D LOL, in the bus?In Tamil? *shudders* I hope not!:D
    Too many copycats around Madame, sick of it-_-

    @ Shreya, :P Nutters she is.

    @ Sam, uh huh, yeah. So crappy:|
    Yeah, some guys have developed this habit of rubbing the girlfriends (fake much?) in our faces when we accuse them of flirting. Good riddance I say, I get so pissed off I can never come up with calm, cool replies like you did:|

  34. No 'da', you're not the 'w'only one who's rude to wrong numbers !:P
    That lady was INSANE !lol
    hahahah :P
    We live in a weird world with people who are unfathomable to rational minds..
    It's okay, really :P

  35. My life is colorful wonly :P :P Nice Nice post! :D :D :*

  36. Lol...I love how disgusting long journeys sometimes make for hilarious posts!!
    Good one! :)

  37. It was really weird..!!! I could get that it was a wrong number..!!!

  38. Some people can just go on talking with just anyone :)

  39. @ Priyanka Kamath, LOL :D

    @ Laddu, thanks love:*

    @ Shreya, thanks:)

    @ Tayla, I'm glad:)

    @ Madhulika, it was, I didn't though:|

    @ Philo, like seriously!! -_-

  40. Errrr!! What was that? And wrong number? :-/

    I am with you on PS too....

    Please no Kolaveri didididi

  41. hahahahahahaha Intersesting :)

    thanks for kind words at my blog *blush*

    loving your blog header - its yummiee

    love x

  42. Ha ha ha..Interesting experience and yeah I have met a handful of such people. I loved the PS :)

  43. HAHAHAA...that's hilarious! I usually sound like I'm in the middle of labour pain when I get a wrong number.

    Oh, definitely, tholla thanga mudiyale!

    This reminds of me of a screwed up story on my Tamil speaking skills which I shall dedicate to you! =)

    I'm lovin' your blog woman!

  44. MY dear wrong numberrrrrrrr:P nejam thaan...intha wrong number thollai thanga mudiyalappa;) LOL!!! I have come across one such stupid specimen that gives away proper address and name to every wrong number!!!

  45. Once again kick ass labels PV...ghanta :D...You know such sample peices should exist, they add to the fun moments we could get the otherwise boring bus journeys wr might have.

    I have had issues with that Kolaveri song since I first heard Kallu hum it!!! Arghh...but you know what? I danced for this song at a pakka Rastogi wedding in Delhi...I guess the champagne got to me!!! I am with you on the PS but this with reference to what? Sorry brain not functioning yet, still holiday mood :p

  46. hahahaha i loved it...very very very very very very very very well written

  47. @ Chintan, erm yeah...

    @ Shama, my pleasure sweetie:)

    @ Keirthana, thanks:)

    @ Darsh, :P now there's some imagery for the person on the line:D
    Can't wait to read it, I'm sure it'll be mind-'blasting' :P
    And yes, the feeling is entirely mutual:)

    @ Cloud Nine, :D

    @ Pinx, only you read the labels you know:D
    It wasn't fun then actually I was more like sputtering out of rage...:P
    Dance to kolaveri! There's a new dimension to it...:D
    Blogging, in general.

    @ alka narula, welcome to the space, lady:) and thanks:)

  48. illa :D I still have my doubts if you are a human blogger :P Seeing you in person will do a lot to help me believe :P

  49. HAHAHHAHAHAH!!! Gosh your posts provide constant laughter. im so glad I'm catching up on all of it! :P LMFAAAO. Either she is insane or she thinks you are deaf. :P LOL.


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