07 May, 2012

Because I Want To. Hmph.

I realized that I haven't been random in a long time, what with either posting blah-blah on life and crap or just not posting at all. And I just happen to be addicted to random, so I'm gonna go ahead and be just that. Okay? Okay.

1) People should really, really, REALLY take captcha off their blogs. Like really. Why? Because when I'm reading 25 blogs a day and commenting on every single one, I just want to read, comment and get the hell outta there instead and sitting around, twiddling thumbs and typing out strings of letters. Do my sanity a favor and please take it off? Please?

2) Waiting for Grey's Anatomy's season finale is killing me. If Yang leaves, I will sue somebody. Scandal is heating up and promises to be very interesting. If you haven't seen it yet, well, you're missing something. Castle's season finale is due too. But I, for one, have gotten to a point where I say, "Beckett, with all due respect, just kiss Castle already!!"

Why, I'm watching so many soaps? Because I have nothing better to do.
And since I have run out of episodes of Fringe, The Mentalist and HIMYM, suggestions for my "To Watch" list are more than welcome (any TV show, movie, any genre except senseless action).

3) I finally changed my Blogger interface (not that I had much choice) and I enabled dynamic views as well, gave up my pretty little header too for the damn thing. AND it seems very difficult to customize, so I don't like it. Is it worth the change? You tell me.

4) Avengers was EPIC. To say that The Hulk made the cake from scratch and THEN took it would be an understatement. And it's a pity it took two parts of Iron Man for me to fall for Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans disappointed though. Scarlet Johansson was, erm, an eyeful :P
The Dark Knight Rises is going to be even better. You should watch both EVEN if you don't understand men who wear their underwear outside for the same reason you'd watch the Titanic in 3D even when you know the dialogues by-heart and are not a mush fan.

5) THEY BLOCKED PIRATEBAY!! (When I write a whole sentence in all caps, you must assume that I'm screaming it out at the top of my voice while cursing the 'D.O.T' with the choicest of cuss words in the four languages I happen to know. Oh to know the funny part, you need to read the second headline here.

6) It's been four months since I blogged regularly, four months since I commented frequently. But I notice that I still keep getting comments on my posts. I always thought that if I stop visiting and commenting on other blogs, that I would stop getting any on mine. That my blog would go to sleep like it did a few years ago. Thank you for proving me wrong. I especially thank the people who commented on the last five-seven posts who I didn't reply on time to OR visit. Thank you. 

7) Summer sucks. It's NOT all about the flowers blooming and the sun shining and back to wearing shorts and sneakers. It's not even about getting a rain-check from, well, the rain. It's about the grime and the ick and the dust and the power cuts and sweat and the godforsaken heat. It's about wearing only liner and kajal and still have it melt off your face. 

The way summer is described is this...

What you actually feel like is this....

Well, you get the point...

Ciao then, I'll see you on the other side of Vicky Donor.

P.S: Instagram is addictive. If any of you are active over there, leave your handles in the comment section.
P.S.S: I was serious about suggesting something to watch. Very serious.


  1. A nice round up of your thoughts. As always, well written. ;) And about the Tv Shows, you should definitely check out Breaking Bad. Very veeery addictive.

    1. Which you were going to give me. Hmph.

  2. I love your Randomness! :D :D Erm. I've exams...currently, I am watching Supernatural. For eye candy only. :p :D

    1. Thanks love...
      I got bored with supernatural after a while though... Dunno why :/

    2. I've left it midway too....these shows develop a pattern and become predictable. I understand :D And yes, I think this is the millionth time, but I miss you. :D

    3. Predictable is THE word -_-

      And aren't you getting my texts, babe? :(

    4. Demons, Angels and now a prophet.
      Predictable doesn't even begin to describe Sam and Dean now. Hmph.
      But all that is less of a torture when Sam takes off his shirt <3<3

  3. Nice dash of randomness after a serious streak - good change up.

    With due respect to the Castle fanatics - its sort of tapered off bluntly the last few episodes hasn't it?

    Try checking out - Suits, Burn Notice and Human Target if you can, they ought to keep you going a while.

    Cheers :)

    1. Zank you, Mister :)
      It did. But I find it difficult to leave midway unless it's THAT boring, so I trudge on :/

      Will do, thanks:) I've been hearing good things about Burn Notice for some time now :)

    2. Burn Notice is pure awesomeness btw!

  4. We don't if you've already seen it but we totally recommend you to watch Sex and the City :D

    1. I recommend it too! Total timepass, plus you get to ogle at gorgeous shoes.

    2. Ladies, I WORSHIP Manolo Blahniks and Big *dreamy eyes*

    3. SATC was EPIC ;)
      I so love Carrie's narration ;)
      And as far as I know you, You'd kill for it too :)

  5. Well I would suggest Frasier for something to watch. I don't think I'm likely to switch to a Dynamic View, I just don't see the appeal. I'd heard about the TPB block too and find it beyond ludicrous, it's even stupidly simple to bypass. It's not affected anyone really. Way to prove you have no idea how to work the internet you want to censor. Now leave it alone. Having something like my blog still getting comments when I thought it wouldn't is something I would be happy to be wrong about. I would also love it if people got rid of capcha. Comment moderation is much more effective at preventing spam, or at least preventing people from seeing it. Like internet censorship, capcha only harms the innocent.

    1. Frasier, I catch on TV.. So I don't need to download it.
      I'm switching right back first chance I get coz it sucks :(
      I know right? Why do they even bother with all the blocking in the first place?
      Thanks for dropping by Mark :)

  6. Randomness and PeeVEe- this is what makes the best combination :D
    Well I really loved the earlier look of your blog. This looks little sad :(

    1. :)Thanks Em... I changing back soon :(

  7. Desperate Housewives? Gossip Girl?? Have you SEEN what Blair's been up to?!

    Dynamic views...well...I don't like it too much...it doesnt let you do much...specially after you've slogged on making your blog look pretty for years!

    And...randomness rules. Seriously? Seriously.

    1. Desperate Housewives I watch on the telly. Hearing good things about Gossip Girl, not too teenager-y? Coz I'm a little too old for that now :P

      I KNOW, RIGHT!! Damn them for luring me :(


    2. Gossip Girl is all about pretty envious dresses, blairy scheming and nate Archibald <3
      You gotta watch it ;)

    3. Of course it's teenager-y...in the most sexy evil manipulative way possible! And NOT in a Beverly Hills spoilt brats meet Paris Hilton kinda way. TRY IT!

  8. They should ban captcha. 2 or 3 spam comments is OK rather than putting off the readers.

    There is a show called 'Raising Hope'(Star World 22:30). An absolute must-watch :)

    Loved your previous blogger interface. To be honest, this one is not at all good.

    hehe..loved the cat's summer pic :D :D :D


    1. Exactly my point.

      Of the Hope and Faith fame? What genre is it?

      I'm changing it back :(

      :P Me too... that was icing for me :D

    2. Hope and Faith? Am unaware of that.

      This is about Jimmy raising his infant daughter Hope :)

    3. Wokay.... Will check it out, thanks :)

    4. Wokay, will cheggit out :) Thanks..

  9. Loved the randomness ! :)

    On the TV shows front, I will be starting Game of Thrones. Umm ofcourse you have watched The Big Bang Theory, 2.5 men and the likes?

    Am raring to watch the avengers. Hearing about Hulk everywhere makes me already drool over him - sigh !

    enjoy Vicky donor and tell us how it was! :)

    1. Game of Thrones, yes. The other two I've watched :)
      Do go ASAP, worth the 250 bucks you shell out...
      I'm crushing so hard on Ayushmann's Punjabi :D

    2. Game Of Thrones was so confusing at first.
      British is what they speak and oodles of money is what it makes.
      Definitely the most expensive show I've ever followed. ;)
      Must watch PeeVee.
      Little advice - If possible, catch it when you're alone ;):P

  10. The Big Bang Theory. PLEASE watch it, if you already haven't.

    I've only watched the first season, and a few episodes of the second season, of GA. Stupid Reliance is not letting me download properly. :/ I'm watchinh reruns now so that I can get dreams of McDreamy. *major drooling*

    I'm in love with Hulk. I don't care that he is big and green, has anger management issues, will need new a new set of clothes every now and then- I lou him. And the scene that totally did it for me was when the villain shouts "I'm a God!" and Hulk smashes him the way dhobis wash clothes. What fun!!!
    And Robert Downey Jr.. *drool* Been in love with him since Sherlock Holmes. Watch it if you haven't, especially the first part.

    Vicky Donor is total fun! Annu Kapoor is a total rockstar. So is Ayushmann, who is my new crush.

    Dynamic view sucks. Period. This doesn't look like PeeVee's space. This looks like Pee*yawn*Vee's space. Change. Fast.

    Aaaaand I'm back to leaving mile-long comments. :p

    1. Who doesn't love Sydney :D

      I've finished it twice over and yet I can't stop watching it all over again, I think I'm starting to give GA second place after FRIENDS :D

      :D I know, right!! I was laughing so hard I thought Pepsi was gonna come out my nose :P And the other scene when he takes a potshot at Thor :D Such timing!
      I have, but didn't like it as much as Benedict's portrayal of Sherlock... But then he's droolworthy all by himself :D

      Damn, I can't afford to have a yawn space now, can I? :D

      Thank you because I missed you.

    2. Eh? Who is Sydney? You meant Sheldon?

  11. 1) Nodding my head and nodding so much that I am scared it might fall!
    2) Addicted to Scandal and Castle!
    3)Actually the previous one was better. It had a very 'happy happy' loo k to it :)
    4)Loved Avengers, still have to watch The Dark Knight.
    5)Yes, they BLOCKED it!
    6) Its not some lind of business, is it? Everyone else and I follow you because we love your work and not to make ourselves notice!
    7)Summer SUCKS, big time! The only best thing about summers is mangoes! Mabe there are other good things but nothing strikes my mind right now!
    P.P.S. Something to watch. Tried Entourage, Modern Family, Men of a certain Age?

    Love your randomness :)

    1. 1) :D
      2) Not GA?! WHYEVERNOT!!!
      3) It's coming back on popular demand :)
      4)DAMNTHEM!! :(
      6) Over here in Blogger, it seems to be an established fact that people reciprocate only if we take the first step. But then, I was proved wrong and happily so :)
      7) Mangoes and watermelon. And lollys. But that's about it, no?

      First two, watched. Third, will start off, thank you :)

  12. I've been waiting for that goddamn kiss since forever.

    Watch Gossip Girls, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Dexter, The Vampire Diaries, House, and I would suggest a lot more but I'm starting to sound like Miss-See-It-All.

    Yes, randomness rules. Especially when it's YOU being randomn.


    1. THEYKISSEDTHEYKISSED!! Didja watch the season finale? they finally goddamned kissed :D

      Love House, seen Dexter and BBT, getting started on the rest... Oh and not at all, do gimme more, I have all the time in the world :)

      Awww, thanks sweetie :)<3

  13. Honestly, I am not much fond of blogger's new dynamic looks. It doesn't give any chance to use our own thoughts to design the blog. Looks so mechanical! Plus your blog's previous look was lovely. Change it back na!! :-)

    And God! I skipped a beat on point 5. *checked the site without a delay*..PHEW!!!

    P.S: Summer is BAD.

    1. I know... so un-customizable -_-
      WHAT? It isn't blocked for you?
      P.S: Totally :/

    2. Hahaha...no it isn't. :P
      Probably it was for a day, I think.

      Check karlo phir se

  14. UGH - Captcha is so annoyingggg! And I've been watching a million and one shows these days too!
    PS: I've seen many bloggers shift to the dynamic view but I've never liked it. You can't personalize it and it makes it boring !

  15. 1>Even I'd been out of blogging since January. Had my boards. But now that it's over, I'm back :) And I *don't* have captcha. I hate it personally

    2> I don't see Big Bang Theory in the list! WATCH BIG BANG THEORY! There's an old show, Whose Line is it Anyway, and then there's Simpsons of course. And Friends re-run, why not? *_* And I found the 'Joey' show extremely disappointing. :(

    3>Even I had converted to Dynamic views when I came back. But, its not worth it. Almost 0 customizations,no gadgets, and I can go on and on.

    4>And Hulk. Smash. :p

    5> Off to the shores? No more?

    PS - And as of Vicky Donor, I had to watch it with my parents +_+. We got free tickets from Honda, AND WHO REFUSES FREE TICKETS ANYWAYS?!

    PSS- Family Guy is not bad either.

    1. 1) God bless you for that :D
      2) I do. I will. I don't like the Simpsons for some strange reason. And reruns tho hote hi rehte hain FRIENDS ke, it's a given.
      3) Good for you :/ learnt it the hard way, me.
      4) \M/
      5) ?
      p.S: EL-OH-EL:D yeah but how did it go? :P
      P.S.S: 'not bad'? It is awesome okay? :D

  16. PeeVee, Have I commented here earlier? If not, sorry. Just that. I have you on my reader and been reading you for long.

    I think, your site looked much prettier earlier. Change it! Summer sucks. Totally.

    I am on instagram. Find me, please - archmirch!

    1. I don't think so but thanks :)
      Changing it soon....
      Thanks for the comment on Lee :P

  17. PeeVee, u complete me.....

    Hulk Smash! And how! I'm hittin off to hyderabad to catch the Dark Knight on IMAX. And yup Black Widow is quite a sight n I've never even thought much of Captain America or Thor if Iron Man, Scarlett or Hulk were in the same frame...

    One thing I did recently when I had nothin more to watch was google out the 'best R rated comedies of all time' n see them one at a time.... trust me, it a very rewarding experience... two an a half men with Charlie, anyone???

    Alhumdulillah! the new look roxx, PeeVee!! Very light, breezy n summer-like :)

    1. :D Thank you!

      Damn, you beat me to it... I NEED to go -_-
      Same here actually, neither of them made an impact...

      ;P I guess I'll do the same then... coming from you, it HAS to be interesting:D

      You're among the minority then :( Thanks though..

  18. It's great to see such random posts after a LONG time!
    And seriously, commetn moderation, such a pain! (Especially for half blond people like me --_--_
    Well summer's hot and sticky and blah blah blah but isn't it a good excuse to be low maintenance and lounge about in sweats and blame it all on "it's so hot! I can't possibly dress up!" sometimes? :D

    1. :) Thank you...
      Lol... half blonde? You? Hardly.
      Sometimes, but what when you have to go to the garage and pick up your vehicle or go to the office or n number of other things that can't possibly be put off :'( makes me wanna pull my hair out, the heat.

      You said the Z (Deschanel) word, I'm already hooked....man! her eyes <3

  19. Oh, as for the t.v. shows, if you're into dramedy's, I'd recommend New Girl.. \Zooey Deschanel/
    And as for sitcoms, I heard that Seinfield is GOLD.

  20. I agree with Spiff said. This doesn't look/feel like YOU. Feels very drab and bleh types =P
    Also, Supernatural, boring? TELL ME YOU DIDN'T JUST SAY THAT =| Hmpff >:P
    Also also, yeah, that captcha thing, what is that? It's bad? Do I have it? If yes, then tell me and also tell me what to do about it o_O
    Summer I love coz of holidays and my bday :p Baakhi i agree it is horrible.
    Take care you!

    1. LOl... I'll change..
      Doesn't it get predictable by Season 2? That's what I meant sweetie:)
      It's that word verification thing you enable to keep spam away... I don't think you have it, I'll tell you next time I comment, yeah?
      B'day? When? when? When?!
      You too, N :)

    2. Yaaaay =D
      Well it kind of is :p, but you have Dean and Castiel *Droolmax*, so I don't really care :p I found it dragging only in season 5, the whole apocalypse thing is moving too slow =\
      Oooh, yeah,I hate that, and I anyway have comment moderation, so that isn't needed! So many times the page hangs and they eat my comment and all,I don't like really -_-
      Arrey, it went :p April me thi!

  21. You have a nice blog and am tempted to visit often for the fun read it provides:0

  22. People do comment on your posts even if you dont visit their blogs coz yours is too sweet :)
    And about the captcha thing, i was just thinking after typing a complex one in a blog post. I wonder why do people think robots come to comment on their blog and stick to word verification :P

    village girl

    1. It is, no? I was touched :)
      Stupid captcha -_-

    2. Arrey, robots no, but a hell lot of spam :| So either you keep captcha, better that u dont :p, or else moderate. If you already ARE moderating the comments, whats the need for word verification? You can delete the spam no? Sigh. Stupid people!

  23. yes they blocked piratbay but there are others .. try demonoi.com :) i use that ..
    and avengers oh yes loved watching it in 3d and Hulk is the MAN.. dont know why captain america was in it .. other than to increase the number of heroes :)

    Totally with you on point 1.. yes please hear hear Remove it alll

    good to see you back


    1. Thaaaaanks :)
      Exactly, like old wallpapers :/

  24. PeeVee, please change back. Please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeee *begs*. This look is tough to read, especially when I mostly read on my phone.

    I'm on a months's break from work and tell me about the boredom. I'm surviving on 'Desperate Housewives' now. Try it if you haven't yet. Its awesomeeeeeee :)

    Hulk is the man. Can't wait for the dark knight to return. But this year, the 'Amazing Spiderman' looks kinda promising. Lets see how it goes.

    And you know what, random rocks!!

    P.S: The next time you miss from your blog I'm gonna take a gun and come hunting you down.
    P.S.S: Ditto if you miss from my blog. I mean I post something and you comment after a month??! Seriously woman, I'm not kidding on the gun thing :D

  25. I like this view!! :) And I love how all the icons of your posts appear! :D
    Avengers was totally awesome!! :D
    I seriously wish that summers were good :( It sucks and it leaves us totally sun burnt and tanned :(

  26. Simpsons make me wanna gag too :D
    The randomness in this one reminds me why did I fall for you in the first place :D

  27. HELLO, there! Since your adorable comment pretty much made my flippin' day, I had to come say howdy and tell you that being random is just about fantastic :)
    Becket should kiss Castle, yes. Hulk is sexy. So sexy. I have run out of things to watch. I must watch Batman (whatte oxymoron) and might I mention I agree that summers suck monkey balls.
    There! =) Oh, btw. Howdy!

    (creepy random mood alert.)
    -Nil. [No but really, your comment did quite make me :') ]

  28. PIRATE BAY, I KNOW! DOT deserves a *hulk ... SMASH* for that ;) about teevee shows, try rome, game of thrones AND since you are a sherlock fan, you are going to LOOOVE 'house MD'

  29. aaaaaa? hmm..pffft..waaaat bleh is this ?? i had nicely written mile long comment a few days back...but i never checked only if it did get published or naaat..mental aaaphis net connection i tell you.

    oooooo..wat randomness only..first and foremost...that pavam cat..it looks like someone jabardasti took it for a bath and left it with shampooed hair with no conditioner..
    shay... :D :D :D

    aaaaaaa....where where squirrel??? i also wantttt seeeeeeeeee....*looks around*
    khi khi khi...
    amma..i should be kicked in my bum only...i havent seen most of that series thingy..
    i know i know...some ppl like zat still exist in ze milky way...
    *takes a bow*
    so mahdam..i have no suggestion for any series watching..rather i want some from you now :P

    aaa..yess yess..i had also vanished from dear blogger for half a century..now back with new make over jing-bang bleh \m/

    ze heattttt...aiyooooo...it will kill meee..mumbai summers are torture..sweat and bleck odour and mentalness...i want to live inside a fridge till ze heat runs out of its steam...
    *fans meself*

    oooo..dark knight dark knight ooooo...cant wait to see it..dammm i will miss joker...

    *stands up and applauds*
    i saltue thy randomness..
    together we shall..and we will carry the onus of the random-tag responsibility

    *ooo caaat caaat*
    *runs behind eeeet*

  30. Removing your lovely header is really not worth it. I don't know how you feel about it but I missed it. And the heat. It's raining here in Kochi, it's nice and cool and slushy. I am not a huge fan about the last part though. The cat pic is too funny. Don't tell me you scowl at the heat like that! :D

  31. I removed captcha off my blog. There were way too many spam comments, but its alright. I can delete them :)

    I can give you TV Shows suggestions all day:
    Big bang theory, Modern Family, That 70s show, outsourced, Sherlock, White collar, prison break, burn notice, clone high, etc :P

    I loved your header. :P
    Damn the dynamic view! :/

    I stillll haven't seen Avengers. But I will, soon. Hopefully. :P

    Piratebay's back now!! :D

    I hate summer too!
    And Its been four months since I blogged properly too!!

    Stick around this time and good luck with the template designing :)

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  33. I really like this interface more than the previous one. I found it so difficult to maneuver around it. So did you watch the season finale of Grey's? I was pretty disappointed. I mean, a tragedy, again? Also, watch Sherlock. It's really good! Oooh add me on Instagram! I'm obsessed with it too! Handle : zarinem

  34. Wow! Not active on Blog and you get 64 comments! *jealous*
    Totally waiting for Grey's finale! I dont think Yang will leave!

  35. 1. Totally agree, I usually try to catch up with loads of blogs at one go, and typing in the captcha code for each one is really annoying :/
    I removed the captcha on mine after I realised how frustrating I find it when commenting on other people's blogs.

    2.Here is a list of shows I watch and recommend:

    The Vampire Diaries
    Big Bang Theory
    New Girl
    Gossip girl

    3. Personally, I don't like the dynamic view thingy, for some reason it looks weird when I open it on my laptop. Like the right scrolling bar appears twice. Don't know if that makes sense :/

    4. I still haven't watched Avengers! Gah, I really need to go watch it.

    5. I know! Gah, I'm so pissed off about that too :(

    6. I think you have one of those blogs which people actually WANT to keep up with! At least that's how I feel. A lot of stuff you write is relateable and I actually look forward to reading your posts :D

    7. Ahh I know. A lot of people think of summer as this beautiful time but I think it depends on where you live. In some places, summer is like.. the worst time of the year.

  36. Epic Randomness... and yes am back :P

  37. Priyanka:-):-)
    Hey a lot info in a single post.:-)
    I agree wid d wallpapers Tht describe summer n how exactly it is.
    Avengers ws Epic i agree.:-):-)
    I saw vicky donor i enjoyed.
    I ws not blogging these days ws busy.
    Now Tht m back i shall stay in touch.
    I would b happy to c u connected to my blog.:-)
    W8in for Next post .

  38. thepiratebay is BACK, and always will :D

    And, yes, taking captcha off the blog page makes it comfortable for the readers to comment, but also for the spammers too :)

    Summers are hot. :-/ :-| :-)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  39. I was so sure that I posted here. But a random check didnt show my name. So trying once again ya but in the shortest way possible.
    Lovely post as always ;-)... ohh a squirrel... gotta go

  40. Entertaining post! And captcha is awfully, awfully annoying.


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