15 April, 2013

To Roam The Lands Like A Spirit Free

Farzana and Twisha liked a photo of the Eiffel Tower on Facebook and that was enough to send me off on yet another tizzy of uncontrollable wanderlust.

Somewhere along the way I woke up to the fact that without even realizing it, I have been dreaming of going to Paris all my life, not because it is the city of love and I am sappy but because I'm a true Arian who loves the quaint, adventurous, classic beauty of the city in all the photos and pictures that I hungrily devour with my eyes.
Some say Paris is over rated. But I don't think that's the case at all. Or it might just be the images of luxurious opulence that is the Champs Elysees playing tricks on my mind. 

Actually, its not just Paris, it is the whole of Europe with its exotic, alluring charm, quaint accents and wonderous cuisine that draws me into its never-ending loop of storybook beauty, the kind that I grew up reading about and dreaming of.

I'm finding hard to resist the wanderlust as the days go by. I stalk travel blogs silently, envying the creators, wishing I was them. I fear that one day, it might just get too much for me to handle, that I will blow my ties to the world away to pack up and leave...

....in search of all the breathtaking, mind blowing, spectacular cities that I so so yearn to roam.

What I fear even more is that I might be buried one day, some day without having my breath taken and my mind blown, in which case, the photos will be everything and all that I'd have seen in a lifetime.

I leave you with a few images, take one look and tell me they don't make you sigh for lands unknown. If they don't, then you have yet to experience the deep, relentless pull of wanderlust that can make you sigh like no kind of lovesickness can.

Spain - Of fiery bulls, beautiful women and the above.

Rome - Grandeur. Period.

Ireland - Oh, the castles! *sigh*

Portugal - Complete with cobbled pavements and a fruit market in the distance

England - The picture has so less, yet says so much to me

Italy - Tell me, your breath caught. Do tell me.

Paris - My beloved darling, my muse on even the least creative days

Venice - How can this not be the best way to travel?


  1. Just like you were always fascinated by Paris I am fascinated by Chennai and Delhi since I don't know how much time. I know there is not much too see in Chennai but still I am very fascinated by it.

    1. Chennai and Delhi seem achievable though. And there IS a lot to see in Chennai, Madame! Mahabs for starters :)

  2. WOW. This sounds exactly like me. Although my destination and urges to travel aren't limited to just Europe. I have A LOT of places on my list. And one day I will.

    It's so surprising that I usually have my train of thought running on the same lines. That I don't want to die without satisfying my lust to travel and see places that have only happened to me in pictures.

    1. Its not just Europe... This particular burst was about Europe that's all. Don't even get me started on the South Americas.

      So lets cross our fingers and hope we both get to see ALL of it :)

  3. I am staying in the US however, I've stayed a year in Paris, 2 kms. away from the Eiffel tower. I could see it from my window. My husband is French so we also visit the country every Christmas. and unlike you, I never had those Paris fantasies in my mind but, the day I landed my feet on that magical city, It swept me off my feet and I fell in love with Paris. Its in fact under-rated. Specially by the Parisians and French. There is SOOOOO much beauty not just in Paris but, the country side of France. They DO NOT fully take the advantage of knowing this wanderlust!!
    I met my husband in Paris on river Seine (near Notre Dame) and this city will always be special to me. I hope you get to visit this place soon.
    I read your blog post frequently and I am becoming a loyal reader Pee Vee!! I will try to put up a post, specially of Paris and would upload all the pictures that I've clicked of this beautiful city.

  4. Wow! Simply wow! I cannot say anymore. How I wish I could travel through all of Europe.

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  5. The pictures took me to a whole different world..almost that I want my bags packed and off I go...but damn! .. you've tempted me..big time :D

  6. I am sighing so heavy, I am afraid I might lose my breath. Seriously. I wanna pack my bags and go now. I blame a lot of my yearning to go to Europe on Enid Blyton. And Ireland looks out of a dream - in almost every pic I have seen.

  7. I have been drooling over the amazing Europe for a loooooong time. And the sudden outburst..oh..I too fear it. That one day soon, I would wear my cape and fly away. :P

    Even while reading newspaper, I stop at the section of holiday destinations and gawk at dream places, every time. Gosh! we are in the same state of mind. :*

    Exquisite pictures!

  8. Your photos got me goosebumps!! <3
    I often feel Wanderlust, more than often.
    How I wish to run away from everything. This makes me wish more. :)

  9. Now this makes me want to go back to UK again. Wanh. Why did I even come back? :/
    Amaaaaazing pictures by the way.


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