20 May, 2013

Silver Linings. I Think.

I can sit here and groan all day long about how my life is crappy and the clouds don't seem to want to lift and that I feel like I'm stuck in a rut and Mondays are khooni and the rest of the week seems to follow its footsteps and every conversation seems to end in an argument and there is worry and unrest and negativity flushing out all the goodness from my system all the time and not even bokehs can make me happy.


I can force myself to smile at that unselfconscious laugh, try and take the right decisions that will give me direction and purpose and treat myself to an occasional masala puri and tweet about the zombiekeeler donuts I got for free and mod my phone to get fancy Nexus wallpapers and transition effects and revel in the free-ness of Cydia repos and take joy in the new found love for Star Trek and Chris Pine and Cumberbatch and Downey Jr.

....you get the point.
All you need is perspective. 

P.S: It gives me vicarious pleasure to blog when I'm supposed to be dishing out articles on stoooopid bats and armbands and ab exercisers aka work. 


  1. Star Wars?? Or did you mean to say Star Trek.? I'm asking this only because you have mentioned Chris Pine and Cumberbatch immediately after that. Also you didn't mention about Yoda. :-)

    Yes, perspective is very important. Being happy is not only a choice but also a right. ;-)

    1. My bad, my bad... I meant Star Trek, sorry :P Changed it now..

      True that, well said :)

  2. perspective is required but along with circumstances to be happy.
    not always can we control our life.

  3. Damn..how come the Perspective 1 come easily to me.

  4. The all changing perspective! Ah.. If only I had this gyaan all the time ;) I tend to get it in spurts :)

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  5. I just loved what you wrote.. it sounded like a mini bomb :D :D.. impactfull :)

  6. Aah.. perspective! I think I was born with a twisted version of it

    p.s 'Hi' after a really long time :)


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