18 April, 2014

P - Photography

My biggest reason of happiness when my uncle got me a new phone in January 2012 was the 8 MP camera that came with it. I’d suddenly discovered that I had decent framing capabilities and the phone was the best thing that could have happened to me at that point. While I’m ready to move on to the big leagues now and am saving up for one of the fancy DSLRs, I’m under no illusions about my skills – still a very green, very amateur enthusiast. 

Anyway, I share a few special photos, one I carefully call some of my best, for skill and for memory. Most are on my Instagram as well. 

The very first picture with my phone camera, baby Micah curled up on my lap. No edit.  

Grandma’s garden never fails to provide material for my frequent photo ops. No edit.
One of the billion cloud formation photos I have. No edit. 
Feeding an obsession with natural light effects, my first bokeh, right before I left Coimbatore in 2012. Exposure edited.
Another one of Grandma’s perfections, right after the rains. No edit.
Cacti from a road trip, representative of my life at the time. No edit.
Office window visitor. Majestic. Perfect. Exposure edited.
Tales from the pantry. Exposure and color saturation edited.
Coorgi perfection. No edit.
Another bokeh I love for no reason. Bangalore rains. No edit.
Home. Comfort levels. Filter added.
Fire. One that accompanied an intelligent conversation with an intelligent, easy-to-talk-to friend. Exposure edited.
Immediately brightened up my day for I have never been given flowers before. Brightness, exposure edited.
One of those late evenings at the office, Bangalore’s pink sunset. No edit.


  1. Great pictures and amazing how cats do the same thing no matter where we live. Great picture of the bird in the window-Is it an Eagle or a Hawk??

    1. I'm not quite sure, Birgit, I shall get back to you on that..
      And thaanks :)

  2. beautiful pictures and that golden eagle (i think) looks so awesome


  3. The flowers and the sky and the sunset and those lights! *_*
    The one with fire looks beautiful!
    And the cat. THE CAT. ZOMG, THE CAT!!!!
    Both the pictures made me fall in love with cats. :D

    1. I have more of them cat pictures, come to the dark side :D

  4. Amazing clicks! You should already get a professional camera and start shooting :) Btw your feeds are not showing up after the 'O' post. I am wondering why. That's the reason I missed all these posts till today. Any ideas?

    1. Yes, that is my biggest goal for this year :)

      Red was also complaining about it, maybe my feed is screwed over or something... I shall check and letcha know?


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