12 October, 2009

A Mixed Bag

An attempt to profile the typecast ‘roomies’….

The Warrior:
This is the ‘it’ girl…..full of confidence and a burning desire to be in the centre. Achieving is in her blood. Eternally lazy (and no apologies about it) and on the ‘quakative’ side, she’ll do anything for those who she believes are her true friends. With opinions on almost everything, she believes in ‘work hard, party much… much harder’. Also one of the few ones to attract trouble from a mile away and mature beyond her years, this is the kind guys call their ‘best bud’. It takes a LOT to please her.

The Indigenous Indian:
The good one, picking up clothes, books and what-not after the others, is very family-oriented. Runs off home the first chance she gets and has no problem spending ALL her time with the family. The ‘mother-hen’ of the brood and she’s the reason the rest of them make it on time to class in the morning. Anything to be done has to be done IMMEDIATELY. She’s the one you automatically go to for a hug. But don’t you underestimate her; with a tongue razor-sharp, she doesn’t take flak from anybody…. Rub her the wrong way and she’ll reduce you to tears of frustration in seconds.

The Whining Star:
Spoilt rotten by the parents and still living in the 3 century BCE, this one is innocent to the point of irritating. Very methodical but harum-scarum and very clean but untidy, this one gets depressed that the others don’t like her but doesn’t realize it’s her own behavior that’s makes them run for their lives. At some point, you start feeling sorry for her and try to include her in the melee but most of the time the effort ends up blowing up in your own face.

Last, but definitely not the least by ANY means

The Pinksy-Winksy:
The happy-go-lucky one gets into scrapes ALL the time with her spit-fire temper, and trusts easily. The emotional fool has ‘good intentioned’ plans for everyday but rarely do things work out according to the plan. Likes an order to things, likes to be in control…. ‘unexpected’ is her least favorite word. Dreams big, easily pleased and never compromises with core values. Immature and impulsive, she learns things the hard way.

The world is their niche……


  1. Haha!! Interesting, that one. I can so imagine some of the people from my class fitting perfectly into these categories.

  2. :D prototypes then... it takes all kinds to make the world go round I guess.....

  3. Oh totally! In fact, I'd been thinking of a post titled, "Animal Farm" or "My classmates and other animals" to classify them into categories, but now if I do that it'll just look like too much of a cliche.

  4. Priya, These 'TYPES' do change when you change lifestyle, probably you'd find few more or different ones when you start working..

  5. @ Sumit, oh DO go ahead... I'd like a different viewpoint...

    @ Dhinu, ya, older but not wiser ones probably:p

  6. Priyanka.., it depends yaar.., If u follow me, you may be wiser., but then again, exceptions are always there.. :)

  7. Ahhh... Follow Dhinu sir= Wiser....:D

  8. Ah! Roomies defined! And very objectively too :)
    This was a good read.

    PS: Thanks for visiting my blog. Much appreciated :)

  9. Interesting post...Keep writing!

  10. Interesting post...Keep writing!

  11. Ahhh... Follow Dhinu sir= Wiser....:D

  12. Haha!! Interesting, that one. I can so imagine some of the people from my class fitting perfectly into these categories.


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