22 September, 2011


One person
He makes all the difference...

His presence can make your days
 Dreamy and light
And full of hope for that beautiful future you envision all day...

He can make you smile
Even through the sniffling sobs
When that great oaf of a teacher 
Made you cry...

 His warm hands holding yours safe
Making you trust him
All that much more... 

His twinkling eyes
Ones that he listens to your rants with,
Makes you think he's laughing at you
Until he starts ranting against them
With you...

The husky, entirely male smell
Sends tingles through your being
Of unspoken promises yet to be fulfilled...

The way he looks up from his game
Just to look at you cross the room
Like he's never seen a sexier woman
And still manages to make you feel like a lady

His one breath
takes away your breath
His one look 
Sets you on fire...

His eyes that can look into your very soul, 
Sends messages from across the room
Making you feel
Like it's only you and him there..

His gentle touch that kisses your cheek
Assures you more than his non-expressive words.
The same callused hand that is raised against
That ass in the theater who dared look at you...

His attempts to surprise you senseless
With that straggly kitten
All tied up with a bow
His attempts that make you smile
From the depths of your wee li'l heart...

And his absence?
 Sucks the life out of life,
The thrill out of thrill,
The love out of love,
And the joy out of joy.

Same P.S: I do not intend to scare you with my horrible poems, it wasn't intended to be one nor am I any good at making poems or making them rhyme; they are just random lines inspired by another attempt made on D.O.V:)
P.P.S: I'll be back with something better once I get out this dreary hostel and am tucked away safely in the most beautiful places in Kerala, my BFF's home (weekend trip.. YAY!!)
P.P.S.S: Whatcha think of the whole noo' look??:)


  1. The poem "HE" is really exciting for every "SHE" :P
    Nice love it... :)
    Take care !!

  2. Love is surely in the air :) I feel it in your words and withing myself too , actually I'm all mushy mushy now a days ;)
    Good job :)

    God bless. Love, Risha :)

  3. Aww so true! This was beautiful :)

  4. Love is all around me... and so the feeling grows!
    Loved the post. :)

  5. Whoever made you think this is a lucky, and good, man. Or will be if you're still looking for him.

  6. @ Reicha, Risha, Hazel, jojofeelings, thank you:)

    @ Mark, or rather I'm lucky to have him, don't you think...:)

  7. Nice one! I am guessing HE is real? :) Like the new header and look. Miss the chocolates though...now I won't be drooling everytime I'm here! :P

  8. Love which is both ways, is all you need.
    Some people have the power to change you especially the man you truly love!
    Loved it Peevee!

  9. awww i loved reading this very beautiful! I don't think you're poems are horrible THEY ARE NOT :P well anyways this made me smile! how sweet

  10. Full lowwe pouring ;-) It's got to be the weekend getaway coupled with the boring lectures..About the new look...Like the indvidual pictures but I know not why I like the ferrero rocher look better..Oh before I forget got me self a choc soap yesterday...so today I'm gonna taste all chocalicious..tada :D...and PV the boy did come meet me mid week... again tada :D

  11. Lovely poem! You should try a hand on this as well :P!
    Love the pictures on your new 'masthead' And love the 'smurred' effect when we scroll down :)!

  12. :) A writer first and now a poet.. there is no end to your talent is there?!
    Who said poems need to rhyme? I LOVED IT :D
    And the new blog look is awesome!!!

  13. The new look is effing awesome!!!
    Design for me also no. :(

  14. Agree with Risha...i liked reading these lines..lovely words make me nod in smile all the way :D:D

  15. The new look just took my breath away and plus the new post, oh so beautiful its been days since i read something like this beautiful piece :) :) He is truly adorable :)

  16. *misses her HE* :( pure torture! *kidding* much love to you Priyanka :)

  17. I love the new look Peevee. :) You really do take time , to work on your blog!, Wish I had your patience! :)

  18. I love the new look :P :P
    Well you are much much better than me in poetry :) Although I write mostly for my other half ;)

  19. Don't you think that 'He' in your posts would be a very good ingredient in your desirable man? And he puts color to these lines too?

    I wasn't tortured. In fact, I liked it.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  20. awwwww such a beautiful poem!
    loved every line of it!

  21. @ Psych Babbler, 'he' is but this wasn't particularly intended for 'him' alone, it was a general 'he's' in all of our lives:)
    Thanks:P Thats a good thing na, with your diet and all:D

    @ Red, they do:) Thank you...

    @ normal.is.overrated., I have never attempted writing poems hence the overwhelming feeling of horribleness:) Thanks girl!

    @ The Guy In The Mirror, thank you:) First time around?

    @ Pinx, it has to:P Plus a fight resolved as well:D
    Meh, I got bored with that, looooong time with it actually.
    ooooh:P Yummm.. I need to get one too...
    I TOLDJA!!!!:D Yay for you girl:)

    @ Deepthi, just an attempt, a feeble one at that:D

    @ Chandana, you don't talk multi-talented multi-tasking awesomely clothed woman:)

    @ Spiff, thanks... would love to but you should also know that I create with a lot of trial and error:)

    @ the other side of me, thanks!!:)

    @ Tanvi, aww thanks so much girl!!

    @ Ananya, right back atcha milady:) Thank you so much.

    @ fatima, thank you;)

    @ The Meditating Lion, the thing is I'm jobless when I have exams:P So put that time, which is otherwise wasted on studies, to good use:D

    @ maithili,, really?:) Thanks...
    Oh pfffft, yeah right-_-
    And those he most certainly adores, I'm sure:)

    @ BA, he is and he does.
    :D Thanks...

    @ Rosette Princess, thanks milady!:)

  22. Loveeeeeeee the new look :)

    He seems to be wonderful. Have a great weekend :)

  23. A successful attempt I should say..!!:)

  24. Yeah. Am glad I took the effort to cross this street ;)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  25. Beautifully written..
    It was so sweet..so lovely :)
    I loved it :)
    The pictures were great too!

  26. Have fun at your BFF's place :) and girl, you're developing a thing for poems now :) This is good :) I'm so damn single, It literally aches now. :D I prefer McDreamy, Mcsteamy looks like a man-whore. I wouldn't say I wasn't floored at first, but he just sleeps with everybody :P And Meredith, why does she always speak like she just woke up from a very long sweet sleep. :D I like the show. the hearts and everything. I wonder what Izzy will do with the $8.5 million. :D No.no.no Don't spill the beans :D

    You're lovely :)

    And will you be mad at me if I tell you this new template is not suiting our dear chocolate obsessed ? :(

  27. And yes, Congratulations on having 200 readers :)

  28. I like this poem. :) I love the background and the number of photos you used in the header :)

  29. @ Soumya, rly? thaaaaaaaaanx:)
    He is:) You too.

    @ Deeps, thanxda:)

    @ The Guy In The Mirror, me too actually:D

    @ ♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫, thankyooooooou:)

    @ ~Serendipity~, I am, very much:D
    Ah, love is over rated anyway:) Singledom DOES have it's advantages;P Enjoy yourself while you can:D
    LOL, whatte description;) I wish I could see your face when you watch what happens to him ;D
    Yes, she does na-_- But she has amazing hair *sigh*
    Izzy's 8 mil o_O go on, go on... I'm not saying anything *stuffing mouth with socks*
    And do you like George by any chance?

    No I won't be...Aww, I know it has nothing to do with chocolate, I'll explain in the post after next yeah? Then tell me again:)

    YAY!! YOU NOTICED!!! MWAH MWAH thanks love :D

    @ Srinidhi, thanks!!:)

  30. Yeah, I like George O'malley (I'm feeling too lazy to do a spelling check on Google right now :D)

  31. Lovely post : O
    It really was sweet <3 <3

  32. His one breath
    takes away your breath
    His one look
    Sets you on fire...

    Nice one peevee :)


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