25 September, 2011

I'm busy...

...doing this,

and eating this...

Courtesy: Radhi: Any more information on what it is will be provided upon request


Will be back tomorrow with a decent enough post.
How was your weekend?:)

P.S: I surprised myself with the amount of demureness and quietness I have in me.


  1. :):) Love this post..Even though I knew you might be doing this in her place its nice when you put it up with pics and all :P

  2. Saw mausam today, it was worth 1/3rd of the money I paid. Still, a nice movie.

    Glad you didn't ask about the week

    Nice pictures.

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. I love your pretty hair:)

    Vacation ?? :D Hope you're having loadsa fun:)
    The food just made me hungry :/
    So I'll go grab a bite:)

    Happy Blogging !:D

  4. Aha nice post x P
    I'm also busy doing things like that.
    What lovely hair you have though ~
    & Hey, iLiked you on FaceBook > : D

  5. :-/

    Why did you have to put such a tempting picture of mouth-watering food ? (turns deep shades of green in jealousy... )

    Ok. So enlighten us on what the delicious things are exactly.

  6. Enjoy your vacation :D :D Lovely hair by the way :p

  7. Your blog is pretty cool, nice pics.

  8. Enjoy your vacation... on my behalf too! :)
    All mallus i know are blessed with pretty hair! I envy you guys!!!

  9. lovely hair :) enjoy your time with the fish :)

  10. Hahah. I couldn't see the fish. :P
    And you have awesome hair dude. It felt weird to see you in real though not your face, but the person standing there is someone a very good friend of mine, though we are just blog friends and what say, countries apart?

    Have a great great weekend! :D

    You asked for my email once, its uzmanadeemc1@hotmail. And on facebook, search me with name Komal Nadeem. I have a picture with my idiot friend faking ears behind my head. :P

  11. Ok you got lovely hair .. there you go someone else also said it :) happy..

    and are those potatoes or fritters something well whatever they are they look delicious and I want some tooo .. :)


  12. OMG the new banner is totally mind blowing. :]

  13. Firstly hi5 on the vacation. I too had an awesome weekend and am so swamped right now.

    Womannnn, Why are doing this? Why did you have to post a pic of an Appam???

    *drool fills up the room*

    The new blog banner is good.

  14. @ Phatichar, and the smile signifies that I'm a jackass who doesn't reply. So sorry and trust me when I say I have a good enough excuse.

    @ Varun, and you don't like my pretty hair?:(

    @ The Guy In The Mirror, not even worth Shahid's 'air-force' look? I'm disappointed.
    Should I?:)
    Thank you!

    @ Priyanka Kamath, :D so much for self-advertisement. Thank you!
    I did! So did.
    Hee hee, sure..

    @ iZaynab, thanks!
    Teehee, really?
    And I love you for that<3

    @ Shobhit, suffer, person, suffer. They wer D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.
    And they are erivillappams.

    @ Srinidhi, lol, thanks:D

    @ Aakash Kokz, welcome, thanks:D

    @ Psych Babbler™, Sunil Padiyar, äмän, teevaii!!:)

    @ Chandana, thanks but you should hear about the bad hair days:D
    Atleast mine...

    @ Nirvana, nope, close. erivillappams :)

    @ Arjit Srivastava, first time around? welcome!

    @ Muhammad Israr, thanks, they are awesome btw, really good pedicurists:P

    @ KN., really? try making it bigger:P I swear they are there:P
    Good weird I hope:D
    You too!
    Gotcha, added you!

    @ Deeps, on what? The staring into ponds part or eating part?:D

    @ Bikramjit, aww, thanks:D There's my credibility:) Very.
    Nope, there are like these rice balls with chillies and stuff.
    Come home sometime and we'll invade their kitchen sometime:P

    @ Nia Charms, thanks.

    @ Atrocious Scribblings, swamped with work or the sweet exhaustion of vacation?:)
    :D I had to share the leao:P
    Thanks. Really, though?

  15. Of course its pretty!! How many times have I told you already? :D Its pretty and silky and smells awesome :)

  16. Hey don't get disappointed just yet. I was talking about the story line.

    Yeah, Shahid looks extremely awesome in his IAF getup B-). Man I was craving for those suits. And the mustache just adds to the charm. Even if you are a so-so fan of Shahid, definitely go and watch this movie. But, as I said earlier, the overall story is quite slow after a quarter part

    And then there's Sonam. Not breathtakingly, but amazingly beautiful.

  17. Hey!!!! I see no fish. Did you just kdinap it and convert it into that second pic? :P

    Happy vacationing!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  18. That does look like a pretty nice place to be :)

  19. Obviously the eating part!! Just sad it's going to end tomorrow!! But back home in another 3 days, so yipeeeee :D

  20. @ Varun, <3

    @ The Guy In The Mirror, but I'm getting bad reviews from everywhere-_- maybe I'll just wait till I can watch on my lap:|

    @ BA, I'm a vegetarian:P So no fish fry for me:P
    Look closely at the circled bit, there is a tail, I swear:D

    @ Mark, it is. If you ever decide to drop in, do visit:)

    @ Deeps, :D Should have known.. Ah, yes, back before we can say achoooooo:P


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