27 September, 2011

An Ode To A Family


Have you ever experienced the feeling of completeness that a family can give you?

You know the part twenty five years after happily-ever-after? The part that they don'y show in movies or write about in stories?
That's the part when you know that a man and a woman a gentleman and a lady have taken the life that God destined for them and made it a success, a life that they can be proud of having lived, the beautiful family that they made from scratch.

I have had the opportunity to be a teeny part of this family or rather I have adopted myself into theirs.
(In case you're still lost, I went to my bff's place for the weekend and it's their family that I'm talking about)

I love the way they have made it happen, love the way they bound together bits of yarn, wool and all things nice to make their little world cozy. It's not perfect and they don't pretend that it is and maybe that, the fact that they live for themselves for each other, is what makes them so *searching for the right word, none seem to be enough*.

The Father is everything you think of when the word comes to your mind. Responsible, solid, dependable, a wee bit intimidating, honest, respected in every sense of the word, fun, loving, caring beyond all else, typically grumpy when sick, supportive, witty, quietly proud of his daughters, provides guidance not advice... and so very much more. I respected him much before I even met him; it only grew. He is the foundation for their worlds, everything begins from him.
And I keep wondering what he thinks about me, if I measure anywhere near the high standards he's set for his daughters.

The Mother is a copy of mine. Ditto except mine is slightly more harum-scarum and she's slightly more Malayalised. This itself is my greatest tribute to her for my mom is, like, the ultimate to me.
And she treats me no different from her daughter; I say this not because she said it to me (she didn't) but because I can feel it. I can feel it in the way she holds me by my waist and talks to me. Apart from all that, sensible, iron-willed, AWESOME cook (I put on two kilos in as many days, you can imagine), organised, careful, pious, squeaky-clean, ordered are words that do their best to describe her but still fail a little bit.

Sisters to match, a paired set who are complete opposites to each other and beautifully accomplished in their own way but very much a part of the parents. And a muthashi (grandma), who is cute and fluffy and is a vast treasure trove of surprises, stories and tradition.

They have their own ways of dealing with problems, with life, with social situations. They are a unit, a tribe unto themselves.
They are stable.
They have deep-rooted value systems, beliefs that are the DNA of who they are.
They respect. They care. They follow the rules and make some for themselves.
They teach their children. By example.

They are a family.

I haven't done them justice, not even close.
But I'm glad they let messy, scatter-brained me into their lives, even for a weekend.
And if my own family, one that I'll start sometime in the future, is even half as beautiful as this one and mine, then I'll count myself lucky.



  1. This is such a touching post:)
    I can relate knowing a family like this too:)
    It feel awesome to be a vital part some one else's world too, eh ?:)

  2. Aww this was so lovely! I'm sure they'd really appreciate your kind words about them :)

  3. They sound like an awesome family and aw you words were so kind. I'm, like hazel, sure they'll appreciate it :D Families like that is a pleasure to know.

  4. We all r truly blessed! Made me nostalgic coz f states away frm my parents.

  5. That's lovely...such families are rare. Really, really rare. I'm sure this family appreciates your ode! The cynic in me thinks all families are messed up and dysfunctional in their own way! Blame my job and my extended family for that view :)

  6. It's so good to know that you didn't take anything for granted. Their love was shown, through your post and your love is visible through the loving words...for them. :) :)

  7. hummm...getting a gud family is more than a blessing and being a part understanding them is more than anything else.loved ur words.

  8. nice post . Family is the one of the greatest strength of each person

  9. It is so true that films and stories never reflect a picture after 25 years of the marriage.
    when that bound is more strong than before 25years of married life.
    Blessed with a lovely family indeed.
    Keep smiling gal :)

  10. Awww man!!
    In another few years or who knows maybe months, i'll be moving away from my family... :| I regret the time's i've taken my family for granted... :|
    A very touching post..
    Your BFF's lucky to have a such a beautiful family! *touch wood*!!!

  11. You have articulately transformed your love and admiration for them into the words that make this post. Good Job DK.

    I reckon they too feel equally lucky to have someone like you in their lives.

  12. touchwood and all the best for when you start your family :)


  13. aww this is such a beautiful post.. I could just picture what you were trying to convey.. I'm sure they'd e happy to know that their daughter has a friend like you!

    *touchwood* .. and yeah I'd consider myself lucky too, if the home I make is half as good as this! :)

  14. I so adore, you started with a touchwood, ended with a touchwood, added those lovely photos on the top of the blog and how the post scrolls up in the air :) very well done!

    You are lucky :) And the bff is even luckier. Nothing beats a happy family in this world...


  15. sigh!!!!!!!!! I so so so miss my family - the Malayalised mom, the rock solid dad and the lovely, lovely muthashi! Beautiful choclolaty post!!

  16. Good families really can be amazing :)

  17. @ Priyanka Kamath, it truly is:)

    @ Hazel, they don't know I blog, but I sure hope they know how much I appreciate it:)

    @ normal.is.overrated, they are:)

    @ Red, :| it's only then that we start appreciating them na..

    @ Psych Babbler, they are, in this day and age, they are a very rare breed. And most (read 90%) of families ARE dyfunctional-_- The cynic in you is sooo right.

    @ The Guy In The Mirror, thanks:)

    @ MSM, :) I wish they knew how special they are as well..

    @ chitra,welcome to my space:) and thank you!

    @ Jidhu Jose, it is. Very true.

    @ Reicha, yes, she is:) Thanks..

    @ Paanipuri Lover, now I'm hungry (your name:P)

    @ Viya, that's a lesson I learnt after getting to a hostel, never take family for granted.

    @ Atrocious Scribblings, thanks, but I doubt they do:P I cause damage to property wherever I go.
    And STOP CALLING ME THAT:P It's ganglordish:P

    @ mannbikram, awww, thanks!!!

    @ confused soul, :P as long as they don't think I'm a pest:D

    @ Chintan, I'm so scared I'll jinx them-_-

    @ Nirvana, aww, reunion anytime soon?

    @ BA, I said that already, twice:P

    @ Mark, they truly can:)

  18. hey nice..sorry for coming in late..I love shoutbox..

    Nice post,and believe me,you are lucky and would be lucky always *now touchwood*

    take care

  19. @ TOSM, thank you:) Now I love it too:D


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