07 October, 2011

# 1 - Scribblings Far From Atrocious

Ladies and gentle the mans, presenting to you...

'Atrocious Scribblings' is what he calls himself and he has the nicest things to say about my blog:P But make no mistake, he doesn't sugar-coat and calls a spade, an axe exactly a spade.

We first met over his comment on an ode to my best friend. In the next comment he mentioned having exams and not studying and I remember being vaguely worried in passing (I'm paranoid about exams; doesn't matter if I'm writing them or someone else is). Then I dropped over to his blog and thoroughly liked what I saw.

We never chatted like I did with the girls, we never became bosom buddies, but he has become one of my principal male readers, a valued one. For he's honest; he doesn't go 'oooooh, superbly fantastically brilliant post' when he doesn't mean it.

His blog is as random as mine is, no particular genre to it. But unlike usual guy blogs, is not abstruse or techie or filled with descriptions of his girlfraand's amazing-smelling hair. One thing his posts never fail to do is make you snort with laughter. Right from his very first.

His language is what impressed me most. Very precise without being stiff, not too pompous or pretentious yet not trashy and sms-ey. No verbal diarrhea whatsoever, he keeps it mostly short and clean. He uses proper, non-conversational words and still manages to convey the emotion/situation very well (unlike me who is most comfortable in English, even over her mother tongue, and yet uses Hindi and Malayalam expressions to bring in that exact feeling).

I have a special respect for guys who aren't afraid to emote (genuinely). They tend not to get touchy-feely unless they are fourteen and oh-so-in-lowe but AS's birthday post for his mother was truly a gem. I'm sure his mother, if she ever read/s it, would be very proud and even more touched. And if that was touching, his 'reunion' with a long-lost-never-met cousin contests for attention with Bollywood itself:D

He makes you drool (in completely different ways) with Kakao Brownies and cars. And his one serious post makes you think about a tiny yet hugely significant thing. He's just gone ahead and jumped right into the crux of the matter - no frills. The fact that he even felt bad for the dog made me respect him more (being the self-proclaimed animal-crazie that I am).

AND the best part about him being my blog reader? He's one of the very, very few who checks back to see if I have replied to comments. 
That is something that means a lot to me. For it shows that you're truly interested in what I have to say to you.

One thing he lacks is posting frequency but I don't blame him with his 3 month-long exams and all. But I could use more scribbled atrocities (are you LISTENING, A.S?). And he needs more readers, people to read all the sensibly funny stuff that he churns out. Maybe that'll prod him into writing more often. 
Anybody, pliss to oblige? (expression © chintan gupta:D)

Head right over to Atrocious Scribblings, peepuls.

P.S: Let me know if you have any badge preferences, A.S. Thank you for your wonderful comment and hope you like this:)
P.P.S: In case you STILL haven't guessed, this was the promised post about my favorite commentor on my 100th post.
P.P.S.S: # 1 is shared by two bloggers... post about the other one will be up tomorrow!!:)


  1. awww... :)
    Such a sweet post to a blogger buddy! :) Will definetly drop by his blog :) .. I could def. do with laughter! :D

  2. You know what I really like about Atrocious? That he doesn't add unnecessary exclamation marks to get his appreciation across. If he likes your post, he'll say it in plain simple terms. Áwesomely hilarious','Very funny', etc. But without a single exclamation mark! (There, I just made one! I just don't know how he manages!).

    And dude, if you're reading this, I'm very very VERY tempted to call you AS when I reply to your comments. Any problem?

  3. This was a dangerously sweet post, but it's good to have a blogger buddy like that :)

  4. Great post PeeVee...I'm sure Atrocious Scribblings will appreciate it. :D

  5. Oh Atrocious Scribblings is one of the bloggers i really adore and i love reading his blog. His GULP ME OH MOTHER EARTH and his CarFantasy was just crazy! He is also one of the most genuine commenters who does not comment to get followed back but comments because he has an opinion. I so respect him. Also i will never forget his personal mail to me on my Birthday. I am so glad he did tht.
    His way of writing is superb and i like the way he carves out simple yet beautiful posts.

  6. @ Viya, please do:)

    @ Divya, :D I hadn't even noticed that! There, I go again:P

    @ Superrrnickkk, funny? Happy? Ecstatic? About?

    @ Mark, it is.

    @ Psych Babbler, hopefully:)

    @ Red, I know, right. Very genuine commentor.

  7. Interesting. I did read one of the "Meeting the cousin" episode :)
    It was great! Simple words, yet elegant.
    Will read more of the Atrocious :)
    Great work, PeeVee for recommending a Great blog as this :)

  8. Hey.. If A picture says a thousand words.. I thot my smiley wld atleast say a few hundred..!! :D But since it hasn't.. Let me explain.. It was my wide smile which i had after reading your post.. Never read his blog before you mentioned it here.. A warm post must say... So.. :):):)

  9. I agree...AS or Machi as I call him is another warm and genuine person I have met. When I rant, he is actually worried I might lose it :D...Such a nice guy and believe me that genre is fast disappearing...we must change his Appa's opinion don't ya think ;)? Machi what do you say?

  10. @ The Updater, please do:)

    @ Superrrnick, :P oh like that.
    Do go read, worth your time...

    @ Pinx, we should:P Prolly find him a nice girl to change Appa's opinion:D

    @ Srinidhi :)

  11. This was lovely and touching, I'm sure he'll really appreciate it! I don't there are enough male bloggers out there so it's nice to find some good ones!

  12. @ PeeVee

    Thank you so much(does not even begin to describe it) for the post and for showering so many praises on me which I don't think I fully deserve because I began blogging after reading many blogs including yours which seemed so creative and interesting.

    @ All

    Appreciate all your comments and am very grateful to PeeVee for putting me out here on her space.

    @ Spiff

    No issues, you can call me 'AS' (please don't add another S at the end and call it a typo :P). I reckon my writing is a little old fashioned and hence the exclamation marks miss out.

    @ Machi and DK

    I think we can let Appa's opinion be for now, lest you want me to be homeless :D.

  13. This was very sweet of you....
    I would love to dedicate such a post to my commentators once i reach 100 posts :)

  14. @ Hazel, he's a saving grace, I should say:D

    @ A.S, -_- I thought we agreed on no formalities?
    And common, how can we let Appa think like that!;D

    @ the other side of me, aaaaaaaaand?:)

    @ Madhulika, do that:) I'm sure they'd deserve it:)


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