05 October, 2011

Break Out The Champagne, Please.

EXTREMELY LONG POST with plugs, proceed at your own risk.

I have been itching to write this post for a looong time and now that I’m actually getting to write it, words fail me like never before. I never thought, when I got back to blogging in June, that I’d take it so seriously, that blogging would become so much a part of me, that it would be something that I’d come to be proud of, something I’d be willing to work hard for.
*insert appropriate bgm*

Ahem. Now that I’m done being all senti and mental about my blogging superpowers (or the lack of them), let’s get down to actually boring your head off because, for once, I’m going to harp my head away without feeling guilty about it:P

So finally here I am, at a milestone in my career (yes, I take writing THAT seriously), typing down my 100th post and talking nonsense celebrating my patience for having stuck to it more than anything most else.

Not many people know that ‘Confessions Of The Chocolate Obsessed’ left behind ‘Hand In The Cookie Jar’ and ‘Incoherent Ramblings On Life’, both of which had 15 odd followers and absolutely no activity except that of my friends. Now I know that chocolate, as always, has been my savior of sorts.

216 followers, 40 networked blog followers, 1645 comments, 92 page likes, 20,700+ page views later, I realize that without these (not so impressive but very, very important personally) statistics, I’d just be another person talking to myself in the virtual world (thank you, Chandana, for that VERY appropriate expression).

Every single follower was (and still is) greeted with an impromptu duck dance that surprised the living shit out of people around and every new comment to moderate was greeted with a silly, gloppy grin which would have made Goofy proud.

I gave my blog a makeover when I got to 200 followers, a feature I’d only envied on other blogs till then. I took me a lot of effort to control myself from putting up a post about it then, for I was waiting for this. Great big hugs to Swathika (it's SUCH a pretty name, you bum) for being my 200th, thank you also for being on my post judging panel.

While the old header was special for a lot of reasons, I realized that with a name and a header like that my blog should contain more of chocolate-based stuff, which it didn’t. This one is more comprehensive of who I am, things that define me, my interests, my loves in life – beaches, coffee, fashion, tattoos, family, love, friends, dreams, babies, teddy bears, animals, photography, clouds, sharpies… make me happy (among other things). Other changes included the addition of a ‘fiction’ tab, a ‘now reading’ (ty, Psych Babbler, for the idea), a 'guest post' (if you want to guest post for me or the other way around, do check) and hopefully, a page which loads faster (does it?).

I’ve had help, a lot of it, reaching here. Thank you..
..Farzana, you’re the best inspiration a person can get, blog look wise. And your hair makes me sigh every time.
..Chandana, for being so unique and being able to make mundane things most interesting.
..Red, for being an enigma and the most-straightforward chick ever.
..Maithili, for Darlings of Venus (BEST idea EVER) and your whodunits which have me hooked, every time.
..Pradeeta, for adding mysticism to my reading life, for the sheer attention to detail and the wonderful way you spin stories out of nothing.
..Divya, for being Spiff:D For being that older sister-like figure, being so goddamn funny, for making up expressions that I keep thinking about and laughing (and making people think that I’m a nutcase) and commenting IN DETAIL on almost all my posts.
..Soumya, for being you. Just that. And your dark, deep poems.
..Srinidhi, for being the first one ever to have loved my stories in the blog world, for telling me I write well, for giving me the confidence to go on.
..PsychBabbler, for making so much sense about so very many things, for Pebbles.

I’m not a girly girl much as you’d argue otherwise. I can give anyone a run for their money on NFS and Blur and be rational too:P I value the guys who are around as well.

..Atrocious Scribblings – for actually reading my posts fully and appreciating my work so much. Doesn’t hurt that you put up pictures of the most sexiest cars around.
..Sushmit – for MAILING me with your appreciation, you will NEVER know how much it meant to me, that mail.
..Phatichar, for that brilliant series of yours. For trusting me with the story.
..Bikram, for making me smile or think with every post of yours. For letting your true personality shine through the blog.
..Anshul, for being so goddamn abstract that it gives me a complex most of the time:D For making a different kind of sense.
..aJ and Ashwin, for liking my work and for having disappeared -_- (please get the sarcasm)

Also, how can I NOT mention,
..KN., dude, you rock. Pakistanis rock. You called me pretty and I spent the whole day flying around:P
..Pinx, for being my bichdi hui twin, for calling ME an inspiration.
..Viya, Deepthi, AnjLi, Akila, Serendipity, Confused Soul, Panipuri Lover, Risha and Vinati, for being part of ‘us, girls’.
..Chintan, for that brutal, blunt tongue of yours and refreshing honesty.

..Induchi, for being patient about my constant 'she's getting...' song and putting up with my obsessiveness.
..Amma, who doesn't for the life of her get why I'm so excited about blogging.
..Nandu, for being there. For letting me say what exactly I feel, when I feel it, letting me rail, jump around for all kinds of reasons, prodding me on and sharing my ecstasy and not giving in to the urge to divorce me:P
For 'getting' me. 

And muchas gracias to every single one of you who commented and liked the way I write.
In case any of you are still reading, thanks to you too, for not falling asleep:P

What's in it for you guys?

Two things:
1) Comment and tell me what you like best and what you detest about my blog/writing and the one I like most will win a whole post dedicated to you and your blog. And obviously a plug as well. (My judgement, enter only if you'll agree to that. Also, more than one winner might also be chosen).
AND if you'd like it, I'll make you a badge, either a winner-of-contestwala or a fancy one for your own blog. (I'm not making it beforehand for I want to customize it according to the winner's blog and personality.)

2) Anything you want to know about blogging, technical AND otherwise, critiques for your own blogs that you want.. ask me and I'll try to answer/oblige as well as I can. Or I'll find out from somebody who does and let you know.

So with that, two milestones I cross, looking forward to crossing two more someday...
And this is me seizing the moment to say


(Do it with me, people.. Shake that thang!)

P.S: And anybody who can make it here, to my place, in the next three days will be given chocolates and homemade coffee&cake and anything else I happen to make on that day.


  1. 216 followers!!! Congratulations girl.!! You are a veteran blogger and i respect you a lot. I wanted you to know that i really envy you. You are too sweet and a total angel.

    Keep blogging and keep us updated with ur life.
    I love the new header btw, i forgot to mention tht. Also i love you for mentioning me out thr. Means a lot!!!!!!
    No criticisms coz you are a blogger who believes in diversity and this blog reflects tht!

  2. Is the chicken high on chocolates? Congratulations on your 100th post!

  3. Awesome! Simply awesome! Super grand!
    *beeeeg hug* <3 <3

  4. Superb post woman! :) I laughed till I fell off my chair at office at that ducky :P

    Telling you, you were great was the truth :) :) :) So easy it came to me. :)

    Keep writing. Never stop :) And stay honest :) (thats the best advice on writing I have ever got.)

  5. Oh. What I love about this blog is it always caters to good reading. Its straightforward and fresh. My only problem is it sometimes takes long to load. :) :)

  6. What I like the most? Because, You are what *You are* and that's how I like people :D

    There is a sense of maturity in how you blog and yet an innocence that is must! :D

    200+ and many more to follow you...

    More love, and a hot chocolate covered icecream scoop for you (_)@ hot chocolate?

    Chintu Singh

  7. Aww congrats on 100 posts!

    It's amazing how you have just reached that milestone yet have over 200 followers. It just goes to show that people value quality over quantity :)

    I actually like the fact your blog isn't 100% focused on chocolate. I like getting to know you and what you're feeling/thinking through your posts!

  8. Can I take that ducky home plissssss >:< I can not get over it :'(

  9. Congrats on the 100th post and can't wait to wish you on your 200th either :D .. Love the new header.. Pretty chic and cool... Missed the old header though :) ...

    You've been a loyal writer, and by that I mean you post from you heart and it shows in your post. It's awesome! And thanks for the mention on your blog. That was really sweet! Thank You! :) ..

    Keep blogging love.. :) ♥

  10. Oh pee vee! what are yoU??!!! you seem to be the next big thing after Priyanka (chopra) herself! I mean..from the kind of treat you are promising to give your inspirers, followers, stakers and peekers! haha wow! thats mind blowingly amazing. Okay now I am gonna do what you have sooooo sweetly asked to.

    1. YOUR BLOG- I came to know of it through Indu's which agen I came to thro my bestie Janani (she was all ga-ga over you guyz posts)!

    you are VERSATILE. I love it! One of my kinds! ;)
    you are extremely concerned. Not just to get attention for your blog. your comments on others blogs are as genuine as ur posts itself!

    from your own words, you come accross to be a very vibrant girl. THIS is more than enough to make your posts EFFORTLESSLY interesting!

    amongst your plethora of genres, the most awaited ones by me are the fictional ones...the enigmatic yet realistic guy...the complete yet men pining woman..and how they hit it off and have a surpring or a shocking ending! OOOOHH LA LAAAA!

    I wrap the 1st point up by saying, I know you dont write crap just to keep ur blog alive. Stick to that principle. As I have already mentioned...you have earned a TRUE SILLY DEEP WEIRD and MELODIOUS fan in me! :)

    2. YES! MY BLOG! I am gttn better at it with each post. I can see that. But my 'esteemed' folowers critique is as imp to me as chocolate is to you! :P I dont fill it up as frequently as you do. But When I do, I would more than just do an "impromptu duck dance"[;)] if I see your honest views about it. :)

    and now I am dancing coz I seem to be your 1st "Herschey's Kisser" for your SPECIAL POST! :)


  11. Okay! Congratulations first! :D Amazing blog!

    And I DESERVE AN AWARD! Since I'm new to this place :P Getting an award will keep motivating me to come back here :P
    Muhahahaha :D
    On a serious note, your blog is just outstanding :)
    Keep up the great work :)

  12. That is a really good milestone :) so is 200 followers and those are some very impressive stats really. I'm glad it's all worked out so well and come together so well. Congratulations ^^

    and yes, that was a lot of plugs.

  13. Congrats PeeVee! I seriously did the thang for you :P

    100 posts and I'm still gonna be around for your 1000th and 10,000th. And please please retain the name of the blog as this. Makes it more desirable just like each post of yours :)

    Thank you for mentioning me in your post. Again :).

    So here comes the honest answers to your questions. I still hope you love me after this :)

    What I like most:
    1. The header, it has everything that I love.
    2. The abundance of black and white, my favorite colors.
    3. Your fictional posts. They make me go awww every single time.
    4. The pictures of hot guys you put up ;)
    5. The way you speak about love, I can so identify with it. You're genuine and I love that.

    What I hate:
    1. Nothing. But I do hate a few people who visit your space.

    There we go :)

    Keep writing and I will keep visiting.

  14. Amazing..!!! congrats girl..!!!! I love the outlook of your blog..!!! well. this is jus the beginning..and we are waiting for more amazing works :)
    take care.. god bless :)

  15. Firstly, thanks a lot for mentioning me there. Truly means a lot.
    Secondly, OMG 200+ followers, 40 networked blog followers, so many page viewers and likes, comments...!!!Wonderful my garl, wunderrrful!!! But obviously you do deserve all of them.
    Love the new header. Infact you inspire me to change the styles in my blog. So definitely, a very stylish blog out there!! A very versatile writer, in fact. Throw her with some words, give her the choice to choose the genre, and no one is going to get disappointed!!
    Btw don't you think this ducky has a resemblance to 'our' dance during the farewell rehearsal??!!! :P

  16. 216 followers, 100 posts, 21700+ page views. That's not just a milestone, it's a breakthrough!!! CONGRATS :D

    And you gave me a brilliant idea with that "write about" of yours :O. THANKS :D

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  17. PV I'm gonna come back later with the actual comment (competitive spirit kicking in so need to prepare :)...but for now do you have my mail ID, which I'm still not sure if you meant to ask me only and where is your place? Considering you said lack of Bangalore knowledge I'm guessing not within reach...no fair...I want some coco goodness this festive season :(...whoever else does land there please eat mine and my tummy's share as well :D

  18. i wish i cud get 200+ followers so

  19. Woohoo! Congratulations! :D

    A whole post dedicated to the winner? Now that's enough to make me tell all sorts of lies to win ;)


    Ok seriously, I love your blog! I've been blogging for an year now and there are just a handful of blogs that I can completely relate to. Yours tops the list. And the best part is it also inspires me! Making your writing seem effortless when you have actually put a lot of effort and thought into it, is something that i learnt from you. (Although I am no where near your level!)

    Can't think of anything bad abt your blog... If i have any suggestions will let u know!

    Love your previous post. I din't comment on it 'coz I dint know how to put it into words! The line between fiction and reality seems to get blurred when i read your stories... It kind of has my own story in it too.. part of it :)

    And I got mentioned. Again. Twice! Thank you babe! :)
    Keep writing! Also ill take you up on your offer. I need an honest critique for my blog. I've kinda been slacking on posts these days... so shower me with your valuable tips!

  20. something happened with my pc while i was abt to post my comment the first tym,so lemme continue nw...

    m comparitively new to yur blog but what i found the most intersting abt yur riting is the honesty with which yu rite....

    personally speaking what attracted me to yur blog is that yu are one of those rare 'mallu' bloggers who dont have that typical 'mallu' attitude in yur writing..

  21. _/\_ *Joins hands in respect*

    *Goes through post, is happy to see his name & falls down imagining what it would be to see Priyanka Victor of IOB colony doing that duck's dance moves*

    ;) You have your senior's blessings *truly*.

    P.S: I DID not disappear. I spoke to you only a few days back. Remember? It was a decently long conversation, your highness. Will call you again.

    P.P.S: CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post. :) Glad that I am one of those million readers (hope I got the number right ;):)

  22. hey, can i ask? how to put different pages in ur blog?? hehehe

    following you now =)

  23. Congratulations..!!!!
    This post was really sweet.. Thanking people on the list is something That i feel is really very thoughtful and sweet..
    Waise, I loved the warning at the beginning.. lol

  24. :) enikonnum parayanilla... all i have to tell u is that i love to see u so excited about the writing work, the different colors that flashes through your face when u get comments for a new post n also the sneaky-peeky blogging u do even after i ask u to go to sleep and the "She's getting...." thingy also..
    keep rocking sweet heart :)

  25. Aww the duck dance is superrrcutee!!!

    Congrats girl!! 216 followers!! even I envy you :P :P but you totally deserved it. You blog regularly and yes you take it THAT seriously :)

    I love your stories which are so spontaneous and simple yet with complex emotions :) and also I like that you explore all types of works on your blog..be it daily ramblings, stories, general info..you have done it all!
    And do you really think you have left any scope for criticism ?? :P I sure din't find anything I detest on your blog..

    Thank you for mentioning me babes :) That was sweet

  26. Woah! Congratulations!!
    Actually it's really nice that you don't post only about chocolate. I like reading about you and what you think and all that.
    The layout is amazing. The BEST part is your header. It is just awesome :D Sacchi!
    Oh and about the critique thing, I'd love for you to do that for my blog [http://thisistherealitarin.blogspot.com]
    And also your suggestions on the layout and all that would be more than welcome!
    Congratulations once again! May you ahve a 1000 more followers :D
    I love how you have so much black and white on your blog. <3
    Take care!

  27. PV!! Guess what???
    Sachin Tendulkar just read this post, and liked it so much that he'll be writing a similar one as soon as he completes his 100th ton!!!
    '10,000 runs, 100 centuries, and a billion fans later, I realise that without these, I would be just another cricketer sidelined to the drudgery of domestic cricket. A word of thanks to this lady from India who has provided me with an ideal platform to thank my fans. A lifelong supply of Toblerones for her from my side.'
    How about THAT? :)
    And as for the bad, I guess Maxx Mobile (me) has no right to point fingers and criticise an IPhone (you) :P
    Btw, thanks for mentioning the Maxx Mobile in your post :D
    For now, who's got some Dr. Filibusters' -wet start-no heat-fireworks? :) :)

  28. Congratulations on how far you have come! And thanks a ton for the mentions! :) I totally adore your blog [And no, that's not a lie...I don't give fake compliments!] I love your stories, your general everyday thoughts and most importantly, your reflections on the month gone by. And of course, from a fellow chocoholic, I am glad you are obsessed with it!!! :D Keep blogging PV and hope to see you post hundreds more!

  29. wow...congratulations...a little late here to get the mention there(Lol)but hopefully would make up now:-)

    keep writing n wish u loads of more success:-)

  30. YayYay 200 followers!:)
    I love the new header.
    Well what I like about your blog-you write so well and so interestingly about your life that I wish I was living it instead.

  31. hey congratulations....................
    and i love ur new style.............
    and my dear, those statistics are very very impressive ( personally, it must be heaven)

    ur blog posts are well, kind of like, i expect something and u give me somthing completely different and i am very glad for that
    keep going girl, :)

  32. @ Red, thanks man, coming from someone I respect, means a lot:) And the envy is mutual as well:D

    @ AcetylCholine, yep, stone drunk on 'em:D Thanks:)

    @ Paanipuri Lover, <3 thanks love:)

    @ Srinidhi, ain't he the cutest:D Thank you so much:)
    Loading time *sigh* I'll work on that...

    @ Chintan Gupta, coming from YOU of all people, that means quite something Madame
    Thanks for the (_)@ :D
    Feel free to adopt the Ducky btw:P He farts though:P

    @ Hazel, thanks girl! Or maybe I have been a lazy ass, as well:P
    Glad you like what I write:)

    @ confused soul, thankshu:) <3

    @ Akila, jeez man, now I'm embarrassed:D Thank you so much...
    And I'll get back to you about your blog soon, yeah?

    @ The Updater, LOL, lets see if I can do that with my posting prowess alone:P
    Thanks a ton, Madame...

    @ Mark, thanks Sire, glad I keep you interested enough to keep coming back:)
    :P I warned you..

    @ Soumya, you did?! Awww, thanks love:))
    I will, most certainly will, it's been lucky for me:)
    aHH, SOMEBODY notices the hot guys, THANK YOU. Nobody ever comments on how hot they are after all the effort I go into to find the really hot ones:P

    @ Superrrnickkk...!!!!, thanks man, you too...:)

    @ Live2cherish, thank you:)

    @ Deeps, eeee, thanks girl, that one big bundle of compliments:)
    I KNOW, RIGHT!!:D We should do it again for our farewell:P

    @ The Guy In The Mirror, I can almost hear a solemn music playing when you say 'breakthrough':D Thanks re!
    You mean the tag cloud? Glad to be of service:)

    @ Pinx, my place is faar away, down south, Coimbatore. Go treat yourself and think of me, I'll be present in spirit;P

    @ nikhimenon, thank you so much:) Should I be glad I don't or should I be worried that I'm not mallu enough:D

    @ Chandana, thanks milady:)
    Tops the list? Wow, THAT I didn't expect:) Ty so very much...
    Ehemmhem, my level? I started off learning from you!!
    Please do!

    :) Let me let you in on a secret, most of my stories are 'inspired from real life' Major changes made though but there's always a 10% rate of reality in my fiction:P
    Deserved. No need for formalities:D
    Me giving you feedback will be like the shishy criticising the guru-_-
    I'll come up with something since you ask:)

    @ Ashwin, bleh. respect, it seems:P
    I'll show you if we ever meet up:D Then you can stop imagining..
    Blessings aama;) Thankseh..

    P.S: 'decently long'? It was one frikkin' hour man!! I shudder to think of you mobile bill, sorry about that-_- And you disappeared from the blogging world, don't even try denying that.

    @ Kharren, on your dashboard go to the 'edit posts' option. There you'll see an 'edit pages' option as well (it'll be right after 'new post' and 'edit post'). In the page, there's a 'new page' tab that you start creating pages with. Let me know if you have trouble doing it, I'll send you screen shots.

  33. @ Madhulika, thanks man:) Had to let people know what point they were going to fall asleep at na:P

    @ indu, gundu, love you:*

    @ maithili, try it, it's even more fun:D Better still, get your him also to do it with you:D
    Thanks milady:)
    And entirely my pleasure...

    @ Blahblaholic, thank you so much:)
    Would be glad to... Do you want the critique as a comment or a mail? If latter, gimme an ID.

    @ Sushmit, I'm so very sure that was a dig at me but I'll let that go for the bag of Toblerones:D
    Pffft mobiles are mobiles. An instrument for a purpose.
    No two droplets are the same, I agree, but all sorts of water goes into the ocean. Or something. You get the point?:D

    And once you find a shop which has Filibusters, I will turn over my entire mini-battalion of followers to you and be on my way to worship shop, how does that sound?:)

    @ Psych Babbler,thank you so much Madame; few peoples' comments I look forward to and you are one of them:)

    @ Suruchi, :D I would have but I have hardly been a follower of yours for a week now-_- Thank you so much:)

    @ Bhadra, thanks girlie!
    And trust me, you don't want that:D

    @ Madhuri, thanks milady:) Glad you like it:)
    It is:) heaven and some more.

  34. I used to read random blogs on blogadda and indiblogger before and one day I read a story called Bike Ride. It was the most amazing story I had seen in along time. It tasted lovelier than milky way mignight ,my fav choclate. So I book marked the page and started following the blog that it belonged to. I was not dissappointed and soon was always checking every update that comes up on the blogger dashboard.

    If I was to describe yor blog , I would say it is not like coffee or tea that is an absolute necessity for me to continue working but like a hot choclate, some thing that adds a bit of pleasantness to an otherwise uninteresting day.

    Congrats on your 100th post and 200 followers..a bit of envy there as that is something which I probably never will realise with my blog..:P

  35. Done then!! Watch out juniors, for both of our super duper dance :P!!!

  36. See, you too :\ These days whatever I say/write is construed as sarcasm/making fun/taking pot shots, even when I'm sincere, like in this case. You know, like the boy who cried 'wolf'. :o
    Please help!! :O else I'll have to join the flowers and hearts brigade too :O
    Okay, if not mobiles, lets say Kamaal Rashid Khan (me) has no right to criticise Marlon Brando (you). Ye achha hai na? :P
    As for the fireworks, I'm sure there is a shop somewhere, but they've made it Unplottable :)
    Cheers, it wasn't a dig, seriously :)

  37. Peevee!!!! Congratulations Congratulations!!! :D :D May you have 10 times more followers!! Ans you said "Pradeeta" - I couldn't stop smiling! Where would I be, without you all! :D :D I love your Blog and the New Header!!! :D And...the best thing is that DUCK!!! :D :D :D

    PS: I am die-hard fan of Fringe (Walter and Peter! Charlie! :D)!! which season are you on? I am on 3.

  38. Ok back with the actual comment.

    Your special to me PV. You happened to be my first follower and like you have so kindly mentioned here, an inspiration for me to go on. As your twin, I'm entitled to half of everything right ;) so yippidiedadadooooo... I'll do the thang over and over again and that dukcy so adorably cute. You deserve every accolade that comes your way girl and I hope you never stop even when you have to tell the grandchildren "Moles' ente kai onnu uyartiyitu eniku vendi type cheyamo" ;)...Your blog has this quality about it that has always left me warm and content everytime I've landed on it, and you know I find black&white boring, but your posts have been anything but that. You always welcome everybody here with such love and leave comments that could make anybody buckle with laughter ('darker than chrome' thingy was hilarious)...your thoughful, considerate, helpful and you manage to put even the hardest of the emotions in the most articulate words there could possibly be, leaving everybody with sometimes nothing but a 'sigh' :D. What is it that I don't like about your writing? The only thing I could come up with is you get to the actual writing of the things going on in my head, even before I could pen them down! But that makes it more of a challenge to me and I love it, so NO I don't hate anything!!!
    Thanks for giving all of us these wonderful reads and making it interesting, poignant, effortless, varied and worth every minute spent on them. You rock and this is for you: (http://www.gifs.net/gif/index.php3?n=image.php3&image_id=5556&image_name=Flamingo_2).

  39. One fine day, I came across a girl’s blog.
    Someone just like me, worships FRIENDS, and loves to hog.

    I started reading and left comments that were mile-long.
    Your posts put a smile on my lips and in my heart, a song.

    Your pages take years to load.
    Even then, I wait, for it entertains me when I’m bored.

    You’re funny, mature and versatile.
    Sometimes a brat, a kid at heart, a tongue as long as River Nile.

    Your stories send me into a different world altogether.
    May you write just as awesomely forever and ever.

    You inspire me to be in love with dedication and passion.
    Presenting to you, the star, PeeVee. “Lights, camera, action!”

    Erm.. Clearly, poetry is NOT one of my strong points. :/

    Congratulations, girl! You deserve all this and more. And fulltoo ‘Awwwww’ for writing those wonderful things about me. :)

    P.S1: You got me hooked onto P.S., but I couldn’t figure out an appropriate line rhyming with it, so I left it out. Nevertheless, it is indeed a very important point.

    P.S2: Fight’s over. :) Peace has been restored in paradise.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. I always wanted to ask you one thing. HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH TIME? lol. I barely have time to even open my blog but Priyanka Victor would have read my post within 24 hours from the time of posting... Cheers to you my friend... Wish I had the day job you had :D :D

  42. @ Sunitha, awww what a chocolatey comment!! Thank you so much:) Nothing is impossible Madame, there was a time when I envied other blogs and thought I'd never get there:)
    Keep at it..

    @ Deeps, paavam them:P

    @ Sushmit, I'll go ahead and be a typical annoying female.. "It wasn't WHAT you said, it was HOW you said it":P
    What IS your deal with that KRK?:P This is the second time your referring to him:D And Marlon Brando would prolly turn in his grave hearing he was compared to me:D
    Thank you:) SO much.
    P.S: You have me interested in BBT with your constant references to Sheldon Cooper:)

    @ MSM, thank you milady!:)
    PS: Wow, mysticism meets scifi? I wouldn't have guessed:) I just started out... SO1E09.

    @ Pinx, wow, some comment that:D Thank you so very much!
    And how is your mallu so good?:P
    The flamingo is so damn sexy:D

    @ Divya, wow. Reply in the making.

    @ Muhammad, thank you so much:) and I'm sure you'll reach far before 2111:D
    One full week?! Blasphemy! I can finish it in three bites/seconds flat:D

    @ Abhishek Ranjith, no day job here man, still a student:D
    And when you love blogging, writing and reading as much as I do, you'll find that you make time. Even if it's at one in the morning:)

  43. Damn that poem is good know? I was gonna do one, but it wouldn't have been even half as good so thank God I let the expert do it ;)...Mallu knowledge is close to 0, know mole, patti, and chodaya chinnam (I think), that is it...Called up a mallu friend of mine, asked him to transalate the emotion, and voila I had the comment posted. Flamingo was doing the salute (just in case it was apparent) but the chick (found out that it isn't really a duck) is super cute ya!!!


    I absolutely love reading your blog. It is one of my favorites. You know what..I try to learn something every time I visit your blog. You are truly a fantastic writer dossshhht. :)

    And the header...WOW!
    And yay...I got a mention...wuhoooo!! Thank you PeeVee..
    Here comes a big hug for you.. ^___^

    Keep writing, always!

    P.S: Sorry for commenting so late.

  45. Few words for you :
    I really like the way you appreciate friends on your blog.
    i never saw such posts on any other blog and i sincerely admire it :)

    Keep writing !

  46. @ Pinx, it is:D Blew my mind, that did. Chodya chinnam you mean:D
    No it IS apparent:P The thing with it is that he can double for both chick and duck;P

    @ Vinati, thanks love:) Beeeeeg hug right back at ya!

    @ Reicha Ahluwalia, what would I be without them? Nothing, actually:) Only right that I give them their due credit na. Thank you:)

  47. *scrolls up and check the post's date*
    oOps,did I just missed the chocs? :/

    can i still have the chocolates and also critiques for my blog,i would to hear what you think of mine

    You are one of my fav blogger

    P.S ur recent fiction post blew me away..Really :D


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