14 October, 2011

From Diapers To Diaphragms

When I was 8,

1) I thought the lights in the horizon was America.
2) I thought Santa Claus was Amma and wondered how she had time to deliver presents all over the world.
3) I wanted warm scones and jam from the tea-shop the Five Find-Outers and Dog went to.
4) I liked falling sick for I loved the attention. Unfortunately (for me) or fortunately (for Amma), I almost never did.
5) I used to love breakfast. I never skipped it and I always looked forward to it.
6) Coffee made me scrunch my face up in disgust and milk was manna.
7) I longed to have very, very long hair that I could practice intricate braids on.
8) I thought having a boyfriend and kissing him was disgusting and weird.
9) I dreamt of being a rockstar where I was on stage and there were millions of adoring fans screaming for more.
10) I didn't like people who said they hate books.
11) 'Shit' was the worst 'bad-word' you could use (because Grandma gave me a trouncing I'll never forget).
12) I hated the word 'opportunity' for I got 99/100 because I spelt it wrong and resulting-ly lost out on the first rank.
13) I always thought I'd migrate to London for my studies and stay there. Why? I don't know.
14) I didn't like Penelope Pitstop or All Star Laff-A-Lympics, secretly loved Dexter and openly adored Scooby Doo, Disney Hour and Johnny Quest.
15) Babies annoyed me and I loved cookies more than chocolate.
16) I thought brushing my teeth with Rin soap would make them whiter.

Now, that I'm 21

1) I know it's geographically impossible to see America, in parts or as a whole, unless I'm flying over it in a plane.
2) I know Santa Claus doesn't exist except in my irrational hope that he'd get me that Silk Epil from Braun this Christmas.
3) I still do. Even the mention of them takes me to a happy place.
4) I still do :P What can I say, I love it when Amma fusses over me:D
5) The day I have breakfast is when the crow decides to fly upside down.
6) Milk = Egh. Coffee = Life.
7) One, I love well-maintained long hair on other people. Two, I hate normal braids and the damage they do to my hair when I try.
8) Ah well, I can't hate a guy I'm going to marry someday, can I?:P
9) I get uncomfortable and iffy when more than one person looks straight at me.
10) I detest depise pity people who say they hate books.
11) 'Shit' is almost equivalent to 'Hi' and 'Good morning' and a whole new dimension has been added to my vocabulary, over the years, which would give Grandma a stroke if she even had an inkling :D
12) 99/100 is, like, freakishly nerdy. And supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is what I can't spell now.
13) I study right here, in Coimbatore. And London seems as nearby as the moon.
14) It's been ages since I watched ANY of those.
15) Babies turn me to mush like NOTHING else can and life would be meaningless without chocolate.
16) YUCK. What, in fuck's sake, was I thinking?!

Life makes you cynical, the opposite of what you were and mostly grown up.
Don't you think?

P.S: The post has nothing to do with diaphragms but I needed something to go with diapers and that's the only thing I could think of:P
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P.P.S.S: Don't you just LOVE the first picture? Just..LOVE.


  1. I was famous for brushing my teeth with dads shaving gell and also trying to fit myself inside the fridge. Yes!
    I too used to go 'HAWwWW she has a boyfrand and she is talking abt marriage!'' whenever a senior wud talk abt it and sex meant kissing sumone and sleeping naked. :D

  2. The first picture's good...GOOD

    Growing up can be the worst thing to happen to a child ~_~. Instead of answers to my questions, I get stares with flaring nostrils.

    Ah, what would life be without caffeine...

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. This was a cuttte post PeeVee!
    I guess nothing better than the change in point 8 right! I used to get disgusted by the kissing scenes when I was young.. now ;);) ( no need to say!)

  4. @Priyanka - Thse things usually go unnoticed, but then again , We are such opposites when we grow up :P @Red - My dad's shaving gel would finish in days and he wondered how :P

  5. LOL! I could so relate to the 'shit' episode... :P and i cant believe i thought people who used words likes 'stupid' and 'idiot' were bad mean people! :P :P
    and man! Scoring 99?!!! NERD!!! :P :P
    I could sooo relate to this post... :D :D

  6. A very reminiscent post about growing up and how our perspective changes with time. Some of the pointers genuinely outline how tastes have changed, polarized or even faded away.

    99 on 100 and yet I`m Nerdy?

    Hi five to Coffee.

  7. ayeee, nice post.
    I guess, a part of us hates growing up.
    I still hate the fact that someday I will be out of college. I always hated the fact that I will pass school, and yet I don't miss much of it now. Hehehe. I just hate growing up...whatsay, we start having preconceptions now?

  8. Even I longed to have long hair because I used to think that big girls with longer hair are able to go higher on a swing when they keep their hair loose.
    *feels silly while writing the reason* :P

    And yes, having a boyfriend was a big NO for me too.

    Very sweet post PeeVee.. =)

  9. Aww what a cute post! I miss being a kid, things were so much easier back than.

  10. Scones and jam and hot chocolate, and bacon perhaps....Enid Blyton did dictate many-a-kids-breakfasts.

    Just came across your blog from Indibloggers. Liked :)

  11. Time matters... it takes away all the good and brings all its roughness into the simple life, love the post :)

    Weakest LINK

  12. I wanted to brush my teeth with soap.. any nice smelling soap! I used to try and lick soaps when she was giving me a bath.. lol! She had a tough time with me.. ;)
    Coffee = life, I definitely agree!
    And yeah.. kissing was considered disgusting... but now, well things change ;)

  13. when i was a kid, i was a walking disaster area.. i used to wreck everything.. half the time my mom used to scream nd run behind me to stop me wrecking things.. :D
    miss those days.. nd to imagine wht it would be like if i did tht now.. :D :D :D
    might get kicked out of the house.. :) :)
    loved the post.. :)

  14. Life does make us cynical...me a zillion times more so than some others.

    99/100 --- nerd! :) Not a bad thing though.

    I don't get people who say they hate books.

    And I liked the idea of scones and jam and cream and meringue and every other thing that they ate in the Five find-outers.

    And yes, I didn't like Penelope Pittstop either. Annoying.

  15. Such a life is. It changes every second and when you compare it after a minute; memories flood into the heart. And with a heavy heart we say, "how stupid i was!"

  16. Aww, PeeVee, such a cute post! See, you made me go 'aww'....! Lovely post! Ekdum mast machak! :D
    And the 'shit' was point, well, it made me laugh so hard that it made my Granny wonder what was I reading! Haha! Matu post! :D :D

  17. Awww...how cute!!I loved the comparison and the conclusion.When you look back you realize growing up isn't all that you used to think as a kid!!


  18. Aww, how childhood opinions are crushed.

  19. @ Red, :D ROFL seriously?! Seriously for ALL three counts?:D Sammadichu Madame:D

    @ The Guy In The Mirror, :P thank you...
    Ah, you got the nostril flare too?! o_O

    @ maithili, thank you:)
    None at all:D I completely understand;P

    @ anjLi, I know, right!! I surprise even myself sometimes:D

    @ Viya, :P I knew SOMEONE would...
    What! It's was Grade 5 ok?:P DOn't judge me:P

    @ A.S, somehow the way you put it scares me little bit, hopefully I still retain some of the innocence, belief in life.
    That was wayyyyyyy back in Grade 5 ok?:P

    @ Tangerine, thanks!:)
    All parts of me do actually:( It was much better that way.

    @ Vinati, :D awww, that's so cute. Really:)
    :P and then we couldn't live withOUT them.

    @ normal.is.overrated. they were, no:| Hmph.

    @ Shreya, *sigh* no way we could time travel to Greenwich village, is there?
    Thank you:)

    @ Rachit, not always na... It brings beautiful memories and people into our life as well. Time's not always a bad thing:)
    Thank you so much.

    @ Chandana, :D HI5 on that...
    Oooooh, things change eh?:P

    @ Arpitha Holla, :D Is there anything left that you managed to NOT wreck?
    :P true that, maybe we should try and take off together when they do throw us out.
    Thank you:)

    @ Psych Babbler, cynicism is bad? I wonder why we don't develop any other attitude towards life when we grow up, why only cynical.
    :P Thank you...
    They just dont get it, do they?
    YES!! Thank you for the support, she was kinda brainless as well na.

    @ Prateek, and also 'how much fun that was':)

    @ Paanipuri Lover, thanks love!!
    :D but point na. Whatte vocab we all have now.

    @ Upasana, thank you:)
    Nope definitely not. USA is far away, for one.

    @ Meher, and new ones take their place, some wonderful and some not:)

  20. Could visualise your 1ooking back :) That had me reminiscing about my times. Long hair... Sigh! I still long for it but I was never blessed enough.

    And, your writing style is too good :)

  21. I think even at 8 I was pretty cynical. I hated 0 because I didn't get 100% on a maths test because I didn't remember when you multiply something by zero you get zero. Damn zero.

  22. I just realized how much I missed reading you.
    Truly spoke out everyone's words. We all go through that dont we?
    Santa claus! How we wish he was real. 99 outta hundred- NERD :P ahahhaha.

  23. Look who's back to stalking you. :D

    The picture is LOVE.
    And you are so adorable. :*


  24. nice to know the KID side of m blogger frds!!! :) :) :)

    I liked the way u put it in points and compared to how much u have grown up! but doesnt that make u realise wish u hadnt grown up atawl?? poeple get annoyed with our silliness! :/

    and i second your 4th point! :D

  25. I could actually relate to that post, like seriously. However I then used to love coffee and now i hate it. HATE IT. :/
    Maybe i will learn to love it at some age. say 39?
    About having a boyfriend, hell i never knew the word existed though now i fantasize to have one who's madly after me and so am i. :p
    But that's a fantasy, you know my confined lines and my insecure doubts about relationships don't you?
    Shit. HAHAHA. Even Screw you is what we say if somebody says 'Good morning woman'. :D
    Time has so changed no?
    And Diaphragms did sound like the most right word. Why? Cause now it's not the age to wear diapers.

    Yeah, i know i am a pervert. :p

  26. such a beautiful post peevee..!!
    you have captured the nuances of growing up so innocently..!!
    loved it..:):)

  27. @ Keirthana, thank you, Madame:)

    @ Mark, :D then it shouldn't be much different now na.
    Hmph. I hated (still do) Math -_-

    @ Sonshu, :) thanks girl!

    @ Polo, look who's back, indeed:P

    @ Akila, it is. Sucks to grow up-_-
    And do you, now;)

    @ KN, LOL, I think I missed your comments the most...

  28. Hi PeeVee
    I'm a new follower here :)You've got a great blog!
    I loved the Five Find Outers and Dog too! Especially Bets and Fatty!

  29. excuse my slightly emo post.

    I think sometimes we were less cynical back then. But we were also less mature.

    Makes me wish I was younger cause I loved my life more. :) But I am happy to be older as I can love the people in my life better.

    As always, introspective and smart. Well written. :)

    Love it. :)

  30. very well written. And it soo reminds me of the song kaagaz ki kashti by jagjit singh that I have been listening to quite a a lot recently. Made me wish to have those cute times again.

    I can agree with quite a lot of points that you have put. Esp Five Find outers, I did so love Fatty and Buster and I used to hate the word receive because it made me lose crucial marks in a spelling test.

  31. When I was little, I used to believe that moms gave birth to daughters and dads gave birth to sons.

  32. thank you for visiting my blog!
    oh and lfe changes unepxectedly,and so does our prespective and expectations from it!
    PS; i too pity people who say they don't like books :D and I am still hoping my hair grow long ,soon:P

  33. you know, I thought Darlings of venus was your actual blog until I saw the 'Meet The Darlings' page. hahahahah! Will visit more often now. :D

    I used to think kissing was disgusting too. Until I actually did it. Lol. :P
    Never believed in Santa though. And my biggest fear used to be getting eaten up by a tiger. Lol. Now, it's...complicated. There's just too many of them fears.

    And I always hated milk! Still do. :P

    Loved the post. :D

    @Spaceman Spiff- Me too! It seems so ridiculous now. xD

  34. 99/100, really...NERD :P .. hhahaha .. Rin soap to make teeth whiter, you should try it...eyeeekksss :p .. shit I RELATE TO... gotta thrashing for that, verbally ... I'm a coffee addict...life changes us so much... Love the image...way to go :D

  35. @Meghana: Hi-faive! :D
    And I HATE milk. Even the smell makes me want to throw up. :/

  36. For some weird reason, I absolutely loved the title!

    Lovely post too and please stop rubbing it on me that you're only 21 will ya? :P

  37. @ Krishna Sruthi Srivalsan, thank you so much and welcome to my space:) Me too!! I was Bets' age when I started reading the series and I loved her most:)

    @ Srinidhi, so true what you say man!!:) But I feel that I'd rather be a kid, the world is so much better that way when you don't know harsh realities.

    @ Sunitha, I have to listen to that, haven't yet. And thanks:)

    :D All of us have our nemesis words then:)

    @ Divya, :DROFL, seriously?:P

    @ A grain of sand, my pleasure:) Thanks!
    It will, I'm sure:D

    @ Meghana, :D please do.
    :P Hee hee. Changed your opinion did he:D
    Yes, ones that we can't banish under the cot anymore. Bad part of growing up:|
    LOL. I never had a problem I wonder why.

    @ confused soul, OHCOMEON! :P It WAS GRADE 5!!:D
    I know, right:P

    @ Soumya, me too, actually:P
    What? 21 is ancient history ok? I'm not far behind unless you're gonna tell me you're 30, which I know for a fact that you aren't. SO hmph to you. I'm an old, old lady:( *sigh*

    :P In case you didn't guess, I'm touchy about age.

  38. super duper cute post and you made me remember what I thought at 8,21 and now 33...phew!

    but santa claus n amma, shit, opportunity...sooooo super cute 8 year old you were and so super sensible 21 year old too:-)

  39. I could relate to this post, so well!!
    This was simply amazing!


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