17 October, 2011

The Monday Pitch (1)

In spite of Calvin and Hobbes, Mondays are bad.
And I'm sure the whole goddamn world will agree with me that that is an understatement. Since I'm too mind-effed by Mondays, I'm changing mine to "promote-awesome-posts-I-read" day.
No more explanations needed, I presume.

It's double purpose too.
See, here's the thing. I always wanted to do a meme.
And I get maximum updates on my dashboard on Sundays.
AND I read such good stuff sometimes that FB share doesn't do justice to.
So it works out well for everyone.
Anyway, here goes the very first one.

Oh and thank you Chintan, for the idea.

So there's this person, Kalpak, who's obsessed with potty. And he 'had a conversation with God'. No, not the regular grant-me-this-and-I'll-break-100-coconuts kind. Another kind.
If that doesn't pique your interest, nothing will:D

Deeps wrote a poem, her first one I guess. Honesty shines through and I love the feeling dripping through it.

I love this picture. More for the caption.
Grills and netting of that sort hold a lot of memories for me. Tons.

I have always had a deep-rooted weakness for mother-sentiments:) I place my own above all else and I think that there's no greater deal in this world than bringing a child up.
I have always thought my mother was the most harried of all, what with bringing the three of us up, more so because of a lot of reasons. But here's a mother who shares her plight of harried mornings, a wonderful read:D
And the picture at the end is a real treat!

Sugar and Spice has a very, very interesting conversation with Mark. Oh him only, apna Zuckerbergwala :P And she continues treading winding paths of her life, immeasurably chastened:P

My namesake has written so lovingly about hair, not with the least bit of frivolity that you'd expect from a teenager but with a depth that you'll feel only when you read. And I'm also looking forward to the post Farzana of Bit and Pieces writes for the same contest. Have you seen her hair? Oh my.

So there you go:) Hope you like them all.

I'll be back tomorrow with either how I ate my heart out or about how Karma is not a bitch;P

P.S: I have a strong suspicion that my mother is lurking about over here.
Momsuey, if you're here LE BLAH to you:P And stop sneaking around and comment somewhere.


  1. Wow I like this idea of sharing posts... the photo was amazing..made me go "shoot that's amazing" and Kalpak is an entertainer...the first attempt at poetry was also sweet... Will read the others later... bed-time :P

  2. wow.. Actually I am in love with mondays these days.. I hate fridays.. the reason being that I have college only on friday and saturday.
    ( and jus to make you feel jealous.. they are only till noon.. benefits of doing masters :P )

    So I am a lot BLUE on a friday. when everybody else say TGIF.. I say WGITF (Why god..why is it friday ??)

    Nice prmotional post.. had read most of them.. off to read the rest..
    Take care.. :)

    P.S : I love Calvin and hobbes..!! Can make anyday a Sooper Dooper day :)

  3. well tell you the truth... "i hate sundays now" :P
    mondays only during my school days..

    This post is a mix bag. Short but discussing multiple topics.
    Like that poem & picture you linked in your post.

    Take care gal..
    Keep sharing :)

  4. This post made me happish. And so many links. You drove me all over the net. Hehe.

  5. I think it's best for your mum to not comment. I'm told my sister reads my blog and I'm very happy she doesn't comment. I can lie to myself and say she isn't reading.

  6. Two things!! I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes, hence this picture made me grin early in the morning. Second, I read Kalpak's Blog - Rib aching hilarious! :D :D

    This idea of sharing is great!! :D And I know, why you like kids now :P Read the poor harried mother's post!

  7. helyooo ladayy..!!
    i really like this idea of sharing posts from your fellow bloggers you know.!!
    super nice idea..!!
    kalpak is a sweetheart ye know :P:P:P:P
    the poetry is so quaint..!!
    the picture is indeed profound..:)
    hahaha..and the post from the harried mom..!!
    reminded me of the kind of pain i was to my dearest mother..!! :D:D:D
    that conversation with Mark was quite phunny..:D:D
    oh my godd..that post on Her Hair was so emotional..and yess that lady has beautiful hair..:)

    owww..yourmommy dearest lurks around eh..!!hehe...all the best for that then;);)

    and isn't garfield the cutesttttttttttt..
    i am eternally in louvvvvv with him..!!

    a biiiiiiggggg "hershey hug" for you..!!! hehe

  8. Promise me you won't judge me if I say something immensely vain. Please?

    I'm so freaking used to seeing my plugs on your posts that when I didn't see one on this, my face fell for a second.

    Sorry. :(

    Sooper idea, by the way. Even I should start doing it... :)

  9. I loved Kalpak's blog... I read all his posts for one hour straight. And I have NEVER laughed so much in my life... at least not in recent times.
    Will check out the other links now!

  10. Had never come across most of the blogs loved every post you suggested there.. :) :) will be waiting for your next one.. :) :)
    I got cramps in my stomach with all the laughing.. :D

  11. Hahahaha! Kalpak's blog I need to read properly sometime and you are awesome. Firstly, i love thy template. Its aaaaaawesome.
    and this post had me hovering around the net. SO many links :D
    And Calvin and Hobbes in undauntedly THE.BeST.
    I shall be a regular now.

  12. whoa!! im bein made famous by someone and i dont even know. thank u sooo much priyanka victor. :)

    hope u celebrate 'promote-awesome-posts' every day when i post :D

    and i agree man. monday's suck. but they arent so bad. we hate them cos they come after weekends. its a curse they have since birth.
    im sure leonardo must have painted mona lisa on a monday...which is why she looks dull, bored, kinda pissed and half sleepy. :D

    keep writing :)

  13. All were just awesome
    superb post

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  14. This is a lovely post PeeVee!!
    So many good reads out there!! Im gonna say Thankyou!! ever so much!

  15. Lots of Links...thanks for sharing them... :)

    And also..I read your earlier post...'From Diapers To Diaphragms' and some of them had me really laughing... Innocence is cute :)

  16. Alright, I just finished google reader, and I will come back to check the links.. :) cheers...

  17. I really can't thank you for sharing my post here!!Seriously means a lot!!
    And the idea is super o-sum!!! :)

  18. I love mondays..its my only off day,i work on weekends too :/ yeah i know its sad..

  19. Wow qutie a few new blogs to read there...and i hate monday mornings...coz the rest of the day is a blur coz they r so busy.

  20. Awesome IDEA :)
    I hateee mondays
    I love Calvin and Hobbes.
    Loved all the reads.

  21. @ confused soul, dooo, they're good:)

    @ Superrrnickkk...!!!!, -_- that was my I-hate-you-for-not-having-classes look. Hmph.

    @ Reicha Ahluwalia, why oh why?!

    @ Zeba, :) weren't the worth it?:)

    @ Mark, naaa, Mum's cool with *almost* everything I write, so I don't mind:)

    @ MSM, :P thanks girl...

    @ meoww, thanks!!:) glad you like them all...
    Like I told Mark ^ Mum's pretty chilled out, I'm fine with it:P

    @ Divya, :P thee thing is, I suspect GPR penalized me for plugging so much, I think they thought I owned the other blog as well and I was over-plugging myslef, that's the only reason:D

    @ Chandana, he is:D
    And do.

    @ Arpitha Holla, :) next Monday it is then:)

    @ Cяystal, thanks so much sweetheart:)

    @ kalpak, write more non-poop so I can mention you every time then:P
    Such disrespect for Mona Lisa!:P

    @ Rahul, in what way exactly?

    @ The Guy In The Mirror, which one was your favorite?

    @ The Meditating Lion, :) thanks, I say back at you

    @ Kunal, thanks:)

    @ Chintan, :)

    @ Deeps, no formalities:)

    @ the other side of me, oh my, only Monday?:(

    @ ☆ Rià ღ, I know, it's like we're always hungover on Mondays.

    @ Sonshu, thanks:)

  22. @priyanka --> On sunday, often the markets are closed around my place. मुझे रौनक पसंद है... love to watch the world around, i get bored on sundays. :)

  23. NOW i have an easy way to find good bloggers. Thanks to you!! :)

  24. ooooooh!! thank you so much! So nice to see my post in here. And this Kalpak guy is out this world! Fantastic read, and superb idea!

  25. @ Reicha, oh, that's such a nice thought:)

    @ Red, :)

    @ The Guy In The Mirror, :D

    @ Nirvana, entirely my pleasure Madame. Thanks:)


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