25 October, 2011

A Quickie

No this is not about that quickie:P Sorry.
And no, this post has absolutely nothing of importance. 
O.k this is just plain embarrassing. The poem I posted yesterday?
I told y'all that I hadn't asked her for permission right?
Yeah. I told Mum that I'd posted her poem on my blog, hoping she wouldn't scrag me and you know what she said?
"But that's taken from Google!"

Yeah, so basically I copied someone else's work.
So sorry about it, people. I apologize profusely and have taken it off.
She's promised to give me one of her real ones, so yeah.
A DECENT Monday, I had.

After a very PMSy (courtesy: crazy MadCow hormones) day, ahmazeeng pizza (courtesy: Boo), getting soaked in the rain while carrying a lot of luggage (courtsey: TNSTC), a hot dinner (courtesy: Mother Dear) and a zooper bike ride later (courtesy: Varkey), I got home to find this:

My Dove gift hamper!! I love you guys at IndiBlogger:)
I hope I have made you jealous enough to register, at least the girls:P
@Shreya, @Superrrrnick, @Akila so sorry I haven't been on Twitter today, too busy bursting crackers like a maniac:P

Do NOT make me feel guilty about it, for it's been three friggin' years since I celebrated Diwali. For once I don't give two hoots and a half about the environment, I need my smoke-filled air and chemical-smeared hands now. So hmph.

Have a good one:)
And don't burn through your new skirt like I did.

Come back tomorrow to read about "Theatre Goers - A Case Study".


  1. hehehehe..crazy u are..!!
    happy diwali to you tooooooooo..!!
    and :O :O :O :O
    what be this hamper..??!!!
    *takes a peek*

  2. Aw :)
    Happy Diwali to you too!
    the dove hamper's FABULOUS! iv been using for a week now.. LOVE what it does to my hair..

  3. hahaha... this post just made me laugh!
    Heights of cuteness and randomness :D
    I got my dove hamper 2 weeks back... and am already done with half the bottle!
    Happy diwali...have fun and be safe!

  4. Well at least it was much much much easier to get permission than possibly imagined :)

  5. Happy Diwali to u babes!!!!
    Me tooooo got the hamper...gave the address to my beaus home and went it snatched it from thr :D

  6. No not that quickie, lol :D Naice.
    And btw, I don't like Dove so that didn't work, but Congrats for the gift :P
    And, A very Happy Diwali to you too Milady :)
    Have an awesome one :)

    Love, ~Moonlight~

    P.S: My apologies for dropping by after sucha looooooong time :/ Hugs >>:D<<

  7. I can't tell you how badly jealous I am :P Drop in tips, what did you do to get this super dovey hamper ? ;) :P

  8. I can't find GA's 8th season's torrent. Its killing me. I need help PeeVee.

    I have been watching it for so long now that it feels incomplete without the show.

  9. Hey Pri, Happy Diwali to u 2!!!

    And yes, I got the hamper too.. I love using women products!!! :D

  10. Happy Diwali!
    I'm happy to be here again!
    You make me smile :)
    Thanks for the smiles!

    Oh, love Dove, lucky you!

  11. *seething in envy*
    Congratulaaations and Happy Diwalii :D After a PMSy , I hope you have an ahmazeeng Diwali :D

  12. Heyyy..congrats on the hamper.. and lol.. that poem was googled :) post the real one soon..!! :)
    and dont worry...Twitter was nothing fun yesterday..!! so you dint miss anything.. just make sure you have fun and tell stories when you join back :D :D

    happy diwali to you and your family :)
    HAVE A BLAST..!! :D

  13. Oohhhh AWWWWW!!
    Happy Diwali.
    About the poem, thats a pity. :P
    Hahaha and DOVE, I'm still waiting for my hamper. :) Geeee. :)

  14. @ meoww, :P that's me!

    @ Princess, thank you:) and I *just* used it and I love my hair<3

    @ Viya, you too:)

    @ Chandana, :P hee hee...
    And how is it?
    You too:)

    @ Mark, it was, after all:D

    @ Red, thanks re:)
    Oooooh, sneaky:D

    @ ~Moonlight~, nope:P
    And you too...

    P.S: You're here now, more than happy:)

    @ HijiBijBij, you too:)
    Long time no hear?

    @ S, :P Go register on Indiblogger, it's free.. Dude, I'll get my guy to mail you links of the first four, I don't know where he got it from...
    Do you want spoilers?:P

    @ Raj, you too man:)
    :D Now there's a guy who self-assured of his masculinity:) iLike.

    @ Margie, thank you:)
    And *glad* to have you back:)
    Uh huh, lucky my hair:P

    @ Cяystal, go apply man:P It's free anyway.
    Thanks, you too:)

    @ Superrrnickkk...!!!!, what happened to your Diwali? I'd gotten an update from you on my phone:( Bad day?
    Good stories, I have tons now:D

    @ Sonshu, you too love:) Be pretty and haffun:)

  15. Heya PeeVee, I got my hamper too!
    And for the last few days i did not have access to net, hence i couldnt comment on your posts. But have been silently reading your blog from my phone :D. Loved "diapers" and "the Monday Pitch"!! Kalpak is hilarious yaar, i gobbled all his posts, but have not commented on is posts, as i have a lifestyle blog and he is sexist enough already.. oh gawd am i boring you?
    and ooh.. i met Priyanka Kamath a lot more awesome bloggers at indiblogger/dove meet. It was funnn.
    Happy Diwali!!

  16. Happy Diwali! Didn't know it was today. Good thing your mum told you re the poem...next thing you know, you would have had someone complaining about copyright and stuff! :) Have a lovely time with the food... :D

  17. Okk I m registering!!

    Happy diwali crazy girl :) Burning crackers or skirt?? Take care and be safe :)

  18. haha don't feel embarassed, it happens :D .. heheh and why the hamper from Indiblogger..I want too :P .. Btw Happy Diwali and it's okay...after 3 yrs, u NEED to have fun :D

  19. congrats on the gift hamper. :). I dint get mine still.. :(
    anyways.. happy diwali.. :) :)

  20. Awww, no worries about that poem! :D And that Dove hamper? Totally Drool worthy!! :D :D And a VERRRRRY HAPPY (Much deserved) DIWALI! <3 You enjoy Girl!!! :D :D

  21. No apologies are required. You shared something worth reading. Thats it..!

    Aaahaa ! diwali-dove gift hamper :D
    Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous diwali :)
    stay blessed.

  22. @ Furree Katt, thanks:)

    @ Karishma, :)
    LOL, thanks, no you're not. Not even the least bit:)
    Kalpak revels in tearing us apart:P Why take the risk? Because his posts are worth it:P
    Ooooh, how was that? Write a post about it na... pics and all...

    You too:)

    @ PB, complete Aussie you are:)
    I know, right!!

    @ Deeps, how was yours?:)

    @ Sharan, thanks:)

    @ maithili, :D I just registered DOV:P
    :D Skirt is beyond repair but the fun was worth it:D

    @ Shreya, go register girl. Soon, before they take it off:)
    You too:)

    @ Arpitha, you will, soon. Or mail them about it. You too:)

    @ MSM, uh huh, yeah:D
    You too:)

    @ Reicha Ahluwalia, thank you so much:)
    Same to you!!

  23. Hmmm kinda... big story.. Started bad.. But then.. Will tell you when you come online :) but surprisingly the day turned up great...!! Happiest endingss :D hehehehehehe have fun.. :D eager to hear more stories plus movie goers guide.. :) see you on twitter..!!!

  24. now that is hilarious! :D
    anyway a very happy diwali to you too :)

  25. Wow.. I love indiblogger too. I got a free mug sometime back. :)

    I missed the poem so guess I will read the actual one now.

    Good Day PeeVee!

  26. Mine was normal. I was helping nature this time :P!!But almost everyone was home, so it was guuud :D!!
    But couldn't meet my sis, jeeju and nephew :(!! Had to get back by then.. Hoping for the Saturday pass to meet them :P!!!

  27. that was some quickie girl:-)
    and that hamper is awesome, these guys are damn cute to send us these...

    and you have your fun with the chemical smeared hands in the smoke filled air!live it up and here's hoping it was fun:-)

  28. I'm in for spoilers PeeVee :D
    Make that lucky guy of yours mail me asap :P


  29. Enjoy the dove gift hamper...:-) hope u had a nice diwali too....

  30. I should be more active on Indiblogger! Yes, you've made me very jealous!
    Glad you had an amazing Diwali! I haven't burst crackers for the last 2 years, but I had a pretty great one anyway! :)

  31. @ Prithvi, :)

    @ A grain of sand, :P

    @ The Solitary Writer, thanks:)

    @ Sameera, sweeeet:)

    @ Deeps, *sigh* and the pass is lost.

    @ Suruchi, :P thanks...
    It was:)

    @ S, Ooooh, here come the spoilers:D And yes, I shall tell him to do that:P

    @ Rahul, I did, thanks:)

    @ Happy Go Lucky, :P go ahead, get one all for yourself:)

  32. Seems like everyone got the hamper except me! So totally jealous, can't put it into words! Yeah, really! :D

    And cute post, lol @ quickie ;)

  33. Confession : I am a guy, and I got the hamper too :D
    badi khushi hui kasam se :D
    maine mummy ko bday pe gift kar dia :)

  34. @ Destiny's child, ;P you should have by now, I s'pose:D
    And thanks:P

    @ GvSparx Blogger, no shame:D Raj got one too:P Cheers to being metrosexual:D
    And how sweet:)


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