29 October, 2011

An Ode To Those Eyes

"The eye speaks with an eloquence and truthfulness surpassing speech. It is the window out of which the winged thoughts often fly unwittingly. It is the tiny magic mirror on whose crystal surface the moods of feeling fitfully play, like the sunlight and shadow on a still stream." 
Henry Theodore Tuckerman

Those eyes.
Did you ever see eyes that made you stop in your tracks?
Eyes that had you transfixed at their beauty?
Ones that were the epitome of perfection?

They transfix you. Cast a spell more powerful than any emotion can.
They make you stare, not a care about being rude. 
Proche de la perfection, they make your heart trip a little.
They make you want to write poems. They bring stories to your head.

You dream of them at night.
You struggle with words, which have never failed you, to describe them.
You think of peacocks, prancing in the rain in full-bodied glory.
You think of that poem-worthy point where the sea meets the sky.
You think of the Afghan Girl.
All the while knowing that none do them justice.

They make you jealous for you have eyes too and they never speak.
They make you bridle with the impatience of not getting the kajal that right every morning.

The blue evades description.
The brown defies depiction.
The lashes challenge all reason.

They express more than anything ever can.
They are animate, they are magnifique.

I have seen it.
I have seen them crinkle when she laughs.
I have seen her fell oaks with a look.
I have seen them mischievous when she makes that joke.
I have seen them cold when she's indifferent.

The eyes just make you sigh at God for creating such beauty, beauty that mere mortals can only pretend to understand.

P.S: The photo is of a classmate:) She has such pretty eyes and even prettier hair. And I saw this picture and knew I had to come up with something of an ode.

Photography credit: Subin Kurian Photography.


  1. wish i could write like this :( loved the lost

  2. She does have really nice eyes :) That was really good.

  3. Well, they don't say Eyes are the mirror of the mind for nothing now, do they?

  4. Gosh the girl has such pretty eyes man! :O
    Sorry that was the first thing I noticed.
    Now to your ode, you've done complete justice to it. It's amazing and I could get a picture of your description. And these girls are so pretty. I've always been a tad bit envious but more in awe of the way they define their eyes. I can never seem to get the Kajal right :P .. Their eyes are truly expressive, and my my am I mesmerized...

    Great stuff Peevs... You rock! :D

  5. HOW DARE YOU!!!
    OK i am just jealous. Even my eyes were available on my blog. Could have used them :(

    I even apply winged kajal for that matter.

    Okie now lets get serious.
    Those r some awesome lines my girl, You should do more of these. I mean it!

  6. Wow! Those are one beautiful pair of eyes. And Peevee, the best thing about the pic, you can see the smile and mischief in her eyes...your ode, is so apt, describing it all...I loved it!! :D :D

    The ode to those eyes. Hahahha so adorable.
    Totally loved the way youve written it.

    You dream of them at night? Ah I'm sure people do. They are beautiful.

  8. her eyes are ok.your ode is way better.;-)

  9. Wow....!!! Beautiful eyes... And beautifully written...!!! :)

  10. @ maniac.hunter, I'm sure you can do better!:)
    The lost?

    @ Mark,Jidhu Jose, Sonshu, Prithvi, thank you:)

    @ Atrocious Scribblings, exactly:)

    @ Shreya, I know, right?!
    Thank you so much:)
    *sigh* me too actually:D

    @ Red Handed, :D OMG I never saw THAT coming... I thought you hated your eyes:D

    :D thanks bum....

    @ MSM, you should see her when she talking animatedly, it's like her eyes emote her words...All this at the risk of sounding so gay:D

    @ Rahul, oh come on!!:D Thanks though...

  11. Such beautiful eyes your friend has there (: But what I find better is her eye make-up. I can never,even in a million years,apply eye make-up like that :$ :(

    But the best of all is your blog! I love the header and your blog title <3 My blog was titles chocoholic too :D but then I changed it,coz it tempted me like hell.

    The ode is an epitome of perfection. Poetry is not my forte,but really,you just inspired me to write some myself (:

    Keep posting,I`m you new follower now! (:

  12. The blue evades description.
    The brown defies depiction.
    The lashes challenge all reason.

    Beautifully put Priyanka!

  13. wow....her eyes are really pretty :)
    well, apart from chocolates i am obsessed with eyes too :)

  14. OMG! Such beautiful eyes, you have! Lovely man! And so is your writing ability! Super! :D

  15. OMGGGGGGG those were indeed beautifuuuul eyes. Add a picture of the hair too :D That picture of the Afghan girl is Stunning! Has so much poignancy in her eyes, doesn't she? and I'm insanely obsessed with eyes too. They're indeed mirrors to the soul.
    PS: You have to check my second last post. It had something for youuu :)

  16. Beautiful eyes. Yet even more beautiful ode. <3

  17. "The blue evades description.
    The brown defies depiction.
    The lashes challenge all reason."

    simply awesome!

  18. @ Prettylicious, yes, she seems to have mastered that art:)
    Thank you so much!!

    @ Purba Mam, thank you:)

    @ SUB, they express so much with so little, don't they:)

    @ Paanipuri Lover, dude, they're NOT mine.

    @ Cяystal, she does, her pain reflects through her eyes:)
    Aww, thanks so much for the mention girl!!:)

    @ Ezazi, a grain of sand, thank you, peeps:)

  19. PeeVee..!!!
    what beautifully serene lines my girl..!!!
    its so poetic..
    and those eyes..!!!
    they are like picture perfect..
    GOD indeed takes pains to create master pieces like those..


  20. My God!!!

    That was beautiful..those eyes and your words!!

    Gosh..I wish i have those eyes and pls convey to the classmate of yours ..she's just amazing..yeah pls :D

  21. PeeVee ! Such marvelous description of the eyes.
    and the pair in the picture is just beautiful! <3
    I suck when it comes to eye makeup ( that inclued Kajal/Eyeliner too)
    Your friend's eyes look gorgeous in that shade :)

  22. Beautiful eyes indeed and what a lovely ode to them! :)

  23. Those are some really awesome eyes :)

  24. @ meoww, thank you milady:)

    @ the other side of me, I will:) Or maybe she's read all this:D

    @ Farzi, aren't they just!!
    Me too, shaky hands and that kinda thing. But your perfect without makeup my love:)

    @ Destiny's child, thank you!!:)

    @ Soumya, they are:)

  25. okay !!! now why does it seem to be an 'ode' to MY EYES than hers??? :P
    Her eyes SPEAK! :) I and I love the photograph! and ur ode...my girl..u have proven that souls are genderless! :)

  26. beautiful pic.. even more beautiful lines.. :)

  27. An apt ode indeed. a lovely reflection!!! and I so remember the Afghan Girl.. with haunting eyes and the story that goes behind it of the fotographer's search.. is great too!!

  28. i have seen betta eyes than those

  29. I look at someones eyes first when I see them. I feel they cant lie. :)

    Love this post.

    This girl has gorgeous eyes. :)

  30. Now Now, you do not sound gay, even if you do, I know why! :D She has very beautiful eyes. :D

  31. Wow! <3 Eyes <3 *Jealous*
    The ode. Amazing.
    Hats off to you! :)

  32. I just love those eyes..and since blue is my favorite color there is no doubt... and yes, btw i have seen those eyes that made me stop on my tracks..

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  33. name, address, contact details, fb page link and relationship status of the eye girl please.

    (nice post btw :) )

  34. Sexy eyeliner, the blue one...

    I'll send you a pic of my eyes too. Will you please write an ode for them? Please please pretty please! :P

  35. Yeah...she really has a pair of wonderful eyes...May God bless her :)

  36. Chal Koi ni! at least the writing ability is yours! :P :D

  37. She has pretty eyes! Loved what you wrote! Someone said something very similar about my eyes! :D

  38. now this gal in the pic is really lucky
    A-she has pretty eyes
    B-she has such a pretty ode dedicated to them

    i hope she reads it...and such beautifully expressive lines...i always wished i had beautiful eyes...kyonki itne normal se hain mere-and this post makes me sigh again. if a woman's perspective is so beautiful, i can imagine why guys go so gaga over eyes!:-)

  39. Who could have defined those eyes in any better way that you just did?
    You know what, at times, we don't see beauty in things unless someone makes us look at things differently. You just did that. I might have not looked so deeper in those eyes with blue liner and envied them much had i not read this post.

    Write something on my. Someday.

  40. Really beautiful eyes. That gal must be flattered by your post :D
    But i want to appreciate your words more than the picture.
    Take care !

  41. Well those eyes definitely deserve a tribute. And you've come up with an excellent one! :)

  42. Wow, kya eyes hai :)

    n kya Ode hai! :)

    If I knew Hindi better, I wud hv definitely gone even further :)

    But nice pic n nice Ode :)

    I always believe that thr's a lotta truth in the sayin tht the eyes r the windows to one's soul :)

  43. hey nice post pv n thanks for followwin my blog

  44. I went over to Subin Kurian's page and saw her actual picture in that collage. She has some seriously beautiful hair :) I can almost see her eyes smile here :)

    An ode is the perfect way to describe a pair of eyes that beautiful :)

    P.S. I haven't received the links yet :( Please let him know how desperate I am :P

    P.P.S. I just read the above P.S. :D:D and imagined what a stranger would think of me when he/she will read it :D:D

    P.P.P.S. In how many days did your hamper reach you ? I'm very excited for mine :P

  45. Those lovely eyes said it all! A lovely read!

  46. They are beautiful eyes...and you have had beautiful words to go along with them! :)

  47. i am in love with those eyes.. ;)

  48. Eyes, ahh, they talk to you in their own silent language.
    This post is amazing :)

    Love, ~Moonlight~ :)

  49. She does have super duper gorgeous eyes!! But I love her hair a lot more!! They just stay there when they have to!!URGH!!

  50. Very Nice. very Pretty eyes.
    Some people have these powerful eyes, that one look and you know the amount of positive energy and they confidence they hold!

  51. @ Akila, thanks love, they might just be:)

    @ PurpleMist, Ashwini, Moonlight, Rahul, PB, Samadrita, Roopz, Sharan, Anuranjani, Srinidhi, Dee, Arpitha, thank you:)

    @ FashionPhD, me too!

    @ Gautam, so?

    @ MSM, :P she does:D

    @ kalpak, she’d be too much for you to handle re:P and thanks:D

    @ Divya, what about some other part now that I’ve already done eyes?:P

    @ Paanipuri Lover, thanks.

    @ Chandana, wow, whowasitwhowasitwhowasit?:P

    @ Suruchi, she did and I’m guessing she liked it:) Mere bhi normal hain:( or rather I have
    chinese eyes that disappear when I smile. But
    I’m sure your hubby loves your eyes:)

    @ KN, sure love:)

    @ Reicha, I hope she was:D Thank you..

    @ Raj, LOL, thanks:P

    @ Adi, no formalities, I liked what I read:)

    @ Seяendipity, she does:) Never mind:P Did you get em? It took around a month for I’d forgotten all about it before it reached:D

    @ Anuj, :P a lot many people are…

    @ Deeps, exactly which is why I try not to look at her hair so that they don’t make me feel bad about my own:D


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