21 October, 2011

Woes Of A Very Early Bird

It's not that the professors don't give us enough time, it's that I refuse to do any work till the last minute.

So here I sit, a little past the witching hour, with crick in my neck from sitting too long with the laptop (why doesn't it seem so tedious when I'm reading blogs or watching Fringe?) trying to make understand the difference between a hypothesis and a research question in terms of a whole goddamned dissertation (I don't know what THAT is either, sounded fancy enough though:P).

I can see all my roomies cuddled in their cozy comforters and all I think of is how much I hate them for having done it sooner (this is pure evil talking).
Here, I would like also like to mention that when THEY were putting together their assignment, I was too busy watching Grey's Anatomy SO8 (if anybody has seen the 4th episode please let me know if Mer-Der get Zola).
*Sigh* Why can't I be paid a million bucks 5000 INR (Reasonable-ness! Thy Name Is PeeVee) for every post I write, then I wouldn't have to make pointless papers on blogging behavior, do I?

Ah, work. I'm sneeze/snooze at the very thought.

No, this was not meant to be a post. I'm bored and I had a bad day AND I had to do SOMETHING since my ventist/entertainer/parameshwar/better half is busy ignoring me for God-knows-what.

Now is your chance to do something for the underprivileged.
Will you do some of my work?

P.S: That's 7 minutes of your life, wasted.


  1. Isn't it like 1:00 AM over there? Go to sleep... and be a very early bird at 5:00 AM

  2. Ugh, that's awful - hope you get your work done soon though! Once you start I'm sure you'll fly through it :)

  3. Well a difference between a hypothesis and a research question is that the question is what you hope to answer, the hypothesis is what you expect will happen. IE I'm doing research into what happens when I heat up water, the research question would be, what happens when I heat up water? The hypothesis would be what you expect to happen, in this case, you would expect the water to turn to steam.

  4. Don't sweat it DK, serious work always gives me satisfaction when it's done last minute otherwise I dont get the feeling that I`ve even worked hard enough.

    Kudos to the blessed soul who said Procrastination is the art of taking rest before actually doing some work.

  5. You dont want to trade places with me! I am currently stuck with my external Univ exams.Gaaaaah! Anyways i hope u did the assignment.

    I hope whatever issue haunting ur guys head, gets vanished.

  6. HAHAHAHA!!! Loved it to the core :D!!! And yes I would do a bit of your work if you would do a bit of mine??!!! :P!!! My topic is even worse trust me!! I loved it when I took into, infact I even fought with sir to opt for that topic but now I am wonder struck at nothing to do :P

  7. Oh you too belong to the last minuters gang! Well I have to submit my assignment in 2 hours for which I bunked the morning classes.. and here I m wasting my 7 minutes :P :P Ah I wish I too got paid for the bloggin I do at multiple places!!!

  8. im amazed at ur frequency of writing. and yup...that truely were seven minutes of my life, wasted. but it was a good waste :)

    and btw...hi5 on bein the 11th hour person. Procrastination Rules!! :D

  9. You actually know people who do their work before time? Seriously??!! I thought that breed was extinct!

    Yes, I'll help you with your work. I'll help you by telling you that doing a dissertation sucks. You'll end up doing all your data collection, analysis, and conclusion-writing the day before your submission, no matter what. So don't bother sweating it out now.

    There, did that help? :)

  10. hahahahhaa..this is superrr niiice...!!!
    lollzz..you so reminded me of my college days..
    okk..before you get your brains working..lemme tell you ...
    "i yaaam noottt yaa 60 year old ladaayy reminiscing of her past with dentures in her teeth"

    so all the best for your work thingi..
    trust me..its no funn untill its done at the lastest moment possible..
    ok..is that even a word..??!!! :P

    awwww..don't ya worry dahling..i am sure your better half or three fourth or one fourth:P:P:P
    will realise what he is missing on and will come back to you double soooner..!!! :):):)

    do let us know how you progressed with your submissions..!!

    mwaahs..and cheers..!!! :):):)

  11. if i werent so lazy i'd give you membership to my club. its called "procrastinate til u drop" :P

  12. Happy to do some of your work PeeVee...how much do you pay?! ;)

    Totally get this though...I think I spent way more time online when I had uni work to do! :P Best way to procrastinate! :D

  13. @ Sunitha, it was:P I was busy 'working' :P

    @ Hazel, thank you!! I wish-_-

    @ Mark, wow thanks, have you done this before?

    @ AS, it.is.a.pain.you.know.where.

    @ Red, aaaaaaah, no. I'm good. No exams for me, thank you very much:P
    And yes, he's back:)

    @ Deeps, nope, njan cheydolamtta:P

    @ maithili, :P hopefully you've submitted it by now...

    @ kalpak, it's not difficult to waste people's time my bwoy.

    @ Divya, I have padipists who finish their work THE DAY the teacher announces-_-

    *Hopeless look*

    @ meoww, thanks:)

    @ the butterfly effect, :LOL:

    @ PB, 10 hersheys a page?:P

  14. I just remember being asked that specific question myself, I'm not entirely sure it's right, but it should be.

  15. I love the way you write.. its so light and breezy and quirky... :) Well i hope u managed to finish your work in the end nevertheless... despite finding time to post this post!!! :)

  16. Yes you still entertain us. Its so much fun reading your posts. :) Hahaha.

    So bubbly you are. :P

    Yes yes such days. We all have them dont we? Bleh :P

  17. I can't do a thing until its due tomorrow and not until I get my ass on fire! Sigh, that's life.

  18. Hahahahaha, I hope you're doing it right now!
    I hate doing stuff and I end up studying/completing stuff at the last moment. And then even I'm like WHY did the other people do it already?!

  19. if nothing goes right..just sleep..thats what i know, i try to do but i cant..and like you i suffer :( :(

    so get some sleep, if you can..

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!!sharan :)

  20. ha ha ha.. :)
    I was also the last one to finish assignments n stuff..
    anyways.. have a gr8 weekend.. :)

  21. trust me, i know how you feel!
    i have a test today and i haven't started studying yet. :( i have been too busy reading blogs since the past few days.

    good luck with it, though! ♥

  22. It was less than 5 minutes and you are pardoned. :D

  23. Hhahhaa Aww.. Good Luck with it Dear <3

  24. here's wishing ur wish comes true and koi na-last minute waale students he life mein kuch karte hain-so you hang in there and hopefully blogging would some day pay you the reasonable amount you have thought of;-)

    all the best!

  25. LOL I am an ardent fan of posts generated from the motive to procrastinate. I do that myself :D
    and about the crick in the neck, will you tell me what to do about this before the goddamn pain spoils my mood too? wish you happier days with your parmeshwar.


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