18 October, 2011

When Karma Is NOT a Bitch

Note: Unusually large amount of profanity used. Thank you.

Do you believe in Karma?
Well, it exists. So you might as well believe in it.
Why, you ask? (Even if you don't, I'll tell you:P)
Well, it was proved to me some time back by no lesser than the Universe itself.
And now that I think of it, It has been proving it to me all my life.

What did it prove, you ask?
The same thing that Newton harped about so much that we hated him for it.
That every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
The same thing that Timberlake realized back in 2006.
What goes around, always come around.
The same thing that Stickychu (roomie) put so aptly.
Shit happens, Macha. Today you stamped on it. Tomorrow they will. (Yes, she has very profound philosophies).

So basically the whole point is that when you do something, say something to somebody, be very careful. Be very, very careful for if you hurt them without reason, if you screw their case purposely and they get genuinely hurt, Karma makes sure it drops by your hostel room and kicks your butt.
The wonderment? (if that's even a word)
Your butt will be kicked almost similarly to the butt kicking you gave.

And what do I infer from all of this?
That when I get hurt or get judged or something i.e when somebody fucks up my case for no fault of mine, I don't have to do anything about it.
I shouldn't fret or fume or cry or go nuts thinking it might just be my fault.
I shouldn't be upset that I can't do anything to make it better because they won't let me.

I should just let Karma bitch-slap them.

Yes, as a result of profoundly-thinking roomies, I have some profound philosophies too.

That's the end of the originally intended post, go away of you aren't interested in reading life updates.

For those of you are still here,
1) I watched a Malayalam movie in the theater. This is my second time doing something like that. And I regret it as much as the first time. Malayalam movies (except a few) are always better watched in the comfort of my bed and laptop.
2) You don't necessarily have to know a person to tell them hairy details of your life, you just have to trust them.
3) Tell me, please, that I'm not the only one who's tripped over a broomstick and fallen flat on her face. For the 100th time.
4) The rains are here and I got drenched after a long time. Sometimes the place, the time, the reason, the goddamn methodology... don't matter. It's as simple as running along like a crazy freak with the widest grin on your face and not giving an ant's bottom of what people think.
5) Somebody PLEASE tell me a way to NOT get motion sick when I get into ANY-GODDAMN-THING that moves. As huge a killjoy as it is to me, it makes the people I love suffer along with me. You'll have my eternal gratefulness.

Yes, I'm random.

P.S: I have a cloud obsession. So next time you look up at the sky and see a cute/funny/fluffy/macho looking cloud, click a picture and mail it to me. Thank you.
P.P.S: OH and BlogAdda picked Public Transport 101 as a Tangy Tuesday Pick!:)


  1. I believe in KARMA. I even have a copy of shrimadbhagwadgeeta.

    Random is good...GOOD.

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  2. I believe in karma, if you do something bad to another person you'll get what you deserve. lolz i totally fell on my face from tripping on a broomstick ;P and if I see a cute/macho/funny cloud i'll snap a picture for you promise :)

  3. wooohhooo...!!!!
    a post of randomness this be....!!!!!
    and yess karma is a bleddyy biaaaatch...!!!
    so let her take her course...:P
    chalo HI 5 now..i have tripped over broom sticks and have had a royal fall a zillion times by now and that too infront of all my eager friends who are just waiting to burst out laughing seeing my clumsiness..grrrrr

    and congratulations on the award..!!
    yayyy :P:P:P :D

  4. Karma, is, one, fucking, bitch, I tell you. http://is.gd/Jcnn0y

    Sadly, I am still here.

    1) I don't watch Malyalam movies, too bad. :p

    2) THAT, is so bloody true.

    3) Nope, you ain't the only one. I am sure I am close to 100, now.

    4) "The rains are here and I got drenched after a long time. Sometimes the place, the time, the reason, the goddamn methodology... don't matter. It's as simple as running along like a crazy freak with the widest grin on your face and not giving an ant's bottom of what people think." Aw, man. #WorthTweeting I LOVE RAINS!

    5) http://is.gd/cq5gkY :P

  5. " let Karma bitch-slap them" - true !

    Once i came across a beautiful quote :
    No need for revenge - Just sit back and wait...those that hurt you will eventually screw up all by themselves ...and if you are lucky, God will let you watch.
    I truly believe in this act... :)
    Take care !

  6. I was TOTALLY frustrated and depressed today!
    (Read my blog to find out why :| If you want to find out, that is :P )
    Thanks to the Karma post :)
    You and Viya made my day, bringing in a spirit of positivity and all-is-not-lost feeling within me :P :)

  7. Karma is not a bitch always !:s We have similar thoughts :D

    I have fallen on flat surface when there's not even a broom to block my way :s So I've come to terms that I'm not normal :s:(:P

    Nice, healthy post :)

  8. :-D So all the people who suffered in that Japan earthquake-tsunami-nuclear calamity-triangle recently did it because of poor Karma,is it?????Interesting!!!:-)
    U watch Malayalam movies?I've no idea about them.How are they???

  9. I really like the picture. I would sit back and let karma deal with it, but what if karma wants to act through me? I don't know she doesn't, so I don't want to not take the chance.

  10. Oh how I am falling for you. <3


  11. ! The Guy In The Mirror, okie:) Glad you relate...

    @ normal.is.overrated., aww thanks so much!!:)

    @ meoww, naah, I saig karma is NOT a bitch girl.

    @ Arjit Srivastava, nope, she's not. She's a fine woman.
    You're missing out on something; regardless of what I have to say, they make some amazing stuff.
    And if all those that they recommend on Google worked, I wouldn't be putting it up on my blog post, would I?

    @ Reicha Ahluwalia, Lol, that's a GOOD quote. By who, though? Any idea?

    @ The Updater, so glad I could help:)

    @ Priyanka Kamath, hi5 on that one then:)
    LOL, I have more in common with you than just my name, I guess.

    @ Rahul, while I was talking about a more personal level of incidents like maybe murders or stealing and petty things like jealousy and anger, emotions which make us do things to wantedly hurt others if not kept under control, the Japanese are also suffering from bad Karma. By who? By the human race at large. We refuse to take care of the planet, we abuse Mother Earth in all ways we can possibly think of, we misuse, mistreat everything that the whole Universe has to offer us and we expect to get away with it all? Naah, that's karma for you right there on a platter, Sire. And you know what? The 'karma' that I keep harping about has solid scientific backing, starting right there at the top with Newton. With all due respect, yeah, the people WERE suffering from bad karma. All that we do has an effect on everything else #factoflife

    And I feel as deeply as the next person for the loss of life of those innumerable people and I'm not sure we shouldn't be flippantly discussing this on a post that was solely about my insignificant life.
    They're good, you should try watching sometime.

    @ Mark, thanks:) Karma acts through all of us, I thought that was obvious. So I'm not sure I quite explained it well or maybe I didn't understand your comment properly.

  12. Karmic attention is all encompassing and so generous that no one feels left out yet everyone bad mouths it.

    Perfectly written, a good rapport is all it really takes to open up and spill our lives. For the motion sickness, try sitting in the direction of travel, it might help. Congrats on your post being chosen.

    Cheers :)

  13. *Wait, what? The stuff on Google never works? No wonder I have been failing my classes, damn it.

    *As I read somewhere, "We sow what we reap... We reap what we sow! We reap what we sow. The law of cause and effect. And we are all under this law. Name it karma, name it anything!"

    *Also. Just to let you know, that your reply to Rahul, was spot on. =)

  14. Lovely post and very true!!
    Btw saw Indian rupee I guess?? How was it??!!!And I guess you are the only one to actually fall over the broomstick, I have almost been there a million times, but thanks to my good fortune I haven't kissed the ground till now :P
    And methodology huh??!!!Addicted to research I see :D

  15. You know, I would never leave things on Karma...revenge is something I'm great at serving...someday I need to grow up...someday I need to get a text too...but it hasn't happened yet....you know when I'm tempted to do so most, not when people kick my butt, that can be brushed of as envy and all that jazz, it's when my friends and loved ones get dragged into it. That's when I'm like, ok I'm karma and I'm here for you...BTW PV, yet again, my state of current affairs was gonna make me put up something like this only with almost same title :D

  16. I'm hoping Karma is a downright bitch. I've kinda been banking on her to screw up a couple of people's lives who deserve it, without having to get my own hands dirty.

    Yes, I'm a petty person. :/

  17. oh..!! I am so with you on the karma thing. I have advised time and again that karma will take care of the hurt others have put up on them with examples..
    But sometimes revenge is so sweet. Even if your karma gets you later for inflicting it. :) :)
    As for motion sickness try carrying any carbonized drinks like coca-cola or sprite or fanta and whenever you feel a bit nauseous just gulp down a little and burp.. :) it has always helped me.. :)

  18. So this is what life is trying to tell us? That Karma is our best friend and we can happily outsource all our insults to it!

    Ha! but it's so much better if you take matters in your own hands.

  19. But whats the fun in letting karma do your work, I beleive in taking the revenge myself and then enjoy the pain they get :)

    But yeah I do believe in karma and what has to happen will happen no matter what .. and we cant do anything about it ...

    All we can do is work hard to make it come sooner or later :)

    and I second Purba too :) OH yes matters in my own hands and someones THROAT .. yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  20. Thnk u Peevee for this post.. Yes I want my professors and my university which is killing me right now and my work...uggggh...to get back at that and slap them hard!! really hard!! idiots!! are loading us with work..making me insane in this already insane world...and m soo soo furious!!:x..no matter how hard i try to calm myself down these people keep coming back again and again with more things...and I just feel like GIVING UP!!! AND it is something which I don't want to do!!:(:/

  21. Are u a Mallu who is a faaaaaan of watching Malyalam movies??:P lol...I heard Tollywood..if m right has some funny movies??lol..

  22. haha..malyalam movies!!! :P
    ok, prodding on it much...karma is true..and defintly rhymes well with newton and other
    great' people's sayings...and yeah when we are slapped once we know what it feels like..so yes careful we should be while trampling other people's emotions ...
    random post! a more random commnent :P :D

  23. I completely believe in Karma. It very much exists though some people try to deny that only for self satisfaction.
    I liked reading the updates :P
    Malyalam movies? :)

  24. I don't wanna land up in a fist-fight over Karma here.:-D But somehow the idea of one section of people suffering for the faults of the entire human race is kinda ******.It's like you alone suffering coz all the gals in your college suddenly decided to beat up the matron of your hostel!!!:-P But watever,the sincerity and passion with which you tried to make your point was very good......*respect*

  25. 1) I believe in Karma. Madly so.
    2) I agree with the second picture. Madly, again!
    3) Hairy details of your life? Don't tell anyone that. :P
    4) I fall over stuff ALL the time. I like putting it as an FB page does, "I didn't fall, I just said hello to the floor." :D However lame that is ;)
    5) Random updates are awesome. :D

  26. http://www.flickr.com/photos/cubagallery/5597694660/

    That's a good picture I found :D Will send you some from my own stream.

  27. Karma is a bitch even when it is 'NOT being a bitch', by not being a bitch. Err... I had to read what i wrote thrice so I hope you get it.

    I don't mind taking revenge AND letting Karma do her bitchy job in some cases. If I sound cruel its because some people deserve it. But I haven't taken any sort of revenge until tdy so lets hope(or not!) that it doesn't burst out one day.

    1)I've never watched a Malayalam movie ever.
    2)Totally agree!
    3)I haven't exactly fallen but I trip A LOT!
    4)Ahh.. rains.. I already miss them!
    5)Umm...sorry.. no ideas!

  28. Dropping in your blog for the first time..for the matter of fact i visited quite a lot of new blogs today and they were highly appealing including yours..
    I feel transported to your lovely world almost instantly :)
    Thanks for dropping by on my post too..though i felt you had an entry when i had put on something explicit which happens very rare :P
    Karma Oh c'mon they just look good when preached or read..practical life is sure to fall in ditch if we start believing in it..I don't know but the world has turned so crooked that there is no way out other than being crooked yourself :/ ..
    And your life updates are pretty interesting will look up for that part once more the next time i get to read another post from you :)

    Good night(a comment left at night hours so thats why :P )
    Take care.....
    P.S.-Your chocolate obsession is too infectious when stared at O_O I am wishing someone gave me my favorite ones right away..right now..
    Sheh! i suppose blabbered to much sorry!
    *Zipped* :P

  29. Personally i should Give Karma a while to bitch-slap evil souls, but it takes too long. Where's the patience bit of it :( ??

    And ya, running haywire during rains, Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes :D

  30. @ A.S, yet!!
    Thanks, on each of those counts. And nope, direction thingy doesn't work:(

    @ Arjit Srivastava, *some* don't work:P Don't worry, THAT is not because of Google.
    Exactly my point, thank you:)

    @ Deeps, thanks:)
    'Gah' is all the reaction I'll risk, others liked it though.
    Addicted? More like a vaal over my head-_-

    @ Pinx, nope, the point here is that even if my plans for revenge fail, there is a higher power at work that'll make sure you're avenged.

    @ Divya, then don't call her names na:| She'll be nice to you if you be nice to her:P

    @ Arpitha Holla, uh huh, exactly:D

    Oh thanks!! I'll try that next time:)

    @ Purba, not exactly Madame. The point was that whether we like it or not, we pay some way or the other for our actions. And when it is somebody else who's paying for it, then your life becomes easier.
    Taking matters into my own hands always has this chance to fail.

    @ Bikram, but if they don't deserve it, it will kick your back too:P

    @ Aakriti, oh my girl, calm down. They'll get buried under correction papers that'll make them slog for days, thathasthu:P Happy?
    And never ever give up. Stick in there and it'll all go away, I guarantee it:)
    Not really:D

    @ A grain of sand, thanks!!

    @ Sonshu, whatte a way of looking at it, escapism:P

    @ Rahul, it's not one section of people.
    Neither am I able to make sense of your illustration in this context.
    But it's just something I believe in:) No issues.

    @ Cяystal, lol, thanks for that:D
    And that was an amazing cloud picture

    @ Chandana, :D some talent you got to mess up a sentence like that:D
    Nope, I know those kinds:P I live with them.

    @ Alcina, welcome to the space and thank you so much for the comment.
    The problem is that we don't know what karma is, hence we don't understand how it works and therefore don't believe in it. Nuff said.
    No problemo, we all blabber our butts off here all the time:)

    @ anjLi, it worked pretty fast for me:)

  31. That was a profound philosophy for sure ;)
    I chew gum and wear my headphones to my fav music, so i don't realize if i am sick of motion or really enjoying the music.

  32. i hope karma punishes u back for watchin a malyalam movie in a theatre.

    You don't necessarily have to know a person to tell them hairy details of your life, you just have to trust them.


    You don't necessarily have to know a person to tell them hairy details of your life, they have to be interested too. :D

    nice post lady victor...nice post. and i believe in karma too, i jus dont wait for it. karma is bloody lazy!!!!

  33. Hahaha!!! But most of them loved it!! Anywayz just waiting for my proposal to get over so that I am done for the sem :P

  34. And I think this is definitely one of my favorite 'look' for a blog, so unique, love the header :D

  35. Newton's laws of motion come into action...haha...
    getting drenched in rain is awesome..


  36. comment is to a blogger what chocolate is to the obsessed? haha let me tell you something random this time, every night before sleeping I have to have at least a bite from a chocolate bar. chocolate is the ONLY sweet thing I LUST OVER (still an understatement despite the caps lock).

    I like what you like, and I believe what you believe. Karma does crawl back to our lives as the ultimate aftereffect, sometimes as a bitch sometimes as a saviour. the crawling can get a little slow sometimes, but I am not complaining, I only want it to run a marathon when it's my saviour, otherwise please feel free to be a SLOTH karma!

  37. Totally believe in Karma. That's what helps me be civil to people who have stabbed me in the back. BEcause I know karma will get them! Gah. Oh...and please explain the tripping over a broomstick incident...pleeeeeeease! :) BEcause no, it hasn't happened to me. I've fallen other times though...

  38. @ Live2cherish, :D that's innovative..

    @ kalpak, why is that a crime?

    @ Deeps, *jealous*

    @ PurpleMist, thanks.

    @ Soumyadeep, welcome to my space:)
    Thank you:)

    @ Aliza Khan, :)

    @ br|sh, :D cheers to that then!!

    @ PB, nothing to it:P Plate surface-> me walking along->broom in clear view-> I trip-> fall flat on my face:P

  39. Priyankaaaa, it was such an enjoyable post. I would keep that in mind, that thing, wo revenge wali baat yaar :)

    N interesting random rants were cute.:)
    Keep the good work going!


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