23 November, 2011

No P's, Only Q's

Why is it that we always seek out what is not good for us?
What is it about forbidden things that beckons us to them like pilots to MIGs?
Why are we attracted to the wrong sorta boy/girl even when we know that they'll break our heart?
Why don't we hold peace dearer to our hearts than religion?
Why do we prod the hornet's nest if only to see how painful the sting can be?
Why do we touch the flame of a candle even though we have been taught that fire burns?
Why do we load up on Lays even though we know it's crappy?
Why do we still think of the Samsung Galaxy SII even when we have an iPhone 4S?
Why do we justify our lack of drive with the excuse of taking the 'less trodden path'?
Why are we so quick to judge them when we get so riled up when they do the same?
Why don't we ever let go when we shouldn't hold on and hold on when we shouldn't let go?
Why do we revel in seeing others cringe, thankful that it's not us?
Why do we love jumping off a cliff tied to sanity and life by a rope cord?
Why do we drive at 160 kmph on the NH with watery eyes and yet increase the pressure on the accelerator just to see the needle hit 175 kmph?
Why do we bitch about things we have no control over?
Why do we try so hard to impress?
Why don't we care enough about more people?
Why do we experience un-abandoned glee in taking advantage of those below?
Why do we get deep satisfaction in damning those above to hell and back?
Why do we love so deeply and hate so fiercely?
Why do we refuse to listen and insist on talking?
Why do we derive all-encompassing smugness from proving people wrong?
Why do we argue about pointless crap?
Why do we hog like pigs and then complain about those love handles and beer bellies?
Why do we like dying of cancer so much that we smoke like chimney-pots?
Why do we like seeing money burn? (metaphorically, of course)
Why do we follow the herd?
Why do we love take-outs and not cook-ins?
Why do the little drops of rain make us dreamy?
Why does that toothless baby with an apology of a smile make our insides become coarse potato mash?
Why do our mothers' invoke an unfailing sense of security?
Why is that 'ghar ka khana' can never replace the most opulent gourmet French meal?
Why do we have an ever-persistent hopefulness of winning the lottery?
Why do we count the days down to our birthdays?
Why is childhood the most cherished part of our lives?
Why does out heart do a teeny somersault when we see our names on a privileged list?
Why do we not let go of hatred and jealousy?
Why do we blame other people for our unfulfilled desires?
Why do we exist and not live?

Because we are human. And imperfectly so.

P.S: These are questions that have been running around non-stop inside my head for quite some time now.
P.P.S: Thank you for your patience:) I'm not sure the break did me any good but I'm going to start posting again:P


  1. now are u back or are you not back????please be specific here....:-P
    and if you ain't back...i just got one question-WHY???? :-D

  2. i hope u really meant that PPS..

  3. YAY..........PeeVee's back and with a set of questions and yes with a imperfectly perfect answer too..

    welcome back :D

  4. Maybe sometimes..knowing the unknown is what drives us to do a few of things on the list. That is what drove Adam and Eve..right? :P

    Curiosity keeps us agile. Pain keeps us alive. (I know it does not apply for all 'whys' up there)

    The answer to all, you have already given. We are perfectly imperfect. :)

  5. So many questions and just one answer. It had to be PeeVee! :D

  6. Some questions do not apply to me :D so am happy....and welcome welcome back...

  7. felt like attending engg VIVA all over again :P

  8. @ Rahul, I do, I do, three posts a week or more, promise:D

    @ the other side of me, THANK YOU!:)

    @ Kunal, they (Adam and Eve) are what inspired the questions in the first place:D
    'Pain keeps us alive.' - I like that...

    @ Cяystal, :D I don't always ask pointless questions:P

    @ Chintan, thank you, Madame!!

    @ maniac.hunter, areyyy, they are rhetorical questions that you don't have to answer, UNLIKE the viva:P

  9. Those questions and your return...something I relate to :D :D :D Coming back soon no, love? :D :D :*

  10. Welcome back.

    And yes the questions do cross our mind. I bet these will be the one you think at night and they just cant let you sleep.

    Night. When our thinking goes so berserk that our mind questions of all random questions. From our day to the existence of the universe.

    And yes we do all this because we are human and we love to take chances even when some part of our mind is screaming its not worth it.

    P.S: Dont mind the longy comment. I am just bored.

  11. Oh and I love the look! Totally! :D :D Especially the greens and Book and dreams in the bottle! :D :D <3

  12. Yay! You are back :) :) A perfect answer for all the questions. These type of Q's have been running around in my mind too! Also, Why do we ask so many questions? :P That is also because we are humans :)

  13. questions & questions with no answers to unfold them ... :P

    Weakest LINK

  14. Simply because we choose to.

    Insightful post this one, good choice for a comeback.

    Great to have you back and how.

  15. Ah PeeVee, I dont think we'll ever find answers to those questions :)

    lovely post just like always <3

  16. These questions were so not pointless :) Welcome back PeeVee :)

  17. Welcome back ji and itneeeeeeeeee saare questions were churning in that anyways rocking mind? My god-I hope you find some good enough answers except the one you stated for they are out of my range of explanation...however when you do find out, lemme also know:-)

  18. Welcome back, Pee Vee! Very true, we are perfectly imperfect, because we are not Gods...just humans leading a mundane life. Think the break did you some good, that you are back with an interesting volley of questions:)

  19. Well the simple answer is, like you said, because we're human, it's just what we do.

  20. God how much of effort have you put into compiling the list...its hilarious and at the same time philosophical. I liked your other articles too and how well they are organised...i must say i am learning a lot. and yes your blog is very well design ..also now i am your follower.

  21. Kidhar ghum ghum ho gaye the memsahib???
    Btw welcome jee back, keep posting
    and life is best lived Imperfectly perfect!!!

  22. Welcome back PeeVee :)
    Its probably because, we keep ignoring the inner call from our inner selves, attributing it to the fact that we are human :)

  23. Some questions shouldn't be answered and some simply can't be answered!
    Welcome back PeeVee.. I miss your comments on my blog!

  24. There is so much beauty in imperfection. If everything was perfect.. how boring would it be??? :) Welcome back.. hope you hear to stay.. looking forward to ur blog posts be it questions or answers... :)

  25. And why do we ask these questions when we know we will never be satiated with the answers?

    introspective! i am glad you are somewhat back:)

  26. I came up with the answer by the time I reached the mid of this post and thought that wow, I am so smart.

    But how could you come with such a big list of questions that stirred my mind completely? Darn good!

    And of course, Welcome back dear! :)

  27. Very interesting Whys PeeVee...some very hard to answer. Hoping they are rhetorical. By the way, I'm liking the new look and header! :)

  28. Again! a super post! Loved it! Human nature, it is! :)
    But, srsly, ekdum sahi tha! :D

  29. @ Laddu, already here love:) :*
    And thankieeeee:) The dreams in the bottle made me think of you actually!:D

    @ Nia Charms, thanks:)
    Exactly, night. Night when I'm supposed to be sleeping but the voices in my head just won't let me:P
    Oh, then be bored more and leave more comments like this:D

    @ Keirthana, thank you Ki, can I call you that?:) And yes, inquisitive toh we are, too much so sometimes:D

    @ Rachit, :)

    @ AS, thanks Maams:P (what, I have to call you something informal and 'macha's already taken:P)

    @ Farzi, thanks milady, you make my day:)

    @ Seяendipity, who said they were:P;D thanks love:)

    @ Suruchi,:D will do jeeee:D Par aapko toh mujhse better pata hoga ni?:) Life experience and all that...

    @ Cloud Nine, hopefully it did:) Thanks Madame:)

    @ Mark, but aren't we annoying at times? Humans in general? So flawed yet so many pretenses?

    @ A guilty conscience, no effort at all Sire, it was all about just writing down what was in my head:) Thank you:)

    @ Red, yahin thi, bas so gayi thi:P Thanks...

    @ The Updater, thank you!!:)
    How do we change? How can we stop being something that has been inbuilt but wrong nevertheless.

    @ Chandana, aww, wait till I go on rampage on all the old posts that I've missed, then you'll be wishing I'd go on a break again:P:)

    @ Dee, yes, boring it would be but couldn't we do without all the negativity?:)
    And thank you!:)

    @ A grain of sand, No I'm completely back not somewhat:D Thanks...

    @ Vinati, :D Thanks, these are just questions that float around our minds, we just never turn them into words...

    @ PB, most are:)
    And thanks:)

  30. they were one helluva Q's!!! i know u dnt question them to get answers! all rhetoric!:D
    so u back huH! my gmail is gonna be flooded with mails abt ur posts and the cenury hitting comments! :D

  31. Where were you all these days? Btw the post really did make me think.. The answer is perfect, but it still makes me think.. :)

  32. That was some QUESTIONS !!!, however like u said, imperfection!!.. thats what gives us the desire to move forward.

  33. Well. This is what defines us. Humans!

    Great post and true!


  34. WOW. That was a blast of a post. :P Girlie. :P

    Those questions were so well thought and now we know whats going on in your head :P

  35. Haha. So many question, one simple answer.
    Good shit, this!

  36. Why do we count the days down to our birthdays? You wont if you lived in a boys hostel. :D I can give you gethu answers for each question but my comment will become a blog post :D

    When I think about you or see your blog the word that comes to my mind is "How?"

    How can you eat, sleep and breathe blogging :D

  37. @ Akila, :P

    @ Shreya, was zoning out in front of books actually:P

    @ Menachery, imperfection rules our lives:)

    @ Megha, welcome:)
    And yes, that is exactly what defines us:)

    @ Sonshu, thanks love.

    @ burzum, :D thanks and I like the pseudonym.... it sounds funny when I keep saying it again and again:P

    @ Abhishek, :P girls' hostel as well actually, you want pictures of damages done?:P
    Then write a guest post for me:) With all the answers...

    :P Gah! Get over it man:P Don't kannu vekyalfy :P

  38. Wonder why people funny. The meaning isn't, atleast.

    'Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
    Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum -ishi krimpatul.'


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