09 November, 2011

Of Simple Lives and Raindrops

The doorbell rang.

I groaned out of sheer laziness as I took the plate of nachos off my stomach and dusted the crumbs off the Abercrombie tee.
I tried hard to shake off the dark mood; no thanks to the dismal, cold weather. 

I should have been happy for my best girl, she’d gotten engaged.
But somehow it didn’t feel right.

I knew exactly what wasn’t right though. I’ve gotten used to having her around and now I didn’t want anything to change. I didn’t want to share the only girl who’d seen through the bad boy act and rapped me on the head when I tried to sip Grey Goose in class.
She was the only one who dared.

For one insane second, I thought I was in love. But I knew almost as soon as the thought flitted across my mind that it was bull. Granted that I might have checked out her ass for a second too long than friends should but that was then end of it.
She might be hot but she was most definitely not his type.
You know how so many thoughts take up a second? I reached for the door knob.

I was completely wet… the rain had left me shivering to the bones. It reminded me of the torrential showers in Kerala, where I’d grown up; it was like Nature absorbing my wrath.
I wasn’t thinking straight. I couldn’t. He was the last person to go to for relationship advice, I snorted at the idea. But I didn’t have a relationship now, haven’t since I threw Karan’s ring back in his face an hour ago.

Nor did I labour under the illusion that advice was what I was going to him for. Nor did I have any doubt he’d feel otherwise. I’d seen the looks.

She was standing there, her clothes plastered to her body, her hair dripping rivulets all over his mat. And she had that look.

He smirked and said, “Look what the cat brought in.” Typical him.
She uttered not a word. Not one.
She looked like she was struggling with something, like an internal war.

“Unless you’re waiting for grass to grow on the door step, get in,” he said.

I never was good with over thinking things. When I do, they don’t work out well.
I grabbed the front of his tee and pulled his head down to mine. That should wipe that cocky smile, I thought.

It did. His eyes widened in real shock as he worked out the next part.
Not that I gave him much thinking time. I crushed my lips against his.

She was an amazing kisser. Where did she learn that? 
I had to fight to keep my hands to my sides.

I shook my head. I should be more worried about the whooping Karan was going to give me. I pulled away.

“You’re engaged.”
“Not any more.” Some irrational part of me enjoyed the frisson of pleasure that ran through me; she was breathless.
“I’m going to Leyla’s place, California.”

We looked at each other for one long second, the air almost crackling around us.
“Is this rebound?”

His hands went behind her as he pulled her up against him. Was she always this soft?
She went limp as her hands met at the nape of his neck. Did he always have such luxurious hair?

As the kiss deepened, buttons and zippers became outlived their usefulness and normal thought processes had come to a standstill.

Breath shortened. The mirrors misted up. Her barely audible sighs filled the laden air.
And the rain belted out a rock song against the windows.

What happened to their story? Maybe someday you’ll know.
But neither California’s lush tomatoes nor Deloitte’s prize package made them forget the beauty of rains in Bangalore.


  1. Wow. That was seriously, seriously good. That's all I can really say about it, just that it was so good.

  2. Nice plot.. and interesting flip flop approach to show the story from two viewpoints...

  3. Hmm..PV...Forgive my (probably) stupid question though...first para mein the first person narration was for the guy..right? Rest of the story mein...the girl became the first person, and the guy switched to the third person...Is this intentional? Thoda confusing laga mujhe...Dekh le if you wanna make it consistent, so as to make it easier for people like me :-)..

  4. Know what... please ignore my previous comment. I was totally dumb...abhi firse read kiya and it all makes sense now.

    Well written.. Keep blogging.

  5. Can't really say how their story turned out to be, but sad or not, it definitely must have turned into something beautiful.
    This.was.amazing <3

  6. Cooped up in office, stuck with work, no option to get away right now- Nope, definitely not the right time to read this.

  7. ohh myy... what a kikass story, seriously what happens next, i loved th eway you have so beautifully described their passionate momnets together, tho initially i was a lil confused as to whatys happening (reatard), lol, but well awesome, is an understatement here, lovely... oh what happens next????

  8. ohh myy... what a kikass story, seriously what happens next, i loved th eway you have so beautifully described their passionate momnets together, tho initially i was a lil confused as to whatys happening (reatard), lol, but well awesome, is an understatement here, lovely... oh what happens next????

  9. aaah splendid!!!!!! Rebound on one side and confused thoughts on the other side...
    Loved this piece peevee!!!!
    And the signature change is epic! Loved it too!

  10. such an intimate short story peevee!
    Makes you feel it all.. truly! <3

  11. I like the way you expressed the raining season in a story! Very expressive and creative of you. It defines the season perfectly, the intimacy, the mist and the love. I love the rainy days too, it gives me such a beautiful feelings.

  12. Not fair! So not fair!
    You write amazing, but at least give this oh-so-amazing story a proper deserving end!
    Its amazing! Makes me realize that passion exists! :P :P

    Mast thi, ekdum! Dhinchak! :P :D

  13. I think I have a 'lion-crush' on you!!..... just for writing this piece...:P

  14. three words, girl - Oh My God!! You have me begging for more... i certainly hope you are planning to write a book!

  15. woowww peevee..this was AWESOME.. Why did it get over? god god nooo..continue :D .. This is brilliant and I loved the way you write it...aaah lovely ;)

  16. You know what, while reading this post I thought it's a love story of two girls.. :P It was in the second half I realized that nope, it's a boy-girl love story.
    hehe! :D

    Anyway, it's a good piece. =)

  17. Hmm. I hate having to make up endings in my head :P But plesant read. :)

    I like your fiction :) :*

  18. Someone's in a romantic mood *wink* And that was quick!

    Cute n hot post! :)

  19. Aaahh, sweet is sweet as is the forbidden love.. :)

    Lovely story P :)

  20. @ Mark, really? Thanks:)

    @ Sri, it was intentional and now I think it bombed:(
    Thanks though.

    @ Chandana, OYE< say good things about the story and then dream na:P

    @ Cяystal, thanks love.

    @ Divya, :P missing the rains, I s'pose;D

    @ Menachery, thanks!!
    And no, apparently other people have that confusion too:|

    @ Red, thanks doode:P

    @ Farzi, thanks love:)

    @ Nia, me too. Which is why I have to fight to not set ALL my stories in the rain. This was one of the weaker moments:) Thanks:)

    @ Paanipuri Lover, the ending is left to the imagination. That, it is hanging is where the beauty lies, don't you think:D

    @ The Meditating Lion, *blush* sho, thanks eh:D

    @ Nirvana, hoping, yes:) Someday when I'm good enough:)
    Thank you so much:)

    @ Shreya, thanks:) It did end:P Read the last bit again..

    @ Vinati, :D LOL, I read it again with that perspective and I get that it might seem so....

    @ Srinidhi, don't. Lets NOT have an ending for once:P
    Thanks:) <3

    @ swati, ok sure.

    @ Destiny's child, teehee, rain does strange thing to my mind:P Thanks:)

    @ Raj, forbidden is when it gets interesting:) thanks:)

  21. Arre.. it didn't bomb. It's excellent...I was in a confused state of mind that's all...

    Do keep up the good work.

  22. Whoaa!
    What an amazing story *stares at the screen dreaming*
    Wow. Really wow. Loved it!
    And your signature is amaziiiing =D

  23. OOOOOH!!!! *Fans herself* This was hot/romantic/emotional! Everything about this was...wow! PeeVee, I love Bangalore now, much more. :D :D

    I love the way you write. The story had me captured in its depth. It was super awesome. Why did it stop? NOOOO. I was so engrossed that it didnt hit me! :P

    Please let there be a part two!

  25. How? How? How? How do you manage to write this good? Awesome writing girl :)

  26. That was bloody awesome! I` already your blog`s fan and now your writing`s too. Would you already stop doing that? :P

  27. Nice. though it took a couple of readings to figure out what was going on? And just a stupid question, Howz Deloitte’s prize package in the picture at all?

  28. That was one sensational piece of a story... loved it.. :) Keep going...

  29. Oh...spell bound* blikn* blink* So...what happened then? Left us guessing:P Nice story PeeVee!

  30. It was good. Kinda made me hopeful that such things CAN happen in real world. Did they fall in love or have they been in love all this time but realized then?
    I wanna read what happened next. SOON.
    You could be a great writer. Seriously. And probably I would be the first in the line to get one of yours.
    "The mirrors misted. Her barely audible sighs filled the laden air"

  31. I really liked the flow...and the way the story was build up...When the writing can make you feel that you are seeing things instead of reading ..it has to be good :)

    And some witty conversations... :)

  32. @ Sri, really? Thanks:)

    @ Nirati, thanks love:)

    @ Pradeeta, in the rains, yeah?:P

    @ Sonaksha, we'll see about that:P If I can dream one up:D

    @ Keirthana, thank you so much:)

    @ Prettylicious, :D Aww shucks :) Thanks already:D

    @ Sushmit, melcow back, where have you been off to milord?-_- Long time no hear.

    AND you give me ':) :)' -? :@

    @ Sunitha, she went on to California and he moved to somewhere else and took up a job and had a high-flying life but they never forgot that night.
    Too dense a plot? *sigh*

    @ Dee, thanks!:)

    @ Cloud Nine, that is left to the imagination, as of now:D

    @ Komal, love is not there in the picture milady, it was just heat and light and rain;P if you get my drift.
    Thank you so much love:)

    @ Kunal, I like that thought:) Thank you so much...

  33. I am going to unjoin and join your blog again because for some reason I do see your updates in google reader...

  34. Switch between the thoughts of the girl and the guy is amazingly narrated. :)

  35. that was really a wonderful one...loved it... as if one lives through those experience while reading your post..awsum!

  36. wowwwwwwwwww, that would be my first comment here,
    totally amazing, though i was lost at some points like at first i thought u were talkin about two girls, later i realized how stupid i am to think it that way :P
    it is so wonderful.

  37. this is the kind of writing i reserve the expression 'freeeeaaaking aweeesome' for!!!! :-D

    You have to continue it!
    Please. Write. More.

  39. Hi, That's very nice post.. resemble the emotions of the girl/boy..

    PS: thanks for ur visits at my blog.. see u around..

  40. bad...now what happened next???:(

    very well written :)

  41. what happens next..??!!!!
    tell no tell no tell no..!!!
    dude..its like oooooooooo..!!!
    damm i am missing my guy right now..!!!

    hehehe...brilliant stuuf peevee...
    and the signature..!!

    cheers luv..:)

  42. the words you choose to describe are amazing babe..."rain lashed a rock song agenst the window"

  43. Bangalore rains have given me SOOOOOOOOO much of memories that I can't help but relate to this.

    Lovely. Simply superb, especially the parts(I wont say which ones) that I have lived through. Thanks PeeVee for this :)

  44. Oh my god, that was one kickass story. Loved, loved, LOVED it. Will read it again. Really - Wow.

  45. whoa!! how did i miss this one?? may b i was foolishly lazy!!

    that was uuumm...eerrr....steaming! loved it PeeVee!

  46. Hey, I just read this. Wonder how I missed it before. Awesome piece of writing this is. You should seriously consider doing a book someday.

  47. @ Beyond Horizon, thank you:)

    @ The madrasi, thanks:)

    @ ateeq mughal, sorry about the belated reply then, I'm not usually like this:)
    Thank you so much...

    @ Rahul, :D

    @ PurpleMist, naah, the charm wears off. Another new one maybe:)

    @ Being Pramoda, sure no problemo:)

    @ SUB, that's left to your imagination and it's not sad, don't say that:|
    Thank you:)

    @ meoww, imagination, Kittycat:) Thanks love..

    @ Akila, :D why did I know you'd like that...

    @ Soumya, :):):):):)<3

    @ Adi Crazy, thanks:)

    @ HijiBijBij, heehee, thanks:)

    @ sumitra, *fingers crossed*

  48. Wow. Just wow.
    Your writing just impresses me as I progress through your posts! Love them all (:


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