31 May, 2012

Something Of Some Sort

Just when you think that everything in life has come to a standstill, every single one of even the smallest of your prayers go unanswered and your life couldn't be any farther from where you want it to be, God sends a bolt of opportunity onto your path. Your grab it with both hands and hope with everything you have got that you will be able to ride the bolt to where you want to go.

Then, suddenly, before you can actually realize what happened, you find yourself on that path which you have only dreamed of... A solution to everything that ever was, your salvation.

But the path itself holds great challenges, ones that seem small yet require you to plough through with your best foot forward. You find your facing your worst fears and confronting your deepest insecurities.

You accept that this is what He has planned for you. You make the best of it. And you hope that it will only get better from now.

My life has changed.I have left behind family, friends and my city.
Nothing remains the same except who I am and the people I love.

Confessions... was all about a girl's dreams, hopes, fancies, unicorns, ponies, chocolate and whims.
And the world I live in now is far from cosseted, it blows smoke and dust onto my face early in the morning in the place of sparkles and rainbows.
So maybe it's time to rest Confessions..? Maybe.

This is definitely not adieu, just metamorphosis.
I shall see you, fine people, on the other side.

P.S: Special thanks to Spiff and Phatichar for being there all along. 


  1. God bless you PeeVee. Hope you find all that you are looking for and more.

  2. Well I hope we do see you on the other side PeeVee. You're going through some major changes, and some things have already been left behind. A few other things are going to get left. I wish you luck in finding where you want to be, and who you want to be.

  3. It certainly is time for a change

    I wish you all the happiness in the world

    either way,
    Stay Blessed ^_^

  4. Wait,what???Heyyyyyyy!!!You can't leave us....not again!!!!!!!You are not leaving us,are you???Say NO...nien...nahin..nopes...in your wildest nightmares.anything in the negative!!Just say it...

  5. I know you wrote this more about your state of mind, but it helped me :). If this is about your job, I will assure you it will be one helluva roller coaster ride and you will love it. You will also realise that wherever you go, whoever you meet - somethings will never change. Hugs, darling :) Take care!

  6. Hope all it well. My wishes. Take care.

  7. Life is nothing but ups and downs, rainbows and smoke, chocolates and maybe, dark chocolates.

    As far as I understand from the post, college bubble just burst with a big bang of realizations. But, once the initial upheaval is over, I am sure you'll start finding good things in this phase of life as well.Good Luck :)

    Confessions don't rest.They are a constant process.Sometimes, we appreciate their presence, sometimes we don't...But they are always there.So, Hope to see you back,soon.

  8. Why so much of philosophies girl?
    In between, I personally feel your new template is so simple and dull... And nothing chocolatey! Just a suggestion, thats all :)

    village girl

  9. It's not time to rest Confessions, baby. It's time for many more confessions. Come back soon.

    And you'll do just fine. :)

  10. 1st comment! *like a boss*

    Good luck in your future endeavors... see you on the other side:) - Simmhan

  11. All the best with the new life :D

  12. I don't even know what to say o.O
    Selfishly I don't want you to stop blogging. But yeah.
    Also good luck with everything <3

  13. A change or a maturity. Hope I get to see the other side real soon :-)

    loving the simplistic blog design ;-)

  14. :) Good luck, PeeVee! But, u know. You wont be able to be away, from this space. Not for long. It is addictive.
    Oh. and did i hear someone say We are growing up? :P

    Stay blessed, love. and Stay stunning! :D

  15. go rock the world lady :) \m/oO\m/

  16. i dont want to bore you with a lecture on coping up the googlies that life throws at you.
    i know wherever you will be you will find your way into your bag of happiness.
    and when you do..just raise a toast to yourself.
    ALL THE BEST my fellow chocolate-cat-crazyness lover..!!!
    come back when you fell like..
    we all are gonna be here waiting for you with open arms and joy filled words!!


  17. Hey,Don't go away.. New life will bring new confessions , more dreams, more experiences and a whole lot more to write about.. Good luck with your new job. :) and your life in the bug bad city..

  18. Missed you like anything here :( All the best with the new life and welcome to the city ;)

  19. Growing up, are we? It can be easier than it looks. Or tougher. But we crib and move along. Good luck with everything!!! And hope to see you again, really soon!!! :)

  20. No, don't let the confessions rest, PeeVee! You gotta be hanging in there. To Hope. Chinks and Breaks, let go and move on...amidst the smokes and fumes, you will find your own rainbows... Love you always.

    <3 Blessed be. I am waiting.

  21. I a loving the new blog design.

    And about confessions. Priyanka di, thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for making this blog.
    I'll tell you something. After I made my blog, yours was the first blog I came to. And if I say that I sourced my inspiration to write from your blog, it won't be wrong.
    And I have not even got into how good your blog always looked.

    Now I am on youtube also, making all my blog posts into videos. I don't know where my blog would've headed if yours wasn't there.
    So hugs and A BIG Thank You, for being what you are.

    Good luck in life.
    Signing out with a spoon of Nutella.

  22. I hope to see you back with a bang. I am sure it's all going to be fine.

  23. Come back soon. you'll find me still waiting to read your words. All the Best, love. :)

  24. A pound of chocolate should set it all right - either way, get back soon because even this will pass.

    My Prayers and Wishes :)

  25. This is exactly my frame of mind right now. Just accept the change PeeVee and never lose focus of the person you are. Everything will turn out just fine. :)
    Also, don't stop blogging. There are way too many people hanging on to every word you write!

  26. This is exactly my frame of mind right now. All I can tell you is just take in the change but never lose sight of the person you are. Everything will turn out just fine. :)
    Don't stop blogging, PeeVee. There are way too many people hanging on to every word you write.
    Much love and a big hug. :)

  27. No matter where you are, as long as you are you, I don't think things will change a lot. But then again, even if they do, confessions will never go away.
    I really loved reading you PeeVee. I just wish to see on the other side, soon. Really soon :)
    Take care, ya? :)

  28. Will definitely miss you dear. Congrats on moving on. God bless. And come back soon:)

  29. Errr....I come here after so long and this happens...well...I rather not read much in to this...You might change the outlook and tone of the blog I hope....

    Best wishes...

  30. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. :) Stay happy :)

  31. PeeVee!!!
    I shall miss you so much! Your posts have inspired me so much and you're leaving! :(
    Anyway, all the best for the future! :)

  32. All the best in whatever you do, and do come back to this side of the world..!

  33. I come after 7 months and read this post.. ;( Can relate to it very much.. Well I hope to see you soon.. :) :) If you start with a new blog plz do send me the link.. :)


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