01 September, 2011

The Month That Was.. August

August was a bitter chocolate chip cookie – bit into bitter pieces here and there but didn’t deter me from enjoying the cookie.

Anna Hazare dominated everyone’s lives (atleast mine) and the news as well. Independence Day just reminded me of how my country is going to the dogs, yet again. Didn't stop me from being inordinately proud of her though.

A full-of-birthdays month. I didn't get the first birthday cake :|I hold a grudge.

And started calling everybody 'the mantal bwoy'. 

A much awaited anniversary day, which was forgotten by who was supposed to remember, quickly became one of my Top Ten Favorite Moments in Life. The temporary amnesia was forgiven and forgotten (which is rare considering I'm an Arian).

A mostly important birthday came. And went. I wished and I didn’t get acknowledged. And that was the end of whatever little relationship there was.

Yet another realization:


Ragged a few juniors. Reminisced about how we came in the first year.
Gokulastami happened. And I fell in love with my own sari. Maybe they aren’t that bad after all.

I yearned for some good food and took out all my frustration on my blog. And instantly felt guilty for all the Muslims were fasting. I felt mean. 
Craved a Choco Lash Krusher from KFC for the whole month, one that was fulfilled by Mum yesterday. Twice over.

Found out MSM's real name:) So very pretty, it is <3
And promised myself I would stop writing such loooong posts.
And promised myself that I would stop procrastinating writing down the stories in my head. Again.

And my tattoo obsession is growing.
How do you write 'peace' in Arabic or Urdu?

And I wrote a quote, first ever:
“If you were single when I met you. Or if I were single when you met me.
Maybe things would have been different.
A story that ended before it even started.”
What d’ya think?
Oh and September, how YOU doin’?

P.S: Eid Mubarak and Ganesh Chaturthi ki shubhkaamnayein. Festivals come in tandem; maybe we should celebrate them together as well?
P.P.S: Anybody willing to teach me Urdu? A little bit will do.
P.P.S.S: Do check out this story. DO. 


  1. Its been a bitter sweet month for me too, the only sweet thing being my birthday. And I promise you a whole chocolate fantasy dipping in chocolate sauce the next year! Lioness word :)

    And about the quote, it took me back in time. I met him when I was in a steady relationship. I couldn't do anything about it then. Thankfully the first part of the quote still hasn't happened yet. I guess I still have my chances considering how its been pouring rain all over my life :)

  2. grrr... I am too harbouring a tattoo obsession for a year now.. I want some pentacles at weird places :D :P

    p.s: Best wishes on these auspicious days :) have fun!!! :)
    P.P.S: Blogwati :D yeah Sushmit is awesome! ;D

  3. :-)

    A rather eventful August you had, I should say. By the way, I never ever remember any birthdays. :P You got any tips for me ? I hope September is even yummier than August for you. :-)

    I did learn some basic Urdu including the alphabet, as my sister is a Muslim. I can try to help you get started if you'd like to. :-)

  4. August has been a blur of a month for me I think. Busy with work but loving every moment. Colleagues around me falling sick (though that started in July) and me feeling like the only full-timer at work! Your month seems to have gone pretty well.

    And by the way, could you please not put up pictures of yummy choc-chip cookies??? Makes my mouth water and worse, makes me crave them more!!! Not good when someone is trying to lose weight! :P

  5. Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Ragging, bad senior, bad :D
    DOn't make it too public, or you'll have to pay 25000 bucks :P

    And what was that quote? Mile jo chorra chorri, hui masti thodi thodi, bas pyaar ka naam na lena, I hate love stories? :P

    In short you had a birthday month without cakes?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Wish you a happy september.. Don't think I am Preaching.. But stay a safe distance from KFC.

    Happy Blogging.. :)

  7. The CHOCO LASH!!How ic rave it now!!
    September would be good...i got my birthday coming up!! :D Yay on tht pls?
    Your posts are never long. Even if they are they are lovely and fun to read.

  8. I promised myself I would stop writing such loooong posts too...Also
    that I would stop procrastinating writing down the stories in my head...wish I move a thumb to keep it up! I've been losing too many blog ideas just because i failed to write it down in time! :P

    And nice quote, btw...'mantal bwoy' :D

  9. Your quote is exquisitely amazing!

    Peace is called Amun in Urdu, written as امن.

    I am an Arian too! *Highfives*

    Ganesh Chaturthi ki shubhkaamnayein to you!

  10. Another supporter of Anna hazare, great !!
    "A mostly important birthday came. And went. I wished and I didn’t get acknowledged. "
    You wished on the birthday that was the best part, leave the rest..
    I love your quote ;)
    “If you were single when I met you. Or if I were single when you met me.
    Maybe things would have been different.
    A story that ended before it even started.”

    May you have rocking september ;)

    EID मुबारक और गणेश चतुर्थी की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाए आपको ||

  11. Hi..
    I read through your posts.. in fact i came across your blog through FB.. 0fiction..
    well.. honestly.. i cant pick the right words but let me say.. your blog is really too good..(too good is an understatement but pardon my literary skills or the lack of it.) anyways.. let me put it this way.. after goin through your blog.. i did revisit my blog that had been abandoned since ages.. collected my writings from FB notes and started all over again :)

    keep up the good work.. let the ink flow.. i mean.. keep tapping that keyboard of yours.. (PJ..sorry. hope you got my point)

    Cheers..!!! :)

  12. hey so Google helped me with this..
    Peace is called Amman and written as- امن

    Your quote is simply amazing... I mean it's all there, just the way it's supposed to... You came up with it peevee..I like! :D ♥

    You ragged bachas...very bad :P ... Btw your posts aren't long.. I like it the way it is.. No wonder I keep coming back here with every new post :) ...

    P.S. Eid Mubarak and Happy Ganesh Chaturti :)

  13. @ Soumya, :D LOL thanks,
    :D Good luck with that too...
    Chances are galore, always. But only to the brave.

    @ Ananya, should I even ask where exactly?;P Thank you:) and yes, he most certainly is:)

    @ Shobhit, thanks and try mobile calender:P Works for me.
    Yes please, how do we get started?

    @ Psych Babbler, seems like the going is gooood:)

    :D LOL. I'll try not to, but how can I refrain when I myself am drowning in drool:P

    @ BA, pffft I didn't wanna say but since you bring it up, the 'ragging' was calling them and asking their names. Bas. Haven't you heard about how lame my college is, they'll prolly suspend me if I sneeze, let alone properly rag.

    Then good na, the story never started:P
    Uh huh. Bad bad birthday people:|

    @ fragileprints, thank you:) and why would you say that :'(

    @ Red Handed, oooh lala, birthday babe eh:) YAYAYAY
    :) reallly? Thanks..

    @ Indumathy Sukanya, :| Isn't that just a pain.

    @ Hamza Bin Ladin, thanks:)
    Amun - nice...
    HI5!!! I should've known:D
    Thank you:)

    @ Reicha Ahluwalia, i would have, if it didn't matter. But it mattered.

    And same to you.

    @ Superrrnickkk,.haha, thank you so much:) please do and send me the link once the blog is up and running:)

    :D Lol I did. Thanks...

    @ confused soul, that's in Arabic or Urdu?

    :P refer my reply to BA, that's what was 'ragging'.
    Aww, thank babe:) Sow much..

  14. AHHAAAAAAA..... it up n running already :)
    Aug was my deadline i had set for myself :)
    do let me know what you feel..!!!


  15. so true life is messed for some its more for some its less :) I liked the line ..


  16. Well, I don't know how September will turn out to be, but its begun in the best possible way. Thank you so much! :D :D

  17. I didn't understand the quote :(
    Chocolate dripped posts are always tasty. Sometimes I wonder everyone's life is so eventful, if I try upon an update post. It would eventually end up before it begins :|


  18. Nice way of doin a round up of the month tht went :)

    Kinda inspirin... thinkin of doin the same... nah...too much work!

    Oh well...


  19. Almost every month is a mixed bag and that's what makes us look forward to the adventures the succeeding month. Wish you a Rocking September.

    And please stop putting pictures of Cookies, I now have a pinchable paunch which I`m desperately trying to get rid off.

  20. You're gonna have a super duper September- in fact, everyone is. Because that's the month one AWESOME person was born many years ago. :p

  21. I haven't been able to rag juniors this time and I love the choco chip above . Your first quote express more than what is visible... :)

    Weakest LINK

  22. Happy september :) for me, good or bad, I just want it to finish. :P

    Lessons we always learn :)well done :) hope you have a better month :)

  23. a bitter sweet month there... seems balanced... or in (maybe) your words - like having a bitter chocolate in one hand and a candy in the other :P

  24. Yayyyy, you had a good and not so bad August. Mine was BAAAD Baaad! :( But I am so excited that you LOVED my name! No one ever told me that. I love you! :D :D <3

  25. A mostly important birthday came. And went. I wished and I didn’t get acknowledged. And that was the end of whatever little relationship there was.

    That was sad now. I mean, a part of you dies when somebody overlooks you like that. I've been to that place as well. And trust me, at some point, you gotta learn to stop giving a damn to these people.

    Well it's September, and here's you Pakistani Friend having her birthday so wish me. I am sure it will not go unacknowledged. :)

    So what's up with the quotation? It's good thought. Something tells me there's history to it. You don't sound really up in this post. Anything bothering maybe? Cheer up. Watch a movie or maybe just eat this cookie you've pasted a picture of. Believe me, stop caring, and life would be more awesome.

    Guess what Priyanka?! I lost 500rs. :/
    And i am in chaos. I don't even know why am i telling you this.

  26. I second spaceman, I second her so much :)

    Ragging isn't fun these days, juniors are so damn willing to do just anything :P

    and I need to get a tattoo too, the need is becoming so urgent. Are you planning a script / Peace is good :)

  27. Luv ur blogging.Ur pic-(thinking U've posted a recipe here) invited me and words made me to spent lil more time.Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it!.Have Fun!.Following U.

  28. This word Ragging is freakish, it bought back so much, tho I just ignored all of it !! :D :D
    And birthday cakes, i had one yesterday, needless to say was yum! Yeah, m teasing ya :D
    For the quote, well, its good :)
    I know i'm commenting after such a long time, whoops, but I still love you right and you looked stunning in saaree ! :)

    Love , Risha :)

  29. Oh wait.... I thought I commented on this post.. but turns out I dint..

    Anyway...! My tattoo obsession has been going on since the past one year! Imagine! I am actually dreading september but at the same time waiting for it to be over.. 'coz I have some imp career choices to make at the end of this month and I am SO NOT looking forward to it.. :/

    I love your quote.. reminds me of a certain someone from a long time back.. Hmm... Life... Love.. Complicated man!

    I hope you have super awesome september! :)

  30. Lovely post. Right from the heart. Well I agree with several of your points. I loved your sari as well. And you looked really cute in it as well. And we should hi-5 on the tattoo obsession. And 'peace' is a lovely word to be tattooed. Your lines-mind blowing :). All in all, lovely post, as usual :P

  31. Nice to know that you had a colorful month ;)
    Belated birthday wishes....
    waise.. You really tempted me by this pic :(. I live in a hostel.. and trust me.. the food at times is a pain in the a@@.. :(

    P.S. Best wishes to you for the festivals :)
    P.P.S Loved your sari :D

  32. well...sometimes one needs to be overlooked... i mean one wants a relation a sad one to end but then a birthday or an Eid day comes and the other person wishes you and you wishes them and the whole sad thing the sad memories start again.. :(

    i didnt know you also have quotes... next time i will search yours on Brainyquotes.com :P

    urdu is very easy especially if you watch much of bollywood movies that is more urdu than hiindi :)

    lolz @ tatoo obsession ...


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