08 September, 2011

Reasons for being MIA

I was too busy not studying for exams.
You know the wonderful way exams have for reminding you of work that has to be done without finishing which you just can't bear to start studying? Yeah. So I was catching up on the last season of Grey's Anatomy.
If you have any interests in sitcoms as a whole, I recommend strongly (I can't stress 'strongly' enough) that you download the last three episodes of season 6 of Grey's Anatomy and watch them. They are nothing short of amazing. The kind of amazing that you see very, very rarely. A little background for the uninitiated here.

Then I got my hands on a copy of The Immortals of Meluha. You know the way I have to finish a book in one sitting? Yeah. So that.

Then I got busy decimating flowers for Onam, staying up the whole night and making every single moment count. My last Onam in college and I get all weepy because whatever I do there is going to be the last. Yeah. So that as well.

Then somebody called me sensible. Beat that! Made my day, I tell you. There is at least one person in the world who thinks Priyanka Victor is sensible:P I mean, like, wow.
O.k so that's not a reason but how do you brag about being called sensible, decently :D

But I was mostly MIA because there is this trick that Reliance has. You know the way they cut the internet connection sometimes? Like when you, like an absolute jackass, forget to pay the bill? Yeah. So that too.

Anyway, so I missed FB (where people discovered that I am called Dinky too; yeah that's my pet-name. Yes. Lets start with the 'donkey' and 'dinkchika' jokes) and Blogger so much that I hugged my laptop when the connection came back on (after a very irate mother paid the bill) and told both that I missed them deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees much.
I'm sorry if I haven't commented on your blogs, Ai yam the back now to make you listen to my pointless blahs :D

And calling out to all the girls who don't shudder at being girly sometimes, check out Darlings of Venus. The awesomeness of the writers (I don't include myself:P) itself makes this baby amazing:) Contribute and help us grow. Lets be girls together.

I have a story scheduled for posting tomorrow since I'll be busy fainting from payasam overdose.
For all my Malayalee readers, my hrudayam niranja onashamsagal (to those who couldn't make sense of that, happy onam).

Our Pookalam
For all my not-so-Malayalee readers, look up Onam and you'll be treated to the best flower carpets (like the above picture) ever. And treat yourselves to a ready-made sadya (lunch) as well, just for the heck of it (if you get lost in the process, here's a generalised 'how to')

Miss me, anyone? No? Damn.


  1. I think I'm gonna stick with 'dinkachika'. :P
    How did you like 'Immortals'? I liked it. And Shiva sounds like such a dude no? ;)
    Hridayam niranja onaashamsakal. :)

  2. Onam ashamsakal!!!
    Have a very happy onam :D

  3. hey dinkachika!! the rangoli looks awesome.....and yes...happy onam to you too... :D

  4. Happy Onam priyanka :). Being a north-indian I'm not very familiar with the festivities but this picture tells me how excited are you :)

    And excitement is sometimes dangerously infectious :P

    I haven't watched 'Grey's Anatomy' !! But I'm bored, should I download it ? What genre is it ?

  5. http://littlemomentsofbliss.blogspot.com/p/once-upon-time-in-awardville.html

    I gave you an award :)

  6. Onaashamsakal!!
    How we all love NOT studying for exams.. :P
    I cant wait for tomorrows payasam!


  8. Well then, you asked for it --->'Dinkachika' it is hereafter :D

    I`ve just begun reading the Immortals of Meluha ,so hoping to catch the other 2 books in the trilogy as well, heard they were really interesting.

    Bon Appetit for the Payasam and I cant believe I`m actually saying this, please Oh please have some Payasam on my behalf as I`m miles away from home and would kill for some.

  9. Happy Onam!
    I was just thinking of inboxing you tdy and asking.. why the hell did you stop blogging!!!???? But I guess you beat me to it :) Good!
    Dinky is kinda cute :P But i actually feel like saying Dinkuuuuuu (in a very exaggerated tone) :D
    And your pookolam looks amazing!

  10. SO you been busy then with all that you have been doing :) he he he

    Happy ONAM to you ..


  11. Hrudayam naranje onam aashamsakal to you too :) ... Asianet and Surya is full of cool movies no? :P .. I'm tired of watching... And tomorrow the much awaited sadya...paisam...ohh god...All my weight loss techniques are sure to fail me :P

  12. @ Spiff, meh :P
    SUCH a dude, I don't know if it's religiously right to have a crush on a God, but I do now:P
    Same to you, milady:D

    @ cricketfreak, thanks girl, same to you!

    @ HijiBijBij, omg, it's catching on:P
    Thank you so much:)

    @ ~Serendipity~, I am, very excited that is:) It's almost as important as diwali actually:)

    Please please please do. It's medical drama.
    And thank you so very much for the award:) You rule:D

    @ Red Handed, me neither:P So I stole some ;D

    @ nikhimenon, oh cummon, House is awesome too but they are different genres. You don't like it because Grey's Anatomy is from a woman's point of view:P
    Same to you, have a good one:)

    @ Atrocious Scribblings, GAH:P Why did I ever. Crush on Shiva with me after you're done, please?:P
    Aww, will be glad to *evil laugh* JK
    Hope you get to come home soon:) Hang in there.

    @ Chandana, thank you:)
    LOL, you were?:P
    Hee hee, my friend does that to irritate me all the time:P
    Thanks to my classmates eh:)

    @ Bikramjit, very much so:P
    Thank you:)

  13. Hey.. what can i say.. everything has been said above.. so let me keep it simple..!!
    Nice post.. Happy Onam to you too.. and Welcome Back :)

  14. :D

    Of course... All the interesting and exciting things have to happen before exams ! :P I can see you made the most of it. :-)

    I can see you are a big fan of 'Grey's Anatomy'. But don't ever try to lay hands on the original 'Grey's Anatomy'. You'll be in for a shock ! (If you can really pick up the heavy book... that is) :P

    I'm more than interested to know more about Kerala, as my sister is a Malayalee. And your blog is always so informative. :-)

    Happy Onam ! :-)

    P.S. : I completely forgot about the learning Urdu thing. Will get back to you with details on starting up. :-)

  15. :) :) :D

    And yeah, Happy Onam :D

  16. Haha.. that's some hard work out there you've been doing for exams. Happy Onam. Dinky, is a fun name. love it. I'll die if people find my nickname at home :P


  17. Merrily celebrate your last ONAM in college..!
    this "payasam" looks extremelyyyy delicious :D :D
    Love this festival preparations..
    have fun :)

  18. Happy Onam :D
    I did dig into payasam for sure... though not the sweet overdose.
    did miss you and welcome back. I was thinking maybe you are on a break or something :-)

  19. Happy Onam! I wondered where you had been...thought you might have had exams or something. (Hah!) Good to see you back. And Dinky...nice nickname! :D And sensible is a good compliment. [Says the person who has got 'responsible' as a compliment a zillion times :|]

  20. @ Superrrnickkk, thank you, thank you\wish you the same and thank you:D

    @ Shobhit, I made sure I did:P

    Actually, biology was/is my favorite subject and I'd have gone into medicine if I didn't have to clear math for my boards. One of the reasons I watch GA, the medicine is fascinating:)

    Thank you:) Wish you the same!
    P.S. : Please do:)

    @ Sushmit, was that you laughing at stuff I said or being out of things to say about a lame post:P
    And thanks:)

    @ aakash, you make me 'curiouser and curiouser':P DO tell :D

    @ Reicha Ahluwalia, thank you, it WAS yummmmmmmmmmy:)

    @ Seeker of Equanimity, awww, you did? Thanks:)

    @ Psych Babbler, thank you:P And that's the thing because nobody who knows me for more than a week will risk calling me sensible:P

  21. Not much of a regular commentator i am now, yeah? :/
    Hope your noticed that. :p Haha.

    Happy Onam! How do you make this whole thing so neat? I would love to learn how beautifully you design it. Is there any specific design or just the what you want it to be? :D

    I miss Blogger to cause of the UNIVERSITY NOW! X/
    And I know those books that you just want to finish in one go. I finished Larkspur by somesome Garland. It was awesome! :D

  22. Ooooh!! You are simply so adorable! :D Happy Onam to you....(Sorry, am Late...laptop got back today! :D )And...hell, I missed you!!!!! :D :D

  23. @ KN., I did. Why why WHY!! Don't you love me anymore? *dramatic actions*
    Why though?

    The outlines are drawn out first with markers and then the flowers are filled in according to the color combinations:)
    All credit goes to a classmate of mine, he's amazing with this kinda thing.

    :D it's fun to read that way..

    @ MSM, I missed you too and your part stories:| And belated thanks:D


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