03 November, 2011

How To Scare the BEJESUS Out Of A Blogger

First off, thank you to all those who commented on my last post, I haven't published them yet but each and every comment meant a lot. It was a post from the heart and your comments were equally so.
And how can I not mention those who don't read the post and yet comment, thanks guys.


Thanks Prithvi and Arjit for trying to help on Twitter, I still can't reply though.

Moving onto what I really wanted to say,

Here I am, happy me, browsing away to glory and on a blog-commenting spree when suddenly the good folks of Google decide to have some fun with my account and blocked it.

I get a "your account has been disabled for security reasons" out of the blue and guess what happened,
I HAD A goddamned STROKE.

After going through my own version of 127 hours minutes, incessantly complaining about it to everybody who'd listen and trying hard not to annoy him or my BFF (for they have submissions tomorrow), I check back to find it activated and immediately publish a post just to prove to myself and Blogger that I can.

What a relief it is, you have NO idea.
I heart you, Blog.
Don't do that to me again.

How do I back up posts, anyone?


  1. omg lol if that had happened to me, even I would've gotten a stroke ;p

  2. During those 127 minutes i happened to check on your blog, and went crazy too. thank god your back.. :)

  3. I had a heart attack like that once! I logged onto Blogger and it said "blog not found" !!!

    Such an awful ten minutes of my life lol

  4. Nice to see your blog back on track ..!
    A sigh of relief.
    Convert your blog into an eBook. Look for it on the web. May be this can help you.
    for example :

    Keep smiling :)

  5. Do you use the tiny url application? And you can back up your posts by using Blogger backup application :)

  6. I too once had that "blog not found" stroke! My God I was so so addicted to blogging that time that I thought I will die of nervous breakdown!

  7. No ways can Blogger remove you from it..!! You are one accomplished, cherished and talented blogger, more so a writer..!! So chill :)

  8. yussss..
    i had a stroke last night...
    and then even again today morning..
    when i was trying to check moi blog from my phone..
    and i ended up bugging my poor friends..
    waaaat a relief..when i saw it working..!!!

    yayyyyy..lets dance now :P:P:P:P

    aaaaan...tell me also about the back thingy for posts..:D:D:D


  9. so we are back in business, eh?
    yiy yiy yoiy-chalo all is well that ends well and so glad that the stroke came n went before striking anything:-)

  10. Blogger. Don't give us strokes. :O :p

  11. I'd feel orphaned if you'd leave blogger :D

  12. let me try what u did... hahaha

  13. Honestly at times like this even a minute seems like 127 hours :P Fact. The heartbeats get faster and its like everything's gone. That once happened when blogger decided to tell me I am not following any blog. I Literally died. :P I was like, where did ALL THOSE BLOGS VANISH!? :/ hahaha

    I have no idea about the back up thingy. I think you can download your blog posts?

  14. I use wordpress and I follow my own blog .. so each time i write a post and publish it .. I get a email with the post in it ..

    Sort of backup..

    but yes as you say its shocking and now has me thinking too I got 100's in draft what will happen to them .. I need to think of it


  15. @ normal.is.overrated, :P Now you know how I feel:D

    @ Karishma, you can say THAT again:D

    @ Hazel, awful is an understatement Hazel:)

    @ Reicha, relief indeed!! Thanks for the link:)

    @ Purba, I do but, forgive my ignorance, I fail to make the connection.
    Blogger backup saves only the template in xml format na:|

    @ maithili, :D I almost did, stupid fellows.

    @ Deeps, awww, that is SO sweet of you:D

    @ meoww, do the duck dance wiv me darling:D
    I'll let you know when I find out, yeah?

    @ Suruchi, oh yes we are:D
    :D LOL, good one:D

    @ Ezazi, yes, please don't.

    @ S, awwww, you sweet little thing, you <3

    @ Adi, erm, what?

    @ Sonshu, it does:|
    yeah that happened to me too, actually, a lot, but it all comes back when I refresh:)

    @ Bikram, oooh nice idea:)
    Do back them all up...

  16. So what exactly happened? What were the security reasons? Have you used the 'T' word or been anti-a particular nation that thinks it rules the world or used the 'b' word???

  17. OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN!!!!!
    I cannot even imagine, what you wud have gone thru. I would have got a heart attack

  18. happened to me once.. so I can understand what you have gone through.. Its a life changing experience.. :D :)

  19. Girl...where have you disappeared from my Google reader? I happen to visit after I saw your comments and boy I missed some. Good to have you back....

  20. Whoa, what? I have been noticing that some of the blogs are not opening :/
    Not just you, all your followers would gotten a stroke.

  21. I think my heart would explode if that happened to me. I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

  22. @ PB, I'm not too sure... Might have been a glitch in the system, they never replied to my correspondence :|

    @ Red, I almost did:P

    @ Arpitha Holla, it truly is:P Had me scampering for my back-up-ing devices:D

    @ Chintan, hopefully, that issue has been resolved? Thank you:)

    @ Uruj, they might have changed address, that's usually the most common reason.
    :) and hopefully, people do love me that much to care as much:D

    @ Mark, you can say THAT again:D

  23. HAHAHA Your dedication to blogging must have made even google think you are a robot :D

  24. and hey if you keep this up, the bloggers around the world will feel compelled to build a shrine for you ;)


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